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Key Points for Roger Dennis

  • Roger Dennis works globally advising boards, CEOs and leadership teams on the strategic implications of a fast-changing world.
  • Successful engagements have been delivered in diverse sectors including financial services, agribusiness, energy, telecommunications, healthcare, and infrastructure.
  • Roger Dennis is a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington, a member of the Digital Council of New Zealand and an Edmund Hilary Fellow.
  • Roger Dennis helped establish the world’s largest foresight programme called Future Agenda. He’s also partnered with an ex-advisor to the UK Prime Minister to deliver public-sector innovation courses in Australasia for the Australia-New Zealand School of Government.
  • From 2006-08 Roger Dennis co-led the Shell Technology Futures programme for the GameChanger team (based in The Hague). He is also a repeat attendee to the invite- only Foresight Week held every two years by the Foresight Team in the Singapore Prime Minister’s office.
  • Over the years, Roger Dennis has become a respected commentator and author on technology, innovation & strategy. His thinking has been published by a range of publications including Scientific American and the Stanford School Magazine. In addition, he has been quoted in the Financial Times, AFR Boss Magazine & CNN Online.
  • In response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, in 2015 Roger Dennis led a team to examine the vulnerability of New Zealand’s supply chains. This included interviewing supply chain experts in New Zealand’s largest companies and worked with key Government officials in Treasury, the MoH, Civil Defence and Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. 

Topics for Roger Dennis

  • Foresight, innovation and large scale change
  • Why forming strategy without knowing about the future is like pouring coffee without a cup
  • Why a strategy without an innovation capacity is akin to walking very slowly on the same spot

Testimonials for Roger Dennis

Roger Dennis did a fantastic job at the end of a long and full day to excite us and stimulate and stretch our brains with his though provoking presentation on innovation and looking beyond traditional boundaries. His confident coverage of such a broad topic and his obvious experience and expertise was invigorating.
Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance

Positive, motivated, knowledgeable and funny.
Excellent presenter with great use of visual aids to provide context to the “story.
Excellent communicator. Engaging, natural way.
Master of explaining the ‘narrative’.
Australia and New Zealand School of Government