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Stefano De Pieri

Key Points

  • Stefano De Pieri is the passionate and charismatic "Cook' from Mildura. He is passionate about his family, his food, his life, his town and his river.
  • Stefano's business success emulates his life experience of coming from Italy with his brother in 1974 and a suitcase, through to becoming one of the most well known cooks in Australia.
  • Stefano created a restaurant in a far away county town and built his restaurant into one of Australia's greatest success stories.
  • His fame has expanded Australia wide with the successful ABC TV series "A Gondola on the Murray". He has written two cook books associated with the TV series, which sold over 40,000 copies.
  • Stefano De Pieri presents in a passionate, witty and natural way and makes a real impact on the audience.

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