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Key Points for Peter Switzer

  • Peter Switzer is one of Australia’s leading business and financial commentators and a successful businessperson.
  • A well recognised radio and TV personality.
  • Is the founder and publisher of The Switzer Report, host of the Switzer TV show on YouTube, host of The Switzer Show Podcast.
  • Author of 10 books including Join the Rich club.
  • 2 times runner-up for Best Current Affairs Commentator Award for radio.

Topics for Peter Switzer

  • Keynote
    With his academic history lecturing economics at the University of New South Wales and over three decades of economics commentary in the Daily Telegraph, the Sun-Herald and The Australian, Peter brings his unique entertaining/educational style to conferences, ensuring all attendees come away with powerful and useful insights. And as the former Small Business Editor of The Australian newspaper and the author of the  bestselling book 350 Ways to Grow Your Business, which was translated for the Chinese market, his small business success speech has been continuously sought after by conferences for decades.
  • Switzer TV
    Peter can simulate his Switzer TV program he did for the Sky Business Channel between 2008 and 2018. (He now does this programme streamed on YouTube.) Here we can provide the AV to recreate a live version of the high-rating business show, using ‘talent’ selected by the organisers of the conference. Peter’s team can assist the conference/event AV crew to create the “live” TV experience.
  • MC
    Peter has been doing MC work for over two decades and has led everything from the national conferences for financial, planning and banking groups to special events, starring the likes of GE’s former CEO, Jack Welch, to trade industry expos and government roadshows.
  • Facilitator
    With his background in economics, financial and business commentary on TV, radio and in metropolitan newspapers, along with his 30-year experience running his own business, Peter is equipped to facilitate panels, one-on-one executive interviews, boardroom lunches and hypotheticals.

Testimonials for Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer is a great speaker. He engaged the audience and was knowledgeable and tailored to the building industry.
Master Builders SA

Peter’s presentation was very current and to the point. The topics discussed were important to all delegates and it was presented in a very entertaining manner.

Excellent. Peter was a hit!
Clemenger Harvie

Excellent. Peter kept his audience alive and well informed. Highly entertaining presentation but full of relevant information.
Darrell Lea

The feedback from our members has been tremendous! Your session positively affected the participants and got them thinking (and laughing!) which was apparent given the numerous nods of agreement during the presentation and questions raised.
The Exhibition and Event Association of Australia

Excellent. Peter was fantastic – we could not have hoped for better.  He was very highly evaluated by our delegates.
Australian Equipment Lessors Association

Excellent. Peter is fantastic! A very factual, highly knowledgeable man who has a great stage presence, keeps his audience captivated with up to date information…all with a great sense of humour.
Global Plus

Excellent. Light hearted, entertaining and a very pleasant manner and easy to deal with.

Excellent. Peter is very professional and did the video in 'one take'. He obviously had built up a rapport with Joe Hockey over the years which is a testament to his professional business reporting over the years.
Images Concepts Events

Peter is the master! - As an event organiser, Peter is a dream to work with. From arrival to departure he was adaptive, smooth and seamless - There were various last minute changes with the event and Peter weaved them into the day as if they had always been there, leaving our audience unaware and enjoying the event. Thank You!
Capitis Group

For an old newshound you make a damn good speech. Your luncheon address at the South Australia 100 was, in the view of most of the delegates, the high point of a very good day.
Business Australia Infolink

Even our members who were accountants in another life said they could understand Peter’s interpretation of the GST.
Top Tourist Parks

Who are the hot speakers on the convention and conference circuit in New South Wales? Peter Switzer, the ‘layman’s economist’ who discusses the economy from an entertaining angle.
The Sydney Morning Herald

Many thanks for your presentation at our International Conference last week. As I am sure you could tell all who were present enjoyed your humorous but informative style.
HLB Mann Judd

Excellent. Very informative and down to earth. Great feedback from members.
Destination Events

Peter was MC for the Public Relations Institute of Australia’s prestigious national awards ceremony in 2002. Peter is a great performer and is also great to work with.  He exceeded our expectations.
Horizon PR

Peter is the best business educator in Australia - second to none in the way he communicates complex information.
Eastern Suburbs Business

Excellent. Peter was great, able to speak to people in a manner that made it easy to understand the economy.
Gelco Group of Consulting Pty Ltd

Excellent, Peter put into layman's terms the economic situation and built some optimism in the room.