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Key Points for Sharon Cohrs

  • Sharon Cohrs was the first breast cancer survivor in the world to summit Mount Everest.
  • Sharon and Allan are the first Australian born couple to reach the summit of Mount Everest.
  • She was a finalist for the Pride of Australia Medal in 2011 (Courage category).
  • She was nominated for Australian of the year 2012.
  • A bronze statue of Sharon was unveiled in 2018 now stands in the foyer of Cancer Council QLD.


Topics for Sharon Cohrs

  • Motivation and positivity
  • Strength through overcoming adversity
  • Self belief and where it can take you
  • Vision and setting goals
  • Resilience
  • Love what you do and do what you love

Testimonials for Sharon Cohrs

Sharon's story is amazing, one of determination, will pure and pure grit. Sharon provides such a powerful message about never giving up. 
Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce

WOW!  What an incredible woman.  Never have I seen someone with such resilience and a zest for life. Her presence is so warming, and she captured the hearts of everybody in the room.  She was very raw in sharing her experiences, which I felt helped the audience connect with her on a deeper level. We felt incredibly privileged to be in the presence of Sharon, and have her share her journey with us.  We would love to have her back any time! Thanks for organising Sharon to speak about her story last night I think she gave great insight to her battle with cancer. I especially liked the way she spoke about her passion for climbing / trekking and using that passion & her support network to motivate her. She is a remarkable woman to have achieved all of that under those circumstances and I will be telling my daughters her story when I get home.
Big Sky Entertainment

What can I say about Sharon…..WOW, INSPIRATIONAL, MOTIVATIONAL, BEAUTIFUL.  I have planned many events and heard many speakers and can honestly say that Sharon is up there with my most memorable.  You could hear a pin drop when Sharon presented to our attendees! The thing I like most about Sharon is that her whole presentation comes from the heart and is not rehearsed one little bit.  She tells you her story, in her words, which captivates everyone. We’re having Sharon return to our conference this year and update us on her unbelievable journey up Mt Everest with her just as amazing husband Allan.  We can’t wait!
Event Manager
Professionals Real Estate

Sharon Cohrs is an inspiration!  A testament to the brawn of resilience and the magic of teamwork in the face of provocation, either in the form of a life threatening disease or the most inhospitable and dangerous environs on the planet, Sharon stands as an exemplar of the human spirit at its most indomitable. Share in and learn from her experience, I did and am grateful for it.
Chief Executive Officer
Cancer Council Queensland

It was a pleasure to have Allan and Sharon Cohrs speak to our Year 11 students about their amazing achievement in conquering Everest. A focus for our students was on the preparation for leadership which included goal setting, responding to challenges, planning and preparation. Our students were enthralled with the presentation and the story of courage, trust, loyalty and adventure which emerged, brought to life by a combination of film, music and speech. Allan and Sharon have an enthralling story to share, mixed with practical demonstrations of teamwork and leadership. Staff and students were exhilarated by Sharon and Allan's story of overcoming adversity to achieve their dreams. I really recommend their work to any educators wishing to motivate, enlighten and inspire their students to achieve their very best using the conquering of Everest as a metaphor for leadership, study, resilience and relationships.
The King's School
Sydney Australia

Sharon and Allan Cohrs are real. During the Brisbane Boys’ College Year 7 Orientation retreat. They engaged the young boys with real stories and interactive workshops. Sharon and Allan were more than just guest speakers, they engaged with the boys and took an interest in the activities of our retreat; spending a night out with groups and then returning to school to participate in the ‘welcoming of the new boys’ activities’. Sharon and Allan were inspirational and they were willing to tailor their messages and stories to align with the school’s goals and direction. Brisbane Boys’ College has received feedback from parents outlining the impact their session had on the boys. The boys of Brisbane Boys’ College are truly richer from listening and participating in Sharon and Allan’s workshop. Each boy was challenged, through examples of determination and dedication, to find a way to conquer their own personal Everest while remaining an honourable person and understanding the importance of teamwork. I have no hesitation in recommending Sharon and Allan’s workshop to all educators. Their strong message is not only for students - adults appreciated the opportunity to be involved in the workshops and were asking questions of themselves as a result.  
Dean of Studies
Brisbane Boys' College