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Key Points for The Confidence Men

  • Two MC's are better than one
  • Over 30 years' experience in events
  • The Confidence Men make heroes of delegates through interactive parcipation, looking after everyone from sponsors, delegates and committee alike

Topics for The Confidence Men

  • Risk, recovery and resilience - overcoming the fear of failure
    • Business is all about taking risks, recovering quickly and being able to act decisively to re-launch. The skills developed in this workshop rely on intuitive judgement, the ability to process outcomes, and summon all our resources to bounce back from a challenge - that's resilience
  • The memory muscle - making the working memory work harder
    • We think brains get weaker as we age, but the truth is we can develop strong focus and memory. This engaging session reveals how  we make memories and explores a few tips in retaining the important things (like peoples names)
  • Finding your story
    • We are what we do. Using our own innate desire for information as narrative, this workshop solidifies the organisation, roles and culture of the audience. By the end, everyone will have the ability to fire off the short and long versions of who they are and what they do
  • Retraining the brain
    • Most of our behaviour is based on habit. This insightful (and hilarious) workshop reveals the tracks our minds run along, and shows how we can jump off into new ways of thinking and behaving. Based in behavioural economics, it's a revelation in breaking the old ways and finding the new.

Testimonials for The Confidence Men

After the success of the 2016 AMP sales conference, it was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Geoff and Patrick again this year on the 2017 AMP sales conference.  Their enthusiasm, creativity, intelligent communication skills and theatrical experience helped us to deliver the key messages in a fresh and engaging way, not only improving the experience for the audience and participants but making working with them during the planning a delight.  

The work that they did in preparing and supporting our leadership team and internal speakers leading up to the event was bespoke and appreciated by all. During the conference, they were on hand every spare minute to support our fundraising activity, rehearsing internal presenters and going above and beyond to connect with the audience. They loved them. Our very grateful thanks to Geoff and Patrick for contributing so significantly to this year’s conference, most assuredly making the difference between a good and great event.  We look forward to working with them again!
Sales Events Manager
AMP 2017

Geoff and Patrick were a key players in the success of our event. The humour and interaction with the delegates kept them engaged and connected during a very plenary heavy program, with their content regularly connecting back to our conference messages.
Event Manager
AMP Sales

Thank you Patrick and Geoff so much for coming to our conference again. The RF's love you even more than I think we will have to get back for every conference now. The bar has been set too high for anyone else to follow.
Conference Organiser
Fastway Couriers NZ National Conference