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Key Points for The Hon Peter Gutwein GAICD

  • Peter Gutwein is a leader of unparalleled strength and vision who was arguably the most popular Premier ever in the history of Federation achieving a satisfaction/approval rating of 90% at the height of the pandemic in 2020. He led Tasmania through the Covid Pandemic with compassion and integrity ensuring that Tasmania was one of the safest places on the planet with one of the strongest growing economies in the entire country.
  • Peter Gutwein, as State Treasurer since 2014, was the key architect who oversaw Tasmania becoming one of the strongest economies in the country. He rebuilt Tasmania's economy twice, once after the 2012-13 recession and then again after the covid pandemic hit in early 2020.
  • As the first Tasmanian Premier to hold the climate change portfolio, on his watch, Tasmania became the only State to be able to generate 100% of its energy needs from renewables and to reach net zero emissions.
  • Whilst Tourism Minister, Tasmania set the ambitious goal of being a carbon neutral destination by 2025 and he delivered new opportunities through sports tourism by establishing the State’s first NBL team in 25 years, the Jack jumpers, securing the holy grail of test cricket, an Ashes test for the State and also firmly placed the State on a path to achieving its own AFL Team.
  • At the start of the Covid pandemic in early 2020 Peter Gutwein was the first Premier to ban cruise ships in the wake of the Ruby Princess disaster and despite intense national criticism and threats of legal action he led the country in closing the States borders before any other jurisdiction to keep the island populace safe.
  • After successfully reopening the States borders and delivering a strong economy and record jobs growth, as a Launceston based resident who had spent most of the past two years living and working in Hobart Peter Gutwein resigned whilst arguably at the top of his game saying “I’ve spent the last two years looking after everyone else’s family, I now want to spend some time with my own”.

Topics for The Hon Peter Gutwein GAICD

  • Leading with conviction and compassion when there is no rule book
  • Key lessons from the pandemic and how to prepare for what comes next
  • The Tasmanian economic miracle-from mendicant State to nation leading powerhouse
  • 100% renewable and net zero emissions in 6 out of the last 7 years – The learnings from Tasmania’s extraordinary achievements
  • Managing organisational mental health and wellbeing - Lessons from the pandemic
  • The future of sustainable tourism and how to get in front of the curve
  • Inside the National Cabinet
  • Engaging with Government - What works and what doesn’t

Testimonials for The Hon Peter Gutwein GAICD

The TCCI has worked closely with Peter Gutwein over the last 8 years in his role as Premier and Treasurer. We understand just how profound an impact he had on Tasmania. Peter is one of those rare individuals that possesses an incredible mind for detail, an ability to think strategically, an almost indefatigable level of self-discipline and a deep empathy for people around him. As a leader, Peter used those skills to mould the State. He rebuilt the Tasmanian economy not once, but twice. Firstly, by transforming Tasmania from the mendicant State into Australia's tiger economy, and then again through the COVID-19 pandemic. Peter Gutwein became Premier literally days before the COVID-19 pandemic washed over our community and stopped the world. He masterminded the best response to COVID-19 in the country which saw the Federal Government and other States following his policies. He also became a figure of strength and trust to the people of Tasmania. As Premier, Peter Gutwein was also prepared to take on Tasmania's big issues. These include: economic growth, reconciliation with First Nations People, climate change (all of which were listed in his inaugural speech as Premier); Tasmania's AFL bid and the creation of the Tasmanian NBL team the Jack Jumpers; and the establishment of Tasmania's Commission of Enquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. As Tasmania's Treasurer between 2014 and 2022, Peter was a keynote speaker at many of our events, particularly our annual Tasmanian Budget roadshow. The events that Peter spoke at, including the Budget events, are among our most successful ever. People from business and industry, the health and community sectors, and the arts and sports were all eager to hear Peter's observations. They became key events in the community. Peter's presentation style is unique. He is informative and straight to the point and injects humour to keep his audience engaged. He also has the ability to present in a way that feels personal, even in a room of hundreds of people. Peter Gutwein is an engaging, articulate speaker who presents without notes and delivers key messages around complex topics in ways that ensure understanding and buy-in from the audience who he always leaves wanting more. 

As the CEO of the Tasmanian Hospitality Association (THA) I have had the pleasure of hearing Peter speak and present on many occasions during his tenure as both Premier and Treasurer. He has regularly been a keynote speaker at THA events such as our annual awards for excellence nights and has also presented at industry forums, seminars and events designed for our industry leaders. His presentation style, especially in relation to challenging and difficult issues, always had cut through and he was highly regarded by our broad-based membership. His knowledge and ability to present succinctly on the wide range of challenges and opportunities facing the Hospitality sector always impressed and amazed his audiences. If you are seeking a speaker who understands the wider national perspective but who also gets the day-to-day challenge of being in business then Peter Gutwein is someone who can ‘walk the talk’ and I highly recommend him as a keynote speaker.

As our Premier through Covid, Peter Gutwein had to make extraordinary decisions around closing Tasmania’s borders to the world, all while serving as Minister for the State’s critical tourism industry. His leadership, responsiveness, and compassion towards our tourism operators through this time has earned him the enduring respect of our industry. Peter also articulated an exciting vision for Tasmania’s tourism future as one of the world’s first carbon-neutral visitor destinations, as well as a destination for world-class events. Peter is an engaging, forthright, and direct speaker, who will bring unique real-world experiences in business, politics, and leadership.
Tourism Industry Council Tasmania