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Key Points for Stacey Currie

  • Stacey Currie is the co-founder of a million-dollar printing business, Brand Print Australia.
  • She is a qualified leadership coach and mentor.
  • Stacey has also appeared on TV shows such as the Today Show, 7.30 Report and 60 Minutes to share her against-the-odds life story. 
  • She has featured in many newspapers and magazines.
  • She has been nominated for the Telstra Business Women Award, Nominated Pride Of Australia, Nominated Optus Outstanding Student Award, Finalist Ausmumpreneur Of The Year Awards, Finalist My Business Awards.

Topics for Stacey Currie

  • Unleash your inner courage
    Pursue the impossible through making courageous decisions
    Behind every success story lies a courageous decision made by someone who refused to let fear hold them back. There are countless individuals who are not reaching their fullest potential because they are constantly waiting for the so-called 'perfect moment' to make important decisions in their lives. The notion of a 'perfect moment' is nothing but a myth that we cling onto, and it is this mistaken belief that often prevents us from making important decisions. The fear of the unknown - not knowing what lies on the other side of our choices - can leave us feeling paralysed and stuck in a state of inaction. Imagine the possibilities for your company if each employee had the confidence to make courageous decisions and had the resilience to persevere through challenges and setbacks. Everyone on your team, including yourself, aspires to thrive and find fulfilment in life, but to achieve success, every next level of your life demands a different version of you. By consciously monitoring your thoughts, choices, and actions, you unlock your full potential and reveal a version of yourself that you never thought was possible.
    Through this inspiring talk, Stacey shares the top three lessons that have enabled her to make courageous decisions and will empower your audience to do the same. You are only one decision away from a totally different life.
    Key takeaways:
    • Unleash the power of courageous decision-making with two fundamental steps.
    • Uncover the six stages that will guide you in making courageous decisions, enabling you to achieve goals that may have once seemed impossible.
    • Discover the one primary barrier that, once overcome, will unleash your unstoppable potential.
  • Ditch unhealthy habits and move into the unknown, even if it feels really uncomfortable (which it will!)
  • Realise we have choices in everything we do – the trick is to become obsessed with the choices we choose
  • Quieten the voice that says you’re not good enough, worthy enough or smart enough to change
  • That no matter what you do in life, people will have an opinion of you, so you may as well do what the heck makes you feel happy
  • How to overcome your fear paralysis and make decisions on your terms

Testimonials for Stacey Currie

We had the pleasure of hosting Stacey Currie as a guest speaker at our Chisholm Institute of TAFE Staff Conference in 2023, and what an extraordinary experience it was! Stacey's presentation left a lasting impact on our attendees, resonating deeply with everyone in the room. Stacey's ability to connect with the audience on a profound level, coupled with her inspiring message, truly set her apart. Throughout her session, Stacey captivated the audience with her engaging storytelling and insightful wisdom. Her genuine passion for empowering others was evident in every word she spoke, leaving attendees feeling motivated and uplifted. Attendees unanimously agreed that Stacey's presentation stood out as the highlight of the conference, with many expressing that she was the most impactful speaker they had ever heard. Stacey Currie's exceptional speaking prowess, coupled with her remarkable ability to inspire and motivate, makes her a truly outstanding choice for any event. We wholeheartedly recommend Stacey Currie as a speaker for any event seeking to ignite inspiration and drive positive change. Thank you, Stacey, for an unforgettable experience!
Chisholm Institute of TAFE

Reflecting on the numerous presentations I've witnessed, and the wealth of feedback received from participants over the years, I can confidently affirm that your recent session stands out remarkably. The consensus among our attendees resoundingly declares you as the most impactful speaker they've encountered. Feeling immensely privileged, I must express gratitude for your precisely tailored contribution. Your delivery was characterized by a rare authenticity, unwavering honesty, and an inspirational essence that resonated deeply with our audience. Your presentation holds the distinguished honour of being the foremost topic of conversation among our participants. From our insightful conversation the day before, I harboured high expectations, and I'm delighted to acknowledge that you surpassed them with aplomb. Your willingness to share your life story was not just appreciated but profoundly valued. My sincerest wish is that those who had the privilege of hearing you speak will be spurred into meaningful action by the profound insights you imparted.

The event yesterday was a huge success. A large number of people have stopped me and provided great feedback one person said, ‘Best International Women’s Day event if not the best event ever at Whitehorse’. So that is pretty cool feedback. Our Councillors have reached out enquiring why they were not invited to attend the event. So it is out there that people really loved it. I read an email from one of our Managers today to his whole team where he called out all of the things he heard from your talk yesterday and shared it with them. It even brought a tear to my eye to read such a great review. A massive thank you from me. Thank you for being willing to share your story with such authenticity.
Whitehorse City Council

Raw, honest, funny and inspirational. Everyone loved Stacey.

Stacey's story resonated with the audience and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Stacey was so engaging and her story compelling. I cannot recommend Stacey more highly if you want a speaker who talks from the heart, with honest, integrity, humour and passion.
Berry Street

Firstly, well done, I love your story. Everyone enjoyed your presentation. Everyone found your story encouraging and relatable, raw and real.
Coates Hire

One in a million! Driven and inspirational, you made an impact.
Endota Spas

A truly inspirational and courageous story; you made our event.
Public Relations Institute of Australia (Victoria)

Uplifting, entertaining and enlightening! We look forward to working with you again!
My Business magazine's MyBiz Expo

Stacey takes you on an incredible rag to riches journey that will open your mind to a happier, wealthier life.....A true inspiration.
Dale Beaumont
Best-selling author of 16 books

Stacey gives you the tools & motivation to achieve all your goals.
Brian Tracy
Author of The Way to Wealth