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Key Points for Peter Hillary

  • Reaching the summit of Mt Everest and becoming the first second generation climber to follow in his father’s footsteps to the highest point on earth.
  • Traveling to the North Pole with Sir Edmund Hillary and astronaut Neil Armstrong: the first man on the moon and the first man to summit the world’s highest mountain.
  • The first high-altitude traverse of the Himalayan Range: a 5000 kilometre, ten month-long journey from Sikkim through Nepal and India to Pakistan at an average altitude of over 4,000 metres, which Peter undertook with fellow mountaineers Graeme Dingle and Chewang Tashi.
  • The “best adventure of them all” was a remarkable journey with his father jetboating up the sacred Ganges River from the Bay of Bengal, across the Gangetic Plains to high in the Himalayas, watched by hundreds of thousands of enthralled Indians.
  • Shark frenzies in the Coral Sea: feeding and filming sharks with Ron and Valerie Taylor in North Queensland.
  • Survive the savage mountain - K2: Eight climbers were headed for the summit of K2, one of the world’s most treacherous mountains. Peter turned away 400m from the summit just in time to retreat as a horrifying storm hit the mountain, taking the lives of all seven of his colleagues.
  • The key to the Hillarys is that they don’t just climb mountains but they also give back to the local people living there. Collaborating with local mountain communities in the Himalayas.

Topics for Peter Hillary

  • Climb your own Everest
    Peter’s 10 steps to the summit of the world including: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained; Fear; Passion; and Resist the Flock Factor.
  • To the ends of the earth - The dream, the drive and the dedication to the goal
    A 15 year quest that took Peter to the North Pole, the South Pole and the summit of Mt Everest.
  • K2: survive … and thrive
    The story of those who died – and those who survived – on the world’s most savage mountain, K2. Because surviving is the name of the game.
  • Making a difference
    Community programmes in the high Himalayas at the request of the local people and with their collaboration. Schools, hospitals, scholarships, environmental programmes and infrastructure development.

Testimonials for Peter Hillary

Went way above and beyond …We would certainly consider him for any other speaking opportunity.
Lucent Technologies Optical Networking Group, USA

Peter Hillary is an extraordinary person and a delight for anyone to meet. I cannot imagine any setting where he wouldn’t be the talk of the group for years to come.  He appeals to all age groups and backgrounds. He is a gentleman and a humanitarian – along with being an extraordinary explorer. Peter Hillary is the real thing.
Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research, Massachusetts 

Peter Hillary came highly recommended and after hearing him it is easy to understand why. He was sensational, and it would be difficult to find a more appropriate speaker for our sales team to learn about commitment and discipline.
Salmat Letterbox Delivery Services

Peter Hillary's presentation was the highlight of the conference.
Australian Insurance Institute of Victoria

Not surprisingly, your address was rated the highest (with an average of 9.1 out of 10) on the delegate’s Seminar Evaluation Sheet.
Queensland Association of Permanent Building Societies

An absolutely outstanding presentation. You gave us the perfect blend of a great story well told with both insight and humour.  … The night was a great success and one of our highest rating events for many years.
Young President’s Organisation, Melbourne

Nothing but rave reviews from all that attended. Fascinating and amusing.
Ballarat Business Lunch Club

The focus of the weekend was on leadership and Peter captured that beautifully. Peter Hillary really connected with the group, which clearly demonstrates what a great communicator he is. He combined all the right elements – motivation, aspiration, leadership, boldness and bravery – as well as being highly entertaining and down to earth. I can’t thank him enough for helping to make the weekend such an outstanding success.

Very inspiring… Relevant to the overall theme of our conference [Customer Management].
Credit Reference (Sydney)

Regarded by many Fellows as the best speaker ever had at one of our luncheons.
Institute of Engineers, New South Wales

Comments the next day were so positive …your presentation will be remembered for a long time to come.
International Tourism Bureau Exhibition, Frankfurt

Thank you for your highly entertaining, humorous and exciting presentation. It really was the “icing on the cake” for our conference, and very timely being the end of the day when people were feeling a little jaded.
Broadbase Egmont Ltd 

Peter Hillary's adventures and the obstacles he encountered related perfectly to those of his audience.
AMP Society 

Peter’s presentation was the highlight of the conference. He was our closing speaker and received a standing ovation.
Project Management Institute of New Zealand 

In my memory we have not had a response to a guest speaker of the magnitude that your presentation generated.
Victorian Council of YMCA’s

Peter Hillary was an excellent speaker. The audience was fascinated by his stories of climbing Mt Everest and the ordeals he went though.

Totally enthralled by Peter Hillary and his achievements. Wives were relieved that we hadn’t chosen a footballer.
Bridgestone Tyres 

From beginning to end, Peter Hillary’s talk and interaction with our audience was wonderful. He was without question one of the two best speakers we have ever had the pleasure of hosting during the sixteen years our Society has been meeting – the other being Peter’s father – Sir Edmund Hillary.
Worcester Foundation, USA

Thank you for your contribution to our Senior Management Executive retreat… the group [made up of 12 senior executives] very much enjoyed your frank and candid discussion.
The Federal Group, Tasmania

Peter Hillary was a great speaker who entertained an enthralled crowd

Peter Hillary is a polished presenter whose message is of interest to a wide variety of audiences and age groups.

Peter Hillary’s contribution was invaluable to the success of our inaugural Grand Final Breakfast.
Corporate Sports and Entertainment Group

A special person. Down to earth, sensible, stimulating, humble, intelligent, honest, and very presentable. Participated in the whole evening.
Geelong Grammar

Overwhelming audience reaction. Standing ovation from our audience of 80-90 top tourism experts in Germany.
Tourism New Zealand

It was an honour and a privilege to meet Peter Hillary and have Peter present to our clients. Everyone who attended the Godfrey Penbroke Queens St Melbourne function very much enjoyed Peter’s presentation.
Godfrey Penbroke

Excellent…Peter Hillary took us up Everest, down among the sharks and through an intriguing life. The business lessons were there without the need for them to be laboured
The Steel Institute of Australia

Excellent. Peter Hillary was well prepared, very articulate and tailored his talk to the event.
Job Supply Personnel

Excellent. Well presented and all those in attendance enjoyed Peter Hillary’s talk. All positive comments have been received. A great speaker.”
Rotary International District 9780

Anecdotes, stories and building visual images were sensational. The most eloquent speaker I have heard – smooth, faultless delivery and shared his deepest thoughts and emotions.
Farm Management 500 

Excellent. An inspirational choice of speaker. Peter Hillary helped us to believe that anything is possible. A joy to work with.
City West Water

Excellent. A very entertaining and interesting presentation. Feedback from guests was very positive.

Excellent. Peter Hillary's presentation was well delivered and very inspiring. He was well prepared and tailored his presentation to the audience. The inclusion of the audio visual presentation allowed the audience to witness some of Peter's trials and triumphs - he took the audience with him through his adventures.
Fordcomm Consulting