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Key Points for Sunny Grosso

  • Sunny Grosso is a founding member of Delivering Happiness, the DH coach|sulting® team and a master coach.
  • Is co-founder of East+West Wellness, CEO of Culture Trails, and founder of SunYoga.
  • One of the world’s first happiness consultants and culture experts.
  • For over a decade, has been inspiring and impacting organizations around the world, bringing her expertise to 20 countries and hundreds of teams.

Topics for Sunny Grosso

  • Happiness in the pandemic
    Inspired by human resilience, possibility and past events humans have survived and found ways to thrive through, this talk offers stories, science, inspiration and hope of finding true happiness though the most challenging times. At a time when our country is confronting overlapping crises of coronavirus, financial fallout and racial injustice - how do we cope, rise, and find our authentic path through the changes? How do we and each make a difference where it matters for us most? Come away understanding the dynamic, unchanging sources of your happiness, and practical strategies to sustain well-being, connection and meaning.
  • Suddenly self managed - Wellbeing in the FoW
    As the pandemic descended awe entered an era of super VUCA with exponential change all around, and dramatic changes in the way we work, as 50% of the population suddenly found themselves essentially self managed; working from home, in charge of their energy, focus and schedule with heightened personal responsibility, while more disconnected from their team, and less availability of support and resources. How do we manage our time, physical and emotional health, productivity, and yes, even happiness, amidst these massive changes? How do we overcome challenges of eroding constructs of work, such as life separation, the 9-5 workday, and command and control management? Backed by science and filled with examples of organizations and individuals adapting and thriving..., this talk brings to the forefront the new emotional needs to thrive in our worklife, and offers inspiring stories and concepts to respond and adapt to these changes, becoming better self managers, and on the organizational level, opening to a culture that responds to these challenges and is not held back trying to preserve elements of culture and work that are no longer relevant.
  • Starting scaling and sustaining culture for the future of work
    As the world has been thrust into change and the work has dramatically shifted, many of our old reliable constructs such as the physical office space, have been turned on their head. And we are faced with challenges, but also an unprecedented opportunity to seize the tipping point of change to recreate the workplace in a higher, more human and more effective form. We’ve been talking the talk on creating better workplaces, by force of function we are having to walk the walk. How do we start, or restart, reimagining our workplace? And what do we need to scale and sustain our ideal culture in the new, increasingly adaptable world of work? This talk shares the journey of DH in uncovering how to build a sustainable culture, remotely, in the last 10 years, and lessons learned from 300 clients in 30 countries catapulted into the future of work, applicable now, to reinvent your culture, support your unique organizational needs, while responding to the demands of the new world of work from adaptability to innovation to, yes, happiness.
  • Managing wellbeing: How leaders can support thriving in the new normal
    An emotionally healthy, happy workforce is not just good for business, but is essential in the new world of remote, distributed and rapidly adapting work. Leaders who may have previously viewed wellness as outside their role and their control, are now in the position where their team’s wellbeing matters more than ever as they face the need to continue to innovate, collaborate and produce results with engagement. Leaders and especially managers continue to be the primary factor for their team’s engagement and resilience. So how can their role evolve to include supporting employees' new needs and emotional wellbeing, while managing remote and distributed teams in the Adaptable Age? This talk will highlight the importance of leadership in times of change and uncertainty and right into the future of work, and offer a framework and practical steps to immediately start building wellbeing into business as usual, to unleash and multiply employees effectiveness, while evolving to a more human and happy organization.
  • Happiness as a business model
    Making dollars and sense of why an investment in happiness will increase your productivity, profitability and sustainability as a company.
  • Starting, scaling and sustaining culture
    Key learnings and insights from working with over 250 companies in various stages of culture evolution, all towards creating a distinct culture of values that can be scaled and sustained for long-term growth.
  • The story of CEO Tony Hsieh and Zappos
    Building an enduring brand through WOW customer service and a values-based company culture – from selling shoes to delivering happiness!
  • Happiness is a choice
    Sunny’s personal journey to happiness at work from the failure of ‘the formula’ to finding passion and purpose building Delivering Happiness from the ground up as the second member of the coaching team.
  • Culture as a competitive advantage
    Over a decade of research shows that a culture of happiness is becoming one of the biggest competitive advantages in today’s economy. Happy employees who work with passion and purpose perform at consistently high levels, multiplying their effectiveness and raising business outcomes.
  • Delivering Happiness
    Experience the story of Delivering Happiness painted with colorful life lessons from your speaker. Your Speaker will share the philosophy that Tony Hsieh applied to build Zappos into a $1Billion a year example of culture as a brand. They’ll weave in the science of happiness to understand how happiness as a business model works, zooming in on the personal element to empower every individual to choose happiness. Your speaker will share the simple model that can be applied to YOUR organization to create change right away, illustrating key themes with inspiring examples and takeaways at every turn. Leave understanding how prioritizing happiness at work and in life can change the world more than we ever thought possible, one person and one company at a time. And how it is all in our control.
    • How happiness as a business model = profits, passion and purpose.
    • Why happiness leads to success on the personal (ME) and organizational (WE) level.
    • Why sustainable happiness and culture change must start with ME, the individual.
    • The OTHER ROI, Ripples of Impact: from the personal level of ME to WE to COMMUNITY.
    • How to build a grassroots movement of happiness with your family/teams.
    • Culture is Everyone’s Business – the significance of co-ownership and how it drives success.
    • How key frameworks from the science of happiness can build personal & organizational happiness.
    • How the Happiness Frameworks of Connectedness, Progress, Control, Values and Purpose can be linked to metrics, and why this is important in building a culture movement.
    • The role of higher purpose in our personal lives and how to live our purpose through our work.
    • Higher Purpose as a north star in decision-making and strategy for business growth.
    • PECs – the secret that drives Zappos WOW service and exceptional repeat business.
    • Stories and examples of cultures coming back from the brink, and scaling to new heights.
    • An inspiring call to action to choose happiness, today!

Testimonials for Sunny Grosso

Sunny was brilliant, both as a speaker and a coach. She really owned it and was a hit with our clients. I was impressed with the process and personally got a tremendous amount [out] of the workshop. Sunny delivered happiness with a WOW.
K2 Capital Group

Sunny clearly knew what she was doing, and adeptly combined theory with real-life examples and practice – and all in a compelling and friendly manner. Bottom-line, this is one of those sessions that you leave wanting more.
Director of Development