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Key Points for Rod Perez

  • Rod Perez is the Head Coach and Founder of Holistic Pro Health Performance (HPHP).
  • Rod Perez has been working with and helping top athletes and everyday people achieve peak performance through better breathing and mind focusing techniques, as well as better mobility and precision of movement.
  • Some of the professional surfers Rod Perez has worked and is currently working with include: Tom Carroll 2x Surfing World Title Winner and 3x Pipe Master;Gabriel Medina WSL 2014; 2018 and 2021 World champion; Adriano de Souza WSL 2015 World champion; Jordy Smith WSL; Filipe Toledo WSL; Jack Robinson WSL; Jack Freestone WSL; Griffin Colapinto WSL; Michel Bourez WSL; Kanoa Igarashi WSL; Leonardo Fioravanti WS; Silvana Lima WSL; Ricardo Christie WSL; Joan Duru WSL; Matthew McGillivray WSL; Maud Le Car WQS; Ezekiel Lau; Arashi Kato WQS; Thomas Carvalho WQS; Media Personality: Alex Hayes.

Topics for Rod Perez

  • The art of longevity
    The past two years have taken their toll on us all. There have been many changes in health behaviour, physical activity, and mental health. Anxiety and depression levels reached their peak during this period. Well, this is about to change. You will have the incredible opportunity to unwind and join me, Rod Perez, in a wholesome experience to improve your lifelong wellbeing.
  • Move well, move for life
    We make loads of mistakes not only in our lives but also in how we move our bodies. As years go by we lose the movement we once had when we were young. This movement loss does not need to be permanent because "Move well Move for life" will give you the tools you need to be forever free flow.
  • Fasting toward your longevity
    Be smart and learn the best way to stick to a healthy diet. Basically, eat and drink whatever you want without any dietary restrictions and maintain your optimal weight. The smart way is to restrict the times you eat and not the calorie intake.

Testimonials for Rod Perez

My journey with Rodrigo Perez has changed my life. When I was 58, I had what they call the drop foot of my left leg. Basically, no use or strength available in that area due to L5 vertebrae problems. I had a Neurosurgeon do a procedure called a Miodiscetomy on my back. After the operation I was just given a couple of Physios to contact and sent on my way. I tried this for 3 months and was getting nowhere. I was getting down hearted and began to feel depressed as no one could really help rehabilitate me. Then one day I saw Rodrigo sidewalk billboard outside his practice. So, I went and enquired and met Rodrigo and started my journey. Rodrigo not only gave me a path and direction to work towards but also the help with obtaining and keeping that constant positive mindset needed to achieve my goals. I had lost size and strength from my left buttock and down my thigh. With Rodrigo I was able to rebuild the strength and size again and then became able to pursue my pastimes such as snow skiing /riding my bicycle and motorbike/ start surfing. He basically gave me back my life. I am amazed now at how many muscles we have and the different sets of movement exercises and stretches you can do to achieve this. Also, the help with knowledge of knowing what to eat and when, and information on fasting etc. so much so that I am not far off my goal weight of 78 kgs (kgs more than in my youth). Hence, I have dropped from 94 kgs, and replaced my shape and body with lean muscle. The Holistic approach that Rodrigo takes is the best thing I have experienced. I would advise anybody to take up the challenge and listen to Rid and change their life. Basically, become a child again.

Been lucky enough to train with Rodrigo Perez for almost 2 years now, with my background being action sports I have dealt with a lot of injuries creating some further problems with my body & mindset - during my time with Rod I have completely rebalanced my body and overcome injuries while strengthening my mindset to become more resilient, confident & inspired. Throughout this period, I have also completed some life goals in a very short time thanks to this particular & unique training with Rod! I couple of these feats include the Coolangatta gold, several Triathlons, surfing big waves & the Molokai to Oahu world paddle championship, I owe a lot of those accomplishments to Rod and his dedication to making me perform and be the best human l can possibly be & reach my potential while working towards my dreams!