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Key Points for Saul Eslake

  • With over 25 years' experience, Saul Eslake held chief economist roles at notable institutions such as ANZ and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, contributing significantly to Australian financial markets.
  • Saul ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing his economics consultancy in Hobart in 2015, offering expertise honed through decades in the field.
  • Holding a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow position at the University of Tasmania since 2016, Saul combines practical experience with academic involvement, enriching both realms.
  • Graduating with first-class honors in Economics, Saul furthered his education with a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment. His commitment was acknowledged with an Honorary LLD degree from the University of Tasmania and completion of the Senior Executive Program at Columbia University.

Topics for Saul Eslake

  • Australia's economic horizon
    A glimpse at our long-term future
    Saul Eslake has been described as the most 'pre-eminent macro-economist in Australia'. His extensive knowledge comes from monitoring, analysing and predicting trends in the Australian economy as a core part of his numerous roles as Chief Economist for well over 25 years. In this presentation, Saul ties together macroeconomic data and complex fiscal policy to provide valuable insights into how current economic trends can impact your business.
    Previous presentations have included:
    • The importance of Growth to Australia's Long-Term Future
    • Australian Society and Politics
    • Talks on Productivity, Commodities and Labour
    • The 'Big Picture' for the Australian residential property market
    • After the 'Resources Boom' - is Recession Inevitable?

  • Global markets
    Trends, growth & opportunity
    We live in an increasingly globalised world, one that is rapidly changing and expanding to incorporate new international trade deals, problems in European markets and big shifts in economic powers. In this rapidly changing economic climate, Saul Eslake provides comprehensive insights into how your businesses can reduce risk, maximise opportunity, keep up and grow!
    Previous presentations have included:
    • The Global Financial System
    • Free Trade Agreements
    • Prospects for Commodity Prices
    • Is a 'Currency War' going on?

  • The rise of China, India and Asia
    What it means for Australia
    By the end of the decade Asia will account for 39% of the world's GDP. Considering that around 75% of Australian exports are going to Asia, you simply can’t understand the nation's long-term economic prospects without a good understanding of what’s happening in the major Asian economies. Saul Eslake's profound knowledge of these emerging economic powers can help corporations worldwide understand what the global distribution of economic production will look like for their business, assess their 'readiness' to adapt to these new markets, and much more.
    Previous presentations have included:
    • China and the New Economic Order
    • China and India in the World Economy
    • Economic and Social Change in Asia
    • China's Slowing Economy - is it serious and what does it mean for Australia?

Testimonials for Saul Eslake

You are one of the best at what you do in the world.
Chief Economist
The Conference Board, New York

An outstanding presentation that was lucid, logical and blended hard facts with humour. And Saul comfortably communicated to meet the wide range of ages, occupations and knowledge of our guests.
Executive Director
First Samuel Ltd

We did appreciate the very considerable effort you devoted to preparing a very comprehensive overview of the Indian economy, contrasting it with China and identifying economic opportunities for Australia.
Chair, International House
University of Melbourne

I have never seen anyone - not a politician or another speaker – keep people spellbound for 40 minutes, as you did.
3 Pillars
…one of the few people in this world who can have so many oranges up in the air at the same time but still manage to catch them.
Australian Financial Review