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Key Points for Dr Phil Jauncey

  • Dr Phil Jauncey's career spans corporate facilitation, education, personal mentoring, and sports psychology, demonstrating a diverse skill set.
  • With four degrees, including a Doctorate in Counseling and Educational Psychology, Phil brings extensive academic knowledge to his practice.
  • Dr Jauncey's consultancy has benefited esteemed clients like PricewaterhouseCoopers, NAB, and Suncorp, enhancing staff evaluation, sales, and marketing strategy.
  • Dr Jauncey's contributions to sports psychology include engagements with NRL, cricket, and rugby league teams, as well as advising international athletes and attending Olympic Games.

Topics for Dr Phil Jauncey

  • Understanding Ourselves and Others
    Helps people understand the differences between themselves and those around them.
  • Management Education 
    Introduces effective ways of managing staff, ensuring they take responsibility for their role and their actions.
  • The Power of Positive Doing 
    Gives participants an understanding of the difference between positive thinking and positive doing, and why action is so important.
  • Six Steps for Success 
    Examines existing approaches with a view to developing more effective strategies (for business, parenting, coaching and personal. wellbeing)
  • Changing Behaviour 
    Discusses what real behavioural change requires and whether the focus of that change should be directed at self or others.
  • Excuses are for Losers 
    Explores why people make excuses and how that impacts on the individuals and those around them.
  • Goal Setting 
    Helps clients gain focus and direction and ensure they understand the principle of goal setting and goal getting.
  • Profiling – Mozzie, Enforcer, Thinker, Feeler 
    Personal differences and how they impact on our approaches to life and our interactions with others.
  • Handbrakes to Success
    Rather than examining what 'motivates' people for success, this looks at what stops them from gaining success.

Testimonials for Dr Phil Jauncey

Phil was a great fit for the audience - his presentation really hit the mark and reinforced everything that we covered earlier that day in the conference. 
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