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Key Points for Stephen Scott Johnson

  • Stephen is the author of Emergent– Ignite Purpose | Transform Culture | Make Change Stick (Wiley 2017) – a guide for any leader who wants to make a difference.
  • Since 1997, Stephen has helped hundreds of organisations transform their culture and impact. His clients include Sanofi, Australian Defence, Unilever and Air New Zealand.
  • Stephen’s contribution to industry is critically acclaimed. Accolades include Cannes Lion, AIMIA and webby. He is often featured in Fast Company, BRW, Marketing Mag and The Age.
  • Stephen is known by his peers as ‘the movement guy’, helping large-scale organisations including the United Nations, World Wildlife Fund and Alliance for Climate Protection to achieve outstanding engagement and fundraising results for their most critical causes.
  • From Campaigns to Movements: Transforming Culture, Impact & Legacy - TedX July 2018

Topics for Stephen Scott Johnson

  • Emergent
    Conscious leadership and culture
    Embracing change in today’s complex workplace demands extraordinary agility, acumen and intuition. Evolving organisational culture from the traditional command and-control reactive mode of business to an adaptive and interdependent ecosystem, demands new skills and new ways of working. EMERGENT unpacks how you do that in an powerful keynote for leaders who want to make a difference.
  • Artisans of Connection
    Create a culture customers love & employees feel proud of
    Communication is faster, simpler and more intimate. Connection is currency. From the radically transparent approaches at leading start ups to the notoriously secretive practices of Apple - cultures vary from collaborative to scripted regulatory siloes and everything in-between. To be successful, brands need to stop selling and start inspiring. Are you connection-ready?
    This keynote is for leaders with a change imperative:
    • Pinpoint the cultural mode of your business and identify blind spots that inhibit growth and potential
    • Move quickly and decisively in anticipating and taking advantage of opportunity, while collaborating to avoid negative and catastrophic consequences of change
    • Learn effective strategies to meet employee demands for autonomy and individual empowerment
    • Innovate with and not merely for stakeholders, guiding effective and sustainable change
  • Ignite Your Customer Tribe 
    Spark a movement
    Every sales, marketing and frontline manager on the planet wishes they had a ‘sixth-sense’ for how to fuel demand that generates profitable, sustainable growth. This keynote empowers them with CATALYST - the engagement system behind the world’s most successful brand movements and enterprise communities. Equip your business with the essential system, skills and techniques that create enduring value with customers and stakeholders.
    IGNITE YOUR CUSTOMER TRIBE™ equips organisations with:
    • A revolutionary system to catalyse engagement & referral
    • Proven strategies that boost Net Promoter score
    • Tools and techniques to transform the reach, scale and impact of mainstream media and advertising
    • Confidence and capability to improve the culture and impact of your enterprise
  • Co-Create Academy
    Culture of innovation by design
    Finding effective ways to turn the institutional ship around while maintaining business-as-usual, has become the conversation of our time. Companies seeking new competitive advantages are recognising co-creation as an effective way to forge longterm
    sustainability. It represents a paradigm shift in how they innovate. It enables a progressive evolution from the command-and-control mode of business towards an interdependent model and enduring value for all. There is a clear imperative to transform, and yet the paradox of protecting intellectual assets and the bottom line (for fear of letting go of control) results in paralysing
    levels of inertia. Learn how to engage authentically and contextually with stakeholders, and co-create products and services that make a difference.
    What this keynote delivers:
    • Equip leaders and innovators with confidence and capability to co-create with customers & stakeholders
    • Engage authentically and contextually with community to co-create products and services they actually need
    • Fuel fresh thinking and learn effective ways to inform and extend core product expertise from an outside-in innovation perspective
    • Leverage community intelligence in ways not possible with traditional corporate innovation methodologies
    • Embed co-creation in your culture so that it becomes a daily way of working

Testimonials for Stephen Scott Johnson

With our lives now characterised by an inextricable symbiosis with technology, never before has transparent and raw humanity been so vital in leadership, business and society. Stephen offers a prescient pathway to enlightened and sustainable organisational success through the awakening of co-created purpose, vision and values.

Australia’s leading thinker on creating and sustaining movements, Stephen Scott Johnson, has turned his attention to how companies can transform cultures, and the result is profound. EMERGENT is a game changer for organisations looking to transform their results through real culture change.
Thought Leaders and author of The New Rules of Management

In a world where organisational purpose risks becoming a catchcry, Stephen’s CATALYST Engagement System offered our business the insight, clarity and direction we needed to truly co-create value and meaning with our people. The opportunity to create a movement rather than deliver another top down communications campaign affords an important step-change for leaders and communicators alike. When delivered properly, the result is enticing—an organisation where its people can self-sustain a shared truth, a true purpose and grow together.

Head of Communications
Sanofi Australia and New Zealand

Stephen’s command over the way information and influence spreads in the digital world is industry-leading, as is the methodology he’s developed to track, measure, map and turn this information into a tremendously useful decision-making tool.
Jonathan Fields
International bestselling author and founder of Good Life Project and The 108-Conscious Business Collective

With organisations paralysed by complexity and cultures of fear, Stephen Scott Johnson offers a roadmap for collaboration, co-creation and most importantly purpose-driven communities.
Former CEO
National Farmers Federation

EMERGENT is a collision of contemporary thinking and ancient wisdom brought together in a practical narrative with confronting tools to support your journey to evolve your leadership and organisation.
Managing Director
Human Systems Companies

In Stephen Scott Johnson’s hands, the words change, culture and purpose become far more than corporate buzzwords, they are revealed as the keys to not only navigating the future, but of creating it also.
Co-Founder and CEO
The Impossible Institute