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Peter Thurin

Key Points

  • Over the past 25 years, Peter Thurin has developed a high level of business expertise and through his many outstanding sporting accomplishments, has developed a keen insight into what focuses, motivates and inspires people to achieve their best.
  • While grounded in the fundamentals of business and life development, Peter's enthusiastic, humorous and engaging style brings to life the key messages of every blackbelt in excellence session.
  • Over more than 20 years as a successful businessman and Melbourne pharmacist, Peter has put into practice the very principles he now espouses, to grow and develop his own employees and businesses.
  • Peter is a dynamic, humorous, inspirational and professional speaker, program presenter and facilitator. Peter demonstrates a rare ability to combine his insight, skills and experience to help people achieve their own personal blackbelt in excellence, and maximise their effectiveness to your organisation.

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