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Key Points for Simone Heng

  • Simone Heng inspires people to connect in a world thirsty for connection.
  • Simone Heng's debut book on human connection Secret Pandemic: The Search for Connection in a Lonely World launches March 2022.
  • Simone Heng spent 15 years as a broadcaster around the world for brands like Virgin Radio, HBO and CNBC, connecting on stage, one-on-one, online and on air are all part of her deep expertise.
  • Simone Heng inspires people to connect in a world thirsty for connection. She has spoken to thousands and often for Fortune 500 organisations like Google, L’Oreal, ByteDance, Salesforce, SAP, TEDx, The United Nations and many more.
  • Simone Heng has interviewed countless celebrities and shared virtual stages with Chris Gardner from “The Pursuit of Happyness,” Netflix CMO Bozoma Saint John, New York University Professor Scott Galloway and the founder of Kickstarter, Yancey Strickler.
  • Simone Heng’s work emphasises the intersection between a lack of human connection and mental health issues as well as connecting through technology in the post-pandemic world to create more cohesive workplaces and healthier employees.

Topics for Simone Heng

  • Connect authentically via technology
    How best to use video calls and other communication technology to promote and support connection.
    • The science of Human Connection and why new need to connect.
    • How to powerfully connect without meeting face-to-face.
    • The top tech resources to help you engage.
    • The presentation skills needed to help you engage in a virtual environment.
    • Create the least distracting environment for your video calls.
    • Digital body language and facial expressions.
    • Video conference etiquette.
  • The future of human connection
    In a hybrid future, how will the way we connect change?
    • Why quality connections are vital to our mental and physical well-being.
    • The impact of a socially distant future on mental health.
    • Solutions to make the transition to a hybrid future more connected.
    • Techniques for connecting in a hybrid workplace.
  • The power of human connection
    As we enter the age of artificial intelligence, Human Connection skills become a workforce’s competitive edge.
    • Why we need Human Connection skills.
    • Techniques to connect so people remember you.
    • Tips to connect with people regardless of culture and language.
    • How to identify the authenticity of a connection.
    • Break through and connect with reluctant individuals.
    • Building rapport to create trust.
  • Cross-cultural communications
    Understanding the nuances and cultural communication differences across APAC teams.
    • The differences in Eastern and Western communication.
    • Techniques to bridge the gap.
    • How to get the courage to speak up more in meetings.
    • How to support colleagues from other cultures feel comfortable to speak their mind.

Testimonials for Simone Heng

Our team engaged Simone Feng to speak on The Power of Human Connection at our global learning event and we absolutely loved her energy and authenticity. We received so much positive feedback from Simone’s session as our learners took away the key points. The storytelling was powerful and a few of the team were amazed at how Simone kept them engaged without using a PowerPoint! We look forward to future opportunities to partner with Simone again!
Global Talent & Organisation Development

I engaged Simone Feng to speak to our team at Essilor on How to Connect Authentically Via Technology. We have been receiving amazing feedback from everyone that they have thoroughly enjoyed her session and garnered so many techniques for communicating in a hybrid workplace. So so so amazing! We hope to have the opportunity to connect with Simone again in the future.
Education & Professional Services Manager
Essilor Amera

Simone Feng's session at our Brave Together APAC conference on The Future of Human Connection was so raw and personal that she connected immediately with the audience. We were truly honoured that you took part and shared so openly. A really impact-full session that inspired our audience to think about the importance of human connections. Highly recommend Simone.
Global Experience & Excellence Lead
The Marketing Society

We were super chuffed to be able to have Simone Feng to speak at our learning retreat. Not only was she relevant and current to what is happening with Covid-19, but she was engaging and really connected with the audience. A real case of walking the talk. Helps too that she is very easy on the eye. We will definitely be working with Simone again and highly recommend her for corporations where you want to train your employees on the human element in connecting with your audience.
Senior Vice President, Regional Marketing

We recently had Simone Feng at our annual highlight event – GREAT KICK OFF 2020: The New ERA, Yours to Conquer and in this event, we brought together 2,500 of our representatives. We can’t say enough how much we love working with Simone as she is very accommodating and customised her presentation just to meet our requirements. With interesting content and her own stories, we received immensely positive feedback from the participants. They just simply love her high energy, the excitement she has brought to the event.
Great Eastern, Singapore

What a great day having Simone Heng speaking not only on Human Connection but adding an amazing set on Personal branding . It was clearly the highlight of the day. Thank you Simone for making this event special for our customers.
Managing Director
Eurochem, Asia

Simone Heng was our keynote speaker at the DFK International Conference, held at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Singapore. Simone’s tremendous energy, confidence and enthusiasm enabled her to capture instantly the audience’s attention and delivered her amazing story of human connection with passion and clarity. Her messages of connecting with people profoundly, bridging the gap between cultures, breaking through to connect, and identifying the authenticity of a connection shone through, giving delegates food for thought and practical ideas to take into their business and personal lives.
Eexecutive Director
DFK International