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Key Points for Tracy Sheen

  • Tracy Sheen has 30+ years experience in marketing & technology. Including working on piloting SMS technology, the retail launch of the iPhone & podcasting pioneer.
  • She is the author of ‘The End of Technophobia’ Australia’s Business Book of the Year 2021 and Best Technology Book 2021. 2nd book “Ai&U: Business Reimagined” due for release late 2023.
  • Tracy regularly features as the tech guru for Kochie’s Business Builders & featured across numerous media outlets.
  • Tracy is mentor & judge for the Australian Marketing Institute, judge for Australian Podcasting Awards, Australian Web Awards, Australian Book Awards and NSW Tourism Awards.
  • She featured as Top 20 Small Business Influencers to watch in 2022.

Topics for Tracy Sheen

  • Ai & U: Business reimagined
    Fuelled by extensive research and the compelling narratives found within her highly anticipated second book; “Ai & U: Business Reimagined”. Prepare to embark on an enlightening journey that unveils the numerous advantages of embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your business.
    AI, with its rapidly evolving nature, can often instil fear and overwhelm in business owners. Tracy's keynote is meticulously crafted to dispel these concerns and empower you with a newfound understanding of how AI can propel your organisation to unprecedented heights.
    Drawing on real-life stories and practical insights, Tracy will demonstrate how embracing AI can be a transformative catalyst for growth, innovation, and operational efficiency. You will gain invaluable knowledge and strategies to navigate the complex landscape of AI, maximising its potential to drive your business forward.
    From automated processes that streamline your operations to intelligent data analysis that uncovers hidden opportunities, Tracy's keynote will unlock the untapped potential within your organisation. Prepare to leave this presentation inspired, informed, and ready to embrace AI as a game-changer for your business.
  • Your Ai toolbox: Ten game changing Ai tools you didn’t know existed
    In this fast-paced digital era, staying ahead of the curve is vital. With the rapid advancements in AI technology, it's crucial to explore the hidden gems that can give you the competitive edge. Prepare to be amazed as Tracy uncovers these ten game-changing AI tools that you may not even be aware of.
    Discover how these tools can supercharge your productivity, streamline operations, and empower you to make data-driven decisions like never before. From cutting-edge natural language processing to image recognition and machine learning platforms, this keynote will leave you inspired and equipped with knowledge about the latest AI solutions shaping the industry.
    Gain insights into how you can leverage these tools to automate routine tasks, extract meaningful insights from complex data sets, and optimize your operations for maximum efficiency.
    In this keynote Tracy will showcase real-world use cases and share success stories from organizations that have harnessed the power of these hidden AI gems. Learn how these tools have transformed businesses, increased profitability, and opened up new possibilities for innovation.
    NB: This keynote can also be delivered as a workshop
  • Preparing for tomorrow: Planning for the impact of Ai & emerging technology
    In this thought-provoking presentation, Tracy will guide the audience on a journey into the future, shedding light on the profound impact of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. With an emphasis on strategic planning, she will highlight the critical importance of preparing for the inevitable disruptions and opportunities that lie ahead.
    As AI continues to evolve and revolutionize various sectors, Tracy will unveil key insights into how organizations can proactively embrace these changes. She will delve into the potential challenges and risks associated with the rapid advancement of AI, empowering attendees to navigate this ever-changing landscape with confidence.
    Drawing upon her extensive industry experience, Tracy will share practical strategies and best practices to help organisations future-proof their operations. From developing robust AI adoption roadmaps to fostering a culture of innovation, she will provide actionable steps to harness the full potential of AI while mitigating potential pitfalls.
    Moreover, Tracy will shed light on the broader spectrum of emerging technologies that complement AI, including blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and others. By exploring their synergies and convergence, she will equip the audience with a holistic understanding of the transformative power of these technologies.
    Through compelling case studies and real-world examples, Tracy will showcase how forward-thinking organisations have successfully integrated AI and emerging technologies into their business models. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the strategic applications of these technologies, enabling them to stay one step ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
    As the pace of technological innovation continues to accelerate, organizations must adapt and embrace the possibilities of AI and emerging technologies to thrive in the future. Join Tracy in this captivating keynote presentation and gain the knowledge, tools, and foresight to confidently prepare for the impact of AI and emerging technology in your industry.
  • Harnessing ChatGPT: Practical applications & implementation strategies
    Delve into the immense potential of ChatGPT, a powerful language model, and its practical applications across various industries. As organisations seek to enhance customer experiences, optimise operations, and unlock new opportunities, ChatGPT emerges as a game-changing tool in the realm of conversational AI.
    Drawing from her extensive experience in deploying ChatGPT across organisations, Tracy will provide valuable insights on the implementation strategies and best practices for integrating ChatGPT into business workflows. With a focus on maximising its impact, she will guide attendees on how to effectively harness ChatGPT's capabilities to achieve tangible results.
    Tracy will delve into real-world use cases where ChatGPT has been leveraged to drive customer engagement, improve support services, and augment productivity. She will showcase how organisations across diverse sectors have transformed their operations by deploying ChatGPT as a virtual assistant, a support agent, or an automated conversational interface.
    Moreover, Tracy will address the challenges and considerations associated with deploying ChatGPT, including ethical considerations, bias mitigation, and data privacy. She will share practical strategies to ensure responsible and secure implementation, allowing organisations to harness the full potential of ChatGPT while maintaining trust and transparency.
    Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in ChatGPT technology, such as fine-tuning techniques, customisation options, and integration with existing systems. Tracy will share insights on how organisations can adapt and tailor ChatGPT to meet their unique requirements, enabling seamless integration into their workflows.
    Nb: This make a great ‘hands on’ workshop for attendees to learn, understand and implement
  • The power of community: Building strong connections through digital marketing & social media
    Discover the transformative power of community in the realm of digital marketing and social media. Tracy takes you into the vital role communities play in driving brand loyalty, advocacy, and building long- lasting resilience in business.
    In an ever-evolving digital landscape, creating a sense of belonging and cultivating meaningful relationships with online communities is more important than ever. Tracy shares invaluable insights and strategies on how to effectively build and nurture communities that are not only engaged but also deeply connected to your brand.
    Through real-life examples and case studies, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of community building strategies that truly resonate with their target audience. From identifying key community touch points to leveraging the power of storytelling, you will leave empowered with the tools to create authentic engagement that drives results.
    Moreover, this keynote presentation will explore the transformative impact of adopting a community- centric digital marketing approach. Discover how putting your community at the heart of your marketing efforts can unlock new opportunities, amplify brand reach, and foster a tribe of loyal brand advocates.
    Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, this presentation is designed to provide you with the knowledge and inspiration needed to take your digital marketing efforts to new heights.
  • Neurodiversity & innovation
    Join Tracy, an award-winning author, media commentator, and renowned expert in digitisation and AI, for an extraordinary keynote session on the intersection of neurodiversity and innovation. With her unique blend of humor, self-deprecation, and unabashed honesty, Tracy will share her personal journey as a successful entrepreneur with ADHD and autism, shedding light on the remarkable power of unconventional minds.
    In this thought-provoking presentation, Tracy will challenge traditional notions of neurotypicality and showcase how embracing neurodiversity can foster unparalleled innovation and creativity. Drawing from her own experiences as a business owner for over a decade, she will reveal how her ADHD and autism have become vital assets in her entrepreneurial journey.
    Through captivating storytelling, Tracy will explore the often-overlooked strengths and perspectives that neurodiverse individuals bring to the table. She will uncover the incredible potential of harnessing neurodiversity as a catalyst for breakthrough ideas, problem-solving, and driving business innovation.
    As an expert in digitisation and AI, Tracy will explore the role of technology in creating an inclusive workplace that accommodates and celebrates neurodiversity. She will discuss how AI-powered tools and assistive technologies can empower neurodiverse individuals to thrive in their roles and contribute to the organization's success.
    Tracy's brutally honest approach will shed light on the challenges faced by neurodiverse individuals in traditional work environments. She will provide practical insights and strategies for organisations to create inclusive cultures that harness the unique strengths of neurodiverse employees, fostering an environment of acceptance, understanding, and support.
    Be prepared for an engaging, enlightening, and humour-filled experience that challenges the status quo, celebrates differences, and unlocks the untapped potential of neurodiverse minds.

Testimonials for Tracy Sheen

I reckon if anyone can help business overcome technophobia and embrace emerging tech it’s Tracy.
David Koch
TV Host

I had the great pleasure of hearing Tracy Sheen as a keynote speaker at the Tropical innovation Festival 2023 she was absolutely outstanding. Tracy filled the room with heart, humour, authenticity and intelligence as she captivated the audience with her inspiring talk, which also had the audience roaring with laughter. Tracy’s ability to engage the room and connect with her audience was second to none, and it was clear that every person present was thoroughly engrossed in her speech. Tracy is a confident, passionate, impactful and versatile presenter. From start to finish, Tracy's keynote was a heartwarming, inspiring and memorable experience, and she makes a marvellous MC, speaker, presenter or ambassador.
Regional Angel Investor Network

It’s evident Tracy knows her stuff. But, she also knows how to engage a room, work a crowd and leave them wanting more. Whether she’s talking about complex topics like Ai or emerging tech or being vulnerable and sharing insights into neurodiversity and innovation, Tracy holds an audience and takes them on a ride they don’t forget. Engaging, funny, thought provoking and fabulous to work with. You won’t be disappointed.
Andrew Griffiths
Entrepreneurial Futurist

I contracted Tracy to deliver a series of workshops across 6 regional locations, 12 workshops and 24 individual sessions over 6 days. From the outset, Tracy understood what we were trying to achieve and tailored a program to suit. Her delivery was spot on, despite each session having a different demographic and a different tone. Tracy was able to fluidly adapt her material to suit the requirements of the group, and to involve the audience regardless of their skill level, which is no small task. We received fantastic feedback from attendees, many stating that is was 'the best business workshop 'they had ever attended.
Business Navigators

Tracy came to the Greater Whitsundays QLD to train businesses throughout the region. An inspirational and very knowledgeable speaker, vibrant in her delivery. Tracy has made a huge difference to so many here which was evident from the great feedback.
Greater Whitsundays Council Alliance