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Key Points for Theo Kapodistrias

  • Theo Kapodistrias is an award-winning lawyer and communication expert, who specialises in helping individuals to speak up, show up and make an impact through their voice and words.
  • He has won and been nominated for countless awards and been named one of Australia’s Most Influential Lawyers in 2022 and 2023 (Australasian Lawyer Magazine).
  • Theo is a communication, public speaking and presentation expert and hosts the Craft Messages That Matter Podcast and is Executive Director, Licensee, Head of Curation of TEDxHobart.
  • Theo was named a Lawyers Weekly 30under30 twice, Education Lawyer of the Year, Young Lawyer of the Year and named the 2022 Speaker of the Year at the International Coaches Awards.
  • His media appearances including Channel 7, the Nine Network, ABC radio, the HIT Network and numerous industry publications including TimeOut.
  • Theo is an ambassador for his home state of Tasmania being named the TigerAir’s Hobart Local Legend and with Business Events Tasmania.

Topics for Theo Kapodistrias

  • Communicate for impact
    A practical and fun workshop on the importance of communication and public speaking within our worlds.
  • Craft messages that matter
    A session with stories, tips practical information which runs through my 5-stage methodology for communication. It runs through (1) clarity, (2) concise, (3) confidence, (4) creativity, and (5) connection.
  • What my ethnic lunchbox taught me
    A more inspirational and fun keynote on the lessons learnt from being the ethnic kid in a white neighbourhood and what that has provided me throughout my life.
  • Turning the technical into the practical
    A session designed for a professional and business audience that looks at how to turn technical language and concepts into practical and useful solutions, allowing you to be the best in your field.
  • From bland to brand
    A session focused on how you can develop and grow a personal brand.
  • How our words say more than you think
    A keynote delivered about how our language can make a significant impact, and how we can use our communication for good rather than evil. It looks at personal stories, studies, and mixes between inspiration, fun, heart-warming and powerful.

Testimonials for Theo Kapodistrias

In the lead up to our internal engineering conference at Xero, we were lucky enough to have Theo work with our internal presenters through a workshop on public speaking and presentation skills. Theo’s delivery of the workshop was seamless and highly valuable. Theo has the ability to deliver his workshop and pass on his expertise in a safe yet effective manner. Our internal presenters learnt a lot, and gained a great amount of confidence through Theo’s workshop. The skills they gained from working with Theo really showed when the presenters delivered their presentations to a large audience. I highly recommend Theo as a public speaking coach and speaker.
Project Manager

As a specialist marketing agency, CulturalPulse was delighted to attend Theo's communication masterclass at Mumbrella 2022. Theo's ability to connect through concise, clear and confident communication, embodied the truism he shared that 'all of us are only as good as our ability to communicate'.
International Development Advisor

I’ve had the honour of seeing Theo shine in the spotlight, as well as being the trusted advisor helping others find their stage. Theo is recognised for his broad expertise in helping individuals and groups with keynote presentations, workshops and programs on communication, connection, and personal branding. He has fast become a stalwart in the industry and has a knack for delivering content in an accessible (and often hilarious) way. As the captain of the TEDxHobart conference, Theo is a driving force behind local innovation and entrepreneurship. It is a privilege to know him as an influencer, an educator, a trailblazer and a generally top bloke. I recommend Theo most highly!
Kindred Life

I've known Theo for many years and have always been struck by his keen interest in supporting and mentoring others. I recently attended a session with Theo as part of the Tasmanian Leaders I-LEAD program, where he spoke about public speaking and tips to overcome the nerves (which hey we all need!) His tone, content and humour were spot on and I can't wait to be in the room with him again soon!

We engaged Theo as a virtual panellist for our online “Respect, behaviour & governance” briefing with the Governance Institute of Australia. Theo was engaging, well spoken, and provided clear understanding of industry insight into the topics. His experience and knowledge provided the perfect addition to our professional panel and Theo was very well received by our audience. I would highly recommend Theo as a professional speaker at any of our future events.
Governance Institute of Australia

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Theo speak. Given the year that was, the conference was entirely online. However, that did not sway Theo, he was engaging, inspiring, and innovative in his presentations. The range of topics he presented demonstrated his wealth of experience, dedication, and ability to juggle many roles. Despite not being able to see the audience, Theo still managed to keep us all engaged as evidence in the live chat forums in each session. It was particularly inspiring to see Theo achieve great success but also volunteer his time and effort to help others do so too. Definitely look forward to hearing him present again.
General Counsel
Mackillop Family Services