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Key Points for Trudy MacDonald

  • Trudy MacDonald boasts over two decades of experience working closely with Boards, leaders, and leadership teams, offering invaluable coaching and guidance to enhance their performance and effectiveness.
  • She has a background as an experienced CEO and business leader, Trudy is recognized for her insights in strategy, people management, and organizational culture, contributing to her reputation as a thought leader in these areas.
  • Trudy specializes in empowering organizations to achieve greatness by optimizing the performance and productivity of their workforce, fostering environments conducive to success.
  • Trudy has been honored with prestigious awards such as "Speaker of the Year" by The Executive Connection (TEC), the world's largest CEO network, recognizing her exceptional contributions to leadership development and industry insights.

Topics for Trudy MacDonald

  • From burnout to brilliance: Creating high-performance teams
    This session delves into the fundamental aspects of high-performance teams, emphasising the importance of role clarity, accountability, and alignment. Additionally, it addresses strategies to prevent burnout and promote brilliance among team members.
    Key focus areas:
    • Establishing role clarity: Define clear roles and responsibilities within teams to reduce ambiguity and prevent overload, contributing to a healthier work environment.
    • Driving accountability: Promote individual and collective accountability, fostering a culture of ownership and commitment to organisational goals while mitigating the risk of burnout.
    • Enhancing team alignment: Ensure alignment among team members, departments, and organisational objectives to minimise friction and maximise synergy, contributing to overall team effectiveness.
    • Building trust and communication: Cultivate trust and open communication within teams to create a supportive and collaborative environment, essential for preventing burnout and fostering brilliance.
      This session equips leaders with actionable strategies to strengthen team foundations, reduce burnout, and cultivate a culture of resilience and high performance.
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
    This session delves into effective methods for attracting and retaining top talent, commonly known as "A Players." It emphasizes the creation of a workplace culture that not only attracts exceptional individuals but also retains them by nurturing an environment where they can thrive and contribute their best.
    Key focus areas:
    • Understanding 'A' players: Gain insights into the characteristics and traits of top talent and why they are critical for organisational success.
    • Effective recruitment and selection: Learn best practices for recruiting and selecting top talent to ensure alignment with organisational goals and culture.
    • Creating a compelling employer brand: Develop a compelling employer brand and value proposition that attracts top talent and reinforces the organisation's commitment to excellence.
    • Engagement and recognition: Explore strategies for engaging and recognising top talent through meaningful work, career development opportunities, and competitive compensation packages.
      This session provides leaders with actionable strategies to attract, engage, and retain top talent, driving organisational success and growth while fostering a culture of brilliance and achievement. 
  • Developing future-ready leaders
    This session focuses on how leaders can identify and equipping their teams with the skills and mindset needed to navigate change, foster agility, and lead effectively in dynamic environments. It emphasises the importance of continuous learning, adaptability, and innovation in developing future-ready leaders.
    Key focus areas:
    • Identifying future leadership competencies: Explore the competencies and qualities required for leadership success in the rapidly evolving business landscape.
    • Providing leadership development opportunities: Learn strategies for providing leadership development opportunities that cultivate essential skills such as strategic thinking, decision-making, and change management.
    • Cultivating adaptive leadership capabilities: Understand the importance of adaptability and resilience in leadership and discover techniques for fostering these qualities among leaders.
    • Fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation: Explore how to create a culture that values continuous learning and innovation, empowering leaders to embrace new ideas, experiment, and drive positive change.
      This session empowers leaders with the tools and insights needed to develop the next generation of leaders who can thrive in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.
  • Remuneration & reward for high-performance cultures
    This session delves into the critical role of remuneration and reward systems in fostering high-performance cultures. It explores best practices for designing incentive structures that motivate and reward employees while aligning with organisational goals and values.
    Key focus areas:
    • Designing competitive and equitable compensation packages: Learn how to design compensation packages that are competitive within the industry while ensuring equity and fairness across the organisation.
    • Implementing performance-based reward systems: Explore the benefits of performance-based reward systems and strategies for effectively linking rewards to individual and team performance.
    • Balancing financial rewards with non-monetary incentives: Understand the importance of offering a mix of financial and non-monetary incentives to motivate and engage employees, including recognition, career development opportunities, and work-life balance initiatives.
    • Ensuring transparency and fairness in remuneration practices: Discover approaches for promoting transparency and fairness in remuneration practices, including clear communication about compensation policies and processes.
      This session equips leaders with the knowledge and tools to design remuneration and reward systems that drive performance, engagement, and organisational success.









Testimonials for Trudy MacDonald

Everyone said that you were the best speaker they had ever seen! It was absolutely amazing and the feedback from our members and everyone was so positive about the practical and powerful takeaways.
Leaders for Impact

We have been working with Trudy now for 4+ years and our members gain so much from her sessions. She really is an outstanding presenter who ‘nails’ the topic every time and enriches the participants experience by sharing practical frameworks that can be easily implemented, back in the workplace.
The Non-Profit Alliance

There are speakers, and then there are speakers who light up a room, who hold an audience in the palm of their hands, who mesmerise, and who provide substance and content that makes a real difference. Trudy is one of ’those’ speakers.
The CEO Institute

Many of the team still talk about your session last year. This is fantastic and exactly what we want to achieve.
Managing Director
Swarovski Australia & New Zealand

I’m glad to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Trudy and TalentCode HR. They have been instrumental in supporting the Management Team in building the foundations of our Global Culture, Leadership and High Performing Teams initiatives across the business. We have successfully established the first milestone for sustainable growth in the Australian Market. I look forward to continuing to partner together to support our next strategic initiatives.
Capabilities and Change Director
Global Sales Organization

Our leadership team is now aligned and onboard with a guiding framework for accountability and performance.
Managing Director

We have had one of our best strategic planning days and we now have something we can implement.

The advice and contribution of Trudy MacDonald to the remuneration package for our CEO was terrific.
Executive Chair
Bisley International