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Key Points for Penny Burke

  • Penny Burke is the Director of Essence which she began 2006 after many years experience with a wide range of marketing and communications projects, in a range of sectors from traditional packaged goods and retail to services and social marketing.
  • She is an expert social commentator on understanding human behaviour.
  • Penny works every day with commercial clients and government at all levels to successfully change behaviour.
  • Penny is compelling, witty and highly practical – with access to relevant case studies and research Penny's sessions have the capacity to revolutionise workplaces.


Topics for Penny Burke

  • Why condoms don’t come in size small
    Understand what really drives your customer and get more sales
    When selling your product or service, the logical thing is to sell what makes your product different or unique, right? Well yes – but FIRST you have to understand who you are selling to, and how they currently behave. And because people aren’t rational, it might just be that what you think is the best thing about your product – doesn’t actually float the boat of your customers.
    In this keynote Penny unpacks the science of behaviour change theory and explains:
    • What the statistic and demographics tell us about the population.
    • What behavioural science tells us about how people think and behave.
    • Common myths and mistakes about changing behaviour.
    • Tips and suggestions of what will work better.
  • How to build your FAME
    Stand up, stand out and WIN
    FAME: The condition of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements. What are you famous for? How do you build fame in business? When Penny Burke talks about Fame it's not in the celebrity context, it's fame within the corporate world for individuals, leaders, companies and brands.
    In the world of marketing and advertising Penny Burke was a Director of Australia’s largest advertising agency and has been recognised by her peers as a member of the all-time best advertising agency ‘Dream Team’.
    In this role she helped create some of Australia's most iconic brands and campaigns such as Pro Hart Stainmaster Carpet (“Meester Hart, what a mess!”), “Not Happy Jan” (Yellow Pages) and the randy milkman (“Milk. Legendary Stuff”). How do you work out what you’re famous for?
    Whether it’s building FAME for your personal brand; building FAME for your product or service, or building FAME for your leaders, Penny shares the secrets of finding your FAME.
    • How to work out what it is you are famous FOR.
    • How to BUILD your fame to attract more customers.
    • How to build your personal brand FAME and be a better leader.
    • How to build a ‘lighthouse brand’ to attract more customers – and then build a long-term relationship with them.
  • What Australia thinks, how Australia behaves
    The big trends affecting how Australians live, work and play
    COVID has changed virtually every aspect of the sales channel – from sourcing and manufacturing, to getting it on the ‘shelf’ (virtual or physical). Perhaps the greatest area of change is connecting with customers in a changing marketplace. In this keynote, Penny unpacks the big trends that have come out of COVID that will affect your market, your industry and your employees. Penny tailors this keynote to your specific market or audience to help you identify:
    • How people’s shopping and buyer behaviour has changed.
    • What people will be looking for to satisfy their needs in the future.
    • What this will means for you – how your business can better connect with customers of the future.
  • Different Tomorrow than Yesterday
    Don’t settle for what you’ve always had – you CAN change the status quo
    Peter Drucker was right when he said ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ – but the real question is, how do you do it? And especially when your customers and workforce are more hybrid than ever before. If we want people to think or behave differently tomorrow than they did yesterday, then we need to understand how to engage them like never before. In this keynote Penny will share:
    • What the statistics and demographics tell us about how customers and workforce have changed.
    • What people want from their workplaces – and how that has changed during COVID – and differs by age and stage of life!
      How to inspire a workplace of inspiration and collaboration, even with remote and hybrid teams.
  • Do well, do good, do better
    How the best brands are forging more meaningful relationships with their customers
    The new shopper has never been so interested in the narrative of your brand. No longer content with satisficing, customers today demand transparency and understanding of what you stand for, what you believe in, and what you value. Any marketer that wants to grow needs to understand the new measuring stick – ensuring your brand lives up to your promise.
    In this keynote, Penny shared decades of experience with some of Australia’s best-known brands to help audiences discover:
    • The new currency – what people are really looking for in the future.
    • How the thirst to do good starts, and opportunities to help your organisation do better.
    • The playbook to building genuine and authentic relationships with your customer that they value as much as you.
  • Workshops
    Penny Burke is a masterful workshop facilitator, having moderated literally hundreds of sessions, that extend the learnings from a keynote and help delegates and workshops participants embed implications into their own work practice or lives. As an experienced Non Executive Director (GAICD) of a number of commercial boards, Penny is uniquely placed to facilitate workshops with senior C-suite executive teams and boards, given she knows and faces the same issues professionally. Penny is equally adept with a room of 100 middle managers in workshops up to three hours, hot-seating individuals and tailoring content to suit each audience.
    If you need a thoroughly experienced business consultant who can run workshops either to extend her keynote sessions, or as stand-alone topics on demographic trends, marketing, sales, behaviour change, or leadership, then Penny is an outstanding choice.

Testimonials for Penny Burke

Amazing intellect, makes it sound so easy. A real joy to listen to, and you come away with so many things to think about. Thank you!
Temptation Bakeries

There are some speakers who can engage and entertain, but impart few if any useable insights. There are others who can impress with sheer intellect, but send you to sleep just when things should be getting interesting. Penny Burke is one of those presenters whose grasp of marketing and communications is unsurpassed and better yet has the ability to lead an audience on a journey through detail and nuance that leaves them wanting more. A confident and engaging communicator who can make you laugh and think at the same time.
Herald and Weekly Times

Brand passion…..this is what Penny brings to any meeting or conference, delivered with great insight and experience. Penny’s use of case studies combined with an unbelievable depth of knowledge based on many years experience really sets her apart from anyone I have seen. All delivered with passion and enthusiasm, there should be more Penny Burke’s!
Clemenger BBDO

I had the pleasure of watching Penny Burke present to our Leadership team at a department conference. Penny has an overwhelming positive, natural energy which she merges quite seamlessly into her witty sense of humour. She is highly engaging and leaves her audience wanting more.
Translating and Interpreting Service

I have not seen such and engaged and engaging retail presentation in a very long time – would highly recommend Penny.
Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association