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Key Points for Stephanie Bendixsen

  • Stephanie Bendixsen, aka ‘Hex,’ is an expert television presenter and content creator with a passion for video games and storytelling.
  • As a co-host of Good Game and other popular shows, Bendixsen is an expert on the video game industry and its evolution over the years.
  • Previous TV credits include Foxtel’s Thrones 360, National Geographic’s Only in Australia and Network Ten’s ’Ultimate Classroom’. Bendixsen also hosts a variety of Red Bull Productions which included 'Red Bull Wrap Up' - a video game quiz show and Red Bull Billy Cart.
  • Bendixsen is a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusivity in gaming, highlighting the need for more representation of women and underrepresented groups in the industry.
  • With extensive experience in the gaming industry, Bendixsen is a respected commentator on all things video games, analyzing trends and innovations and discussing the impact of gaming on society.

Topics for Stephanie Bendixsen

  • Women in games, tech & STEM
    • Female representation in video games.
    • Women in the industry.
    • Personal experiences being a female face of a male dominated industry.
    • Dealing with harassment, GamerGate, evolutions in equality.
  • Video games in general
    • How narrative in video games sets itself apart from other mediums.
    • Mental health in games, game development, how mental health is represented, how gamers manage mental health.
    • Game/Life Balance – managing physical health as well as mental health.
    • Video game addiction.
    • Video games as an adult medium vs. something for children: concepts, themes, what is appropriate, R18+ rating in Australia, declassification.
    • Twitch, YouTube and the emerging platforms through which we consume content.
    • VR, AR and new advancements in tech and what it’s used for.
    • Online safety and behavior for youth educational purposes.
    • Experiences in working in television – Good Game, ScreenPLAY, National Geographic, Foxtel.
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