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Key Points for Sarah McKay

  • Sarah McKay is a science writer and presenter specialising in the mind and brain.
  • Has a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Oxford with a focus on neuroplasticity and the developing brain.
  • Writes a popular blog Brain Health focussing on everyday neuroscience for brain health and wellbeing.
  • Writes for the ABC’s Active Memory site encouraging people to get the most out of their brain. 
  • Founder of The Neuroscience Academy, which is a provider of online neuroscience education programs.
  • Provides science and medical writing, consulting and research services to the medical, research and healthcare industries.

Topics for Sarah McKay

  • Neuroplasticity
    Can you really rewire your brain?
  • Neuro-myth busting
    Popular notions of the brain and mind busted.
  • The neuro-symphony of stress
  • Your brain at work - how not to use it
    Why you shouldn’t multi-task or stay focused for too long, how stress is helpful, and why most of your memories are inaccurate.
  • Six keys for building brain wellbeing and resilience
    How to lead a brain healthy lifestyle.
  • Workshop: Neural knitworks
    This is your brain on knitting. An interactive ‘knit-in’ with scientifically informed knitted neuron patterns. Promotes mental challenge, social connection, and mindfulness.
  • Career talk
  • Science to science writer
    Blogging and other non-traditional career paths for scientists and academics.

Testimonials for Sarah McKay

Sarah is a warm and engaging speaker. She presents neuroscience evidence in an accessible way and can convey scientific facts to a general audience without ‘dumbing it down’. Having worked with Sarah on the Neural Knitworks National Science Week project, I would recommend Sarah as a sharp and clever communicator, she is great fun, more than happy to get hands-on and we are so grateful to have someone with her credentials working with us.
Inspiring Australia (NSW)

Sarah’s final plenary at the AMWA 2013 conference was just what the audience needed to hear. An honest narrative from a fellow medical writer about her journey as a blogger, evidence geek and online communicator. A rare science writer who is as powerful from the podium as she is on the page.
Australasian Medical Writers Association