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Key Points for Roger La Salle

  • Roger La Salle was the Chair of Innovation at the prestigious The Queens University Belfast for 2005.
  • Roger La Salle was a panellist on ABC's New Inventors.
  • Roger La Salle was a TED presenter in November 2012 and April 2013.
  • Roger la Salle was Chair of The CEO Institute.
  • Roger La Salle has presented in more than 29 countries and four languages.
  • Roger La Salle was Director for 22 years and past CEO of the Innovation Centre of Victoria (INNOVIC).
  • Roger La Salle has made TV appearances on Kochie’s Business Builders.
  • Roger La Salle has written four books on Business Building.
  • Roger La Salle has established five technology businesses.
  • Roger La Salle created material licensed to Deloitte.
  • Roger La Salle has agents in over 29 countries.
  • Power of thinking small - TEDXMelbourne.

Topics for Roger La Salle

  • Innovate or perish
  • The digital world challenges physical infrastructure
  • The innovation imperative
  • Taking your business to the next level
  • Business building – It’s systematic and simple 
  • Services – Can these be innovated
  • Innovation - what is it and how do you do it 
  • Marketing – how to remove the single biggest risk in business
  • Marketing - finding the “touch points” 
  • What is an opportunity - how do you systematically search for one
  • Moving your people from operators to opportunists
  • Business trajectory – the future
  • The digital interface to the physical world
  • Getting your people involved in the journey
  • Inspiration in Business - how you do it   

Testimonials for Roger La Salle

Facing a challenging audience of Australian fruit growers, Roger not only managed to raise the energy in the room up a few notches but he delivered on our key conference objective – to open the minds of Australian fruit growers to the possibility of innovation! Roger is a thoroughly engaging speaker and in my opinion would be a valuable contributor to any event wanting to promote change/innovation.
Communications Manager

Wow! Roger held an audience of NAB People & Culture team members spellbound with his insightful, action oriented approach to innovation. Applying lateral thinking, he sees opportunities everywhere and turns complexity and the threat of the unknown into exciting business opportunities. Without doubt Roger La Salle is one of the most inspirational speakers and writers of our time.
Executive General Manager
National Australia Bank

It´s amazing what you do. I have created many workshops - too philosophical or "creative" maybe - but you blew my mind, yesterday. Thanks a lot! How can I work with you?
Office: 2163810
Bogotá - Colombia

Thought-provoking insights on innovating intangibles, from one of the best innovation thinkers of our time. A must for all service Industry professional.
Founder Trustee & Group Director
Indira Group of Institutes
Pune, India

Your presentation was great and extremely well received.  With regard to the evaluations, as mentioned five 10s, four 9s and one 8, which is first rate.  Comments from members include Passion was infectious. Roger obviously loves what he does; Very simple, the KISS theory. Roger was great; All good; Excellent.

....  The last two days I attended a fantastic course on "Matrix Thinking" taught by Mr Roger La Salle. His lessons really blew my mind in how to identify everyday problems and innovate to make them viable businesses and opportunities.
Business Development Executive
A-Star- Singapore (A-Star is the CSIRO of Singapore)

Roger, just a short note to thank you for the fabulous interactive presentation at the ICN National Conference last month.  Our internal survey confirmed that your information and delivery style were absolutely the highlight of the event. You left our people with both the motivation and the tools to understand and implement innovation in our business.
Chief Executive Officer
ICN, Victoria