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Key Points for Peter Rowe

  • Peter Rowe is one of just 13 elite global coaches chosen to present on leadership at the UN in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to the leaders of 235 of Africa’s best-performing NGOs.
  • He is a Change Agent who has guided the Boards and Executives of some of the world’s largest private and public companies through their transformation processes. 
  • He is the author of thousands of business articles and two published books, Solving the People Puzzle (on leadership), and Solving the Selling Puzzle (sales excellence).
  • Peter designed and launched Qld Government's Small Business Accelerator Program and has served on that Governments Mentoring for Growth panel for 10 years.
  • He has founded and led 1 public and 5 private companies in fields spanning engineering, software, biotech, franchising, and business performance improvement. 
  • He is the inventor of the GOLD Coaching Method and an accredited Business Improvement Specialist with a global corporate clientele.

Topics for Peter Rowe

  • Leadership - There’s little about it that’s ‘natural’
    Most is a product of values, mindset, process, skills and disciplines that you can learn to be good at.  Suitable for all team members from client-facing to Board members. 
  • Sales - There’s little about it that’s ‘natural’
    Most is a product of values, mindset, process, skills and disciplines that you can learn to be good at. 
  • Sales leadership
    What you need to know after you learn how to sell, if you are to lead a sales team to success. 
  • Marketing
    It’s making promises that resonate with ideal prospects, about how they’ll feel if they experience your product. It’s heartfelt, and ‘guerilla’ing’ it can be fun and profitable. 
  • Task, time and self-management 
    The fundamentals of becoming twice as productive and half as stressed. Systems, processes and practices to achieve more. 
  • Guidance systems
    How guiding your team to live your Vision, Mission & Values Statements while pursuing Strategic Goals, is 90% of what it takes to win.
  • Negotiation techniques
    How everyone gets (most of) what they want when you get good at negotiating.

Testimonials for Peter Rowe

Peter Rowe was a high energy and highly positive speaker who really resonated with the room. He took the time to get to know our company and leaders beforehand, and tailored a presentation that aligned with the key messages of the conference. His highly relatable style allowed participants to take key learnings and apply them directly to their daily roles. 

I would like to thank you for your involvement in the National Institute of Accountants (NIA) Queensland Conference and Business Expo. Your session on ‘Being Heard – Making your Professional Input to Management Count’ was outstanding. You are an engaging and enthusiastic speaker who managed to get everyone in the room involved and thinking about better ways to communicate. The thought-provoking and practical tips provided in your session really hit the mark with our audience – and me personally. We all came away with tools that we could start using straight away.
Professional Development Officer
Nat Institute of Accountants

On behalf of the FRI team, and all the participants at the National Franchise Operations Conference, I want to formally thank you for your excellent closing session on Driving Sales and Market Share at the Local Level. You’ll be pleased to know it rated a solid 85 with several positive comments in the evals, including:

• Best part of the day, by far!!
• He needs to come to NZ
• Fantastic
• Loved it" very relevant to me
• Excellent, wanted to hear more
• Engaging and great content”
Franchise Relationships Institute

We have had Peter working with our Executive team, for past few years and he has provided coaching and development that has delivered significant benefits not only to our company but more importantly to our individual leaders who have grown considerably and broadened their own skill and knowledge base as a result.

Peter brings a refreshing look at the issues and strategies required for today but also encourages people to be looking to the future and creating vision and objectives that will provide us with a secure and valuable future
Director Asia Pacific
Vice President, Cook Incorporated

(To his Directors) 
Afternoon gents.  While I think of it I just wanted to thank you guys for providing Peter Rowe on Friday.  That was easily the most informative and beneficial training session I’ve ever been a part of in my career. My brain was a sponge. Very much appreciated!
Project Manager
Energy Services (Urban Development) CV Services Group, Brisbane

My Leadership Team have given me very complimentary feedback about the training session – What Leaders Do – and I think one of the most common reasons for this was the engaging way you presented the information. You had an appropriate mix of PowerPoint, hand drawings and models as well as relevant storytelling to really bring across your ideas and tap into the team’s imagination. The use of the memory book was masterful and still useful after the event as a way to reinforce the lessons learned. My team is still buzzing from the workshop, as am I, and I feel it fitting to sincerely thank you for a great day. I really appreciate the way you delivered exactly what we talked about – and then found ways to add much more.
LEGO Australia/New Zealand

Most significantly, tweaking of the content and format ensured that clients left the process equipped and committed to taking action in their business. This score lifted .. to 95% firm commitment in the second round. These scores exceeded our expectations. Most importantly, our ongoing follow-up of clients showed that this initial commitment led to real changes in the vast majority of firms that participated.
Client Manager
Invest Queensland, Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation

Peter is a dynamic and engaging presenter who picks up his audience and carries them with him on a journey of discovery. When he puts them down again, everything looks different.
Leading Edge Telecoms

Peter has that rare ability to seize an audience with his enthusiasm; build a castle in front of them with his words – and then persuade them to live in it ever after! Our team started to change the day after attending a single 3-hour presentation with him.

On behalf of Lifeline Gold Coast, I would like to thank you for the amazing job you did at the launch of our Business Lifeline seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and was inundated with positive remarks from colleagues and attendees singing your praise. The presentation was interactive and very engaging. I truly believe each person who attended will be able to take something that they will incorporate into their business from your stimulus.
General Manager