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Key Points for Shamane Tan

  • Shamane Tan is a pioneering cybersecurity influencer adept at aligning executive leadership with cybersecurity imperatives.
  • She is a renowned author dissecting executive communication nuances and C-Suite expectations in "Cyber Risk Leaders" and "Cyber Mayday and the Day After."
  • Shamane is the architect of a transcontinental cyber risk and executive meetup, cultivating mentorship, women's empowerment, and cutting-edge thought leadership across seven global cities.
  • Shamane is an honored recipient of the IFSEC Global Top 20 Cybersecurity Influencer award, serving as Chief Growth Officer at Sekuro, driving organizations towards enhanced security maturity with a blend of technical expertise and strategic insight.

Topics for Shamane Tan

  • The modern day cyber leader
    With the evolving digital and cyber landscape, being a modern day cyber leader can look very different today. Find out the 3Cs that will accelerate your growth in the cybersecurity field, and how you can navigate corporate challenges.
  • Players, are you ready? - The game of cyber-chess
    Most people do not know it and especially, no consent is given before cyber attackers strike and bring you into their game. As businesses and individuals become unwilling players in the game of chess, this keynote will reveal new perspectives and action plans for you to take control, and say ‘checkmate’.
  • Birds & buttons - Cyber risk success criteria for Boards & Execs
    This session is a crash course for executives and boards. How can we talk ‘cyber’ to non-cyber executives and board directors? Find out through this walkthrough of key extracts from Shamane Tan’s years of research and more than a thousand coffee meetings with CxOs from across the globe.
  • Cyber mayday and the day after - Preparing, managing & recovering from inevitable business disruptions
    Cyber Mayday and the Day After will highlight true cyber emergency stories, and tips to preparing, managing, and recovering from inevitable business disruptions. This will cover business advice and lessons across different sectors, including all the way from Mars, how to overcome best practice apathy, and unpack practical ways we can approach crisis communications in handling cyber emergencies.
  • Five keys of an effective cyber risk communication
    What are the keys in communicating cyber risk to different business stakeholders? From the art of communicating to influencing your leaders, this session will equip you in navigating your corporate challenges.
  • Befriending the hacker; A different viewpoint
    Find out how a hacker breaks into organisations through a real-life walkthrough of an everyday affair.

Testimonials for Shamane Tan

Brilliant presentation! Great keynote and message. Interesting session as Shamane Tan has incorporated useful insights through examples.
FS-ISAC audience

Loved Shamane Tan’s session - it's one of the best CIO workshops I've ever attended.
Health Insurer