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Key Points for Tamika Smith

  • Renowned Construction Entrepreneur and Founder, Tamika Smith has built multiple businesses within the sector with a significant social impact specialising in social and affordable housing.
  • Shortlisted for Queenslander of the Year and listed by Built Global as the “Most Influential Woman in construction”.
  • Philanthropist and affordable housing spokesperson, Tamika is tackling the housing crisis head on with over a decade worth of experience specialising in social and affordable housing developments.
  • Tamika Founded and led the #Istandforkelly initiative; leading the construction sector to deliver a purpose built home to house 8 children post a tragic domestic violence event.
  • Named Gold Coast Woman of the Year; Tamika has been recognised as a social housing advocate and one of few who will put their money where her mouth is to see these outcomes come to life.
  • Experience from advising boards, housing providers, consulting to government, to assisting in the delivery across all facets of social and affordable housing.

Topics for Tamika Smith

  • Entrepreneurship
    Innovating new ways is necessary to evolve
    Systems outdate, what worked may no longer; cue a housing system that’s been around for as long as it has. We need innovation to develop and we need to create environments that allows this.
  • Building resilience
    A story from the ground up on the road less travelled.
  • Change management
    Shifting from what you have always done, to new ways
    Navigating the belief system that we validate with our external world; and if we want to change the way it looks outside; we need to begin with our fundamental beliefs of the world we live in, including ourselves.
  • Be the change
    No one will give you permission to be all that you could be.
  • Social impact
    If you stand for nothing you fall for anything.
  • Courage in authenticity
    “You going to cry about it or boss it up?"
    First of all, I’m going to do both” The incongruence that comes with navigating unchartered waters.

Testimonials for Tamika Smith

Tamika was a guest speaker at our HIVIZ Women Building South Australia luncheon. She was engaging, inspiring and down to earth. I would have no hesitation recommending Tamika to anybody looking for a keynote speaker.
Master Builders SA

Tamika is an incredible force that is tackling this housing crisis head on.
The keynote was incredible, you resonated with everyone in the room.
If it is inspiration, encouragement and drive you need- this is the fierce woman you need to hear speak.
An amazing impact you have made in your time in the sector.
A mentor, visionary and leader.
Tamika continues to shine a light for those who cannot shine the light themselves, a constant source of inspiration.
An Inspiring woman, powerhouse!
Tamika gave a fabulous, authentic and inspiring speech that brought tears to my eyes.
Tamika is certainly paving the way for many others.

Preparation was great, we had two online mtgs prior to ensure right tone for the event  
Master Builders SA

…Having been on the speaking circuit for the past decade, I am aware of the time and effort that it takes ahead of an event. I was most impressed with your preparation, the way you communicated with the delegates and your authenticity. I particularly liked that you took to the time to answer questions well after the breakfast…
Women Lawyers Association of Queensland

Tamika is a true leader. She has grit, tenacity, kindness and connection and is a mentor to women all over the country and beyond. Tamika, while humble about her accomplishments, has a very wise perspective on the world. She is motivated by making a difference and being the change, rather than the mundane side of business like money or prestige. Tamika shines a light on women knowing their worth and steering their careers in directions that matter to them. She epitomises what it means to be a motivator, a fearless leader and a pioneer in 2017…
MATE-  Empowering Communities Preventing Violence