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Key Points for Phoenix

  • Phoenix entertains audiences with his Psychological Illusion/Mind Reading Shows as well as Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows.
  • He has consulted for blockbuster Hollywood movies, such as X-Men: Wolverine, where he trained A-list celebrities in his craft.
  • Phoenix is a multi-award winning entertainer with 5 star shows.
  • He is a Gala Awards Event Specialist with routines themed to add prestige and highlight the nature of these events – A client favourite for such events.
  • He has flown to Austin, Texas to perform alongside Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty).
  • Phoenix is a regular guest on breakfast television shows life, the Today show and The Morning Show, where he astounds hosts with his original and unique performances.
  • Phoenix headlines on some of the world's largest cruise lines, including the world's six-star luxury cruise theatre.
  • He has performed on Australia’s Got Talent performance and his performance reached over 1 million views within the first week of the stunt being released online.

Topics for Phoenix

  • Medium@Large
    Specially created for gala-awards events, this version of Medium@Large takes on the skills of “mediums” much alike John Edwards, and combines them with routines tailored for gala-awards evenings of which highlight the nature of the event while congratulating all who are present and taking a very unique detail from random audience members to reveal the most impossible outcome one could imagine.

  • Influencer
    Imagine six people chosen at random from the audience nominate a number between 1 & 45. The same numbers as those freely chosen are shown to have been chosen months prior on a lottery ticket that was filmed and uploaded by Phoenix.
    This is one of several astounding routines that answer the every day questions such as “Can you predict the lottery?” “Influencer” is intricately woven influence blended with audience participations and laughs all along the way before an astounding crescendo of ”WOW” as Phoenix brings this craft into the new age involving Instagram, and  pre-posted online media that not only defy the rules of what’s possible, but allow your guests to even see the outcomes right in their own hands via their phones. This means that they will go away showing their friends and family what they experienced at your event. Now that’s social value for any event!

    Influencer is also relatively light on requirements, with the only downside being how to match the level of WOW at next years event!

  • Mind Games - 100% Clean, 100% Hilarious Comedy Hypnosis Show
    There is no question as to if hypnosis is real with this show. Unlike other comedy hypnosis shows, this show is 100% corporate clean and features zero audience humiliation. Phoenix is known for his care of volunteers on stage while turning up the volume with the hilarious skits and demonstrations of hypnotic phenomena.

    Mind Games was one of the very few shows at Adelaide Fringe Festival to receive a full 5-star rating from some of the toughest critics, and has been exceptionally well-received in the corporate market. Not only is this show hilarious, the process of hypnotic induction is certainly something to behold and is equally as entertaining as the skits themselves.

  • Mind, Magic & Comedy Show
    A more simplistic mind show that is almost a “walk-in and play” style show requiring minimal production or AV. This show can virtually be performed anywhere, anytime and will delight your guests with comedy, and have them scratching their heads with “But HOW did he do that…?” This show maintains the mind-boggling stunts, but raises the level of comedy higher.

  • Professional Roving Mindreading & Influence
    You’ve seen the card tricks, coin moves, and tricky sleights of magicians before and so have your guests. This is an entirely new ball-game! Imagine you think of a memory that is YOURS from your past, somewhere overseas, and with someone who was there… Now imagine the mind reader is able to tell you exactly where you were, what you saw, roughly what time of day it was, and who you were with.

    These are the performances that people talk about for the rest of their lives. Nothing invasive, just pure good fun and positive experiences that guests cannot help but talk about. Once you have experienced this sort of entertainment once, you will understand why it is not only very unique, but so very popular. Details that could not be known, influence that is explained as it is happening, and a charismatic persona is what adds charm to any event. This show is an excellent addition as a standalone performance, or when combined with one of the above feature shows.

Testimonials for Phoenix

Hugh Jackman

This guy is FREAKING AMAZING, you have to see this!
Battleship, John Cater, MEN Origins: Wolverine

I guarantee you will leave thinking 'how the *%#& did he do that?'

I came into Mind Games as sceptic but I left a believer