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Key Points for Tilly Lockey

  • At 15-months old, Tilly Lockey was diagnosed with Menigococal Septicemia which meant she had to lose her hands, forearms, and toes to meningitis as a baby.
  • Tilly is an Ambassador for Open Bionics who are the company that have been manufacturing Tilly’s world first 3d printed Bionic Arms named the HeroArm.
  • She was the headline speaker for Inspiring Girls conference in Madrid and is regularly approached to attend tech conferences and personal engagements around the globe due to her inspirational story and being an Ambassador for Open Bionics.
  • On Wednesday 20 November 2019 Tilly Lockey was presented with the humanitarian ‘Concord Award’ for Social Impact by the ICLF in New York at the NYSummit19. Tilly collected this award in New York on 20th November 2019 alongside others making global impact such as Emilio Butragueno (Real Madrid CF), Ndaba Mandela (grandson of Nelson Mandela), Rigoberta Menchu (Nobel Peace Prize), llyasah Shabazz (daughter of Malcolm X), Bernice King. (daughter of Martin Luther King), Kathleen Kennedy (daughter of Robert Kennedy) to name but a few.
  • In September 2020 Tilly was signed by SKY TV to become a TV Presenter on the kid’s news programme FYI: For Your Information.
  • Tilly recently became a Global Ambassador for the Today, I’m Brave organisation in America.
  • Tilly has just signed a global modelling contract with Zebedee Talent.
  • On Tuesday 6th July 2021 Tilly was crowned the winner of the CBBC’s TV programme ‘Got What It Takes’.

Topics for Tilly Lockey

  • Inspirational
    Today, Tilly Lockey is known around the world as The Bionic Girl. At 15 months old Tilly was struck down with a deadly form meningococcal septicaemia and was left fighting for her life. Tilly miraculously survived losing her hands and toe tips. Tilly is an upbeat, positive, happy young lady that has never let her disability hold her back! This is not a disability to Tilly; this is what makes her unique and it is something that she has come to embrace. She tells her story with so much passion and enthusiasm that cannot fail to inspire everyone in all walks of life.
  • Science and technology
    Tilly is only 16 years old but already a world-renowned ambassador for the 3D printing company Open Bionics. She is also one of their users showing off their technology and how it’s helped change her life! Tilly has spoken on some of the world’s largest stages and is know well within the Singularity U Summits. Proudly she can say that she shared a panel with the Dalai Lama talking about compassion and technology and using technology for the good! With a huge social following she is quick becoming an influencer using her Bionics to share that bring different is your most important feature!
  • Motivational
    When Tilly lost her hands to meningitis septicaemia at 15 months old her mum made her a promise that one day, she would buy her some new hands and open her life to as many opportunities as possible. After discovering that child prosthetics were very limited Tilly became worried that other children would be offered the same limited prosthetics as she had and made it her mission to help prosthetic companies develop the technology quicker by offering to trial and give feedback. Now an ambassador of the 3D printing company Open Bionics Tilly is proud to say that she co designed her hero arm and added certain features into the arms that are being used all around Europe today by many other children. Tilly travels the world telling her story, showing her bionic hands and embraces her differences. She is fast but becoming an internet sensation through her social media.
  • Diversity and inclusion
    Tilly lost her hands to meningitis when she was 15 months old and has grown up in a world where she is ‘different’. Prosthetics for kids were very limited and aesthetically life like. Tilly has always questioned why? Today Tilly embraces that your differences are the most important things about you. They are what defines you as unique and you should embrace them. She has become an internet sensation and has won a Humanitarian Award for her social contribution showing other kids with differences to be proud to show them off!
  • Women in leadership
    After overcoming Meningitis as a toddler and losing her hands in order to save her life, Tilly has always shown how positively she looks at life! Embracing her differences and being body confident without hands, Tilly focus’ on just being yourself and embracing your differences and loving who you are! Her super-power is her makeup brush and Tilly will often Vlog and model about makeup and style on her social platforms. Tilly is an ambassador for Open Bionics a 3D printing company that create bionic hands for below the elbow amputees. The company focus on equality in the workplace with a lot of their engineers being women!
  • Health, lifestyle and wellbeing
    Tilly contracted Meningococcal Septicaemia Strain B in 2007 at just 15 months old. She was given 0% chance of survival but after 4 days in intensive care, 3 weeks in recovery, contracting a secondary infection and receiving 10 blood transfusions she survived. Tilly has dedicated her life to raising awareness and fundraising for meningitis charities. She has also helped prosthetic companies develop the technology for children. Tilly is now an ambassador for the 3D printing company Open Bionics and travels the world wearing and using their technology and showing the world that it is fabulous to be different and it’s your differences that you should embrace.


Testimonials for Tilly Lockey

Tilly was an excellent and inspiring speaker, and all the audience, and specially the girls that attended our event "Imbatibles y Humanas", on resilience and overcoming difficulties in life, were deeply touched by her experience and trajectory, and by the way she exposed it. Our goal as a Foundation is to encourage girls to aim high, broadening the scope of endless opportunities that are available to them, and to fight the fixed gender stereotypes that still limit the ambitions of young girls, by connecting them with amazing female role models. Tilly was an excellent example to transmit this message. All the impressions that the audience took from our event were positive and enthusiastic. I strongly recommend Tilly for any event.
Fundación Inspiring Girls