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Key Points for Paul Higgins

  • Paul Higgins is an experienced keynote speaker for over 15 years with significant entrepreneurial, board, and political experience.
  • He led amalgamation of four industry bodies into one streamlined organisation.
  • Paul Higgins has a following of more than 250,000 on social media.
  • Partner and Board Director at Social Venture Partners (Melbourne), investing in innovative not for profit and social enterprise organisations.
  • Paul consults to a range of clients from listed public companies, to government departments and statutory bodies and a range of not for profit organisations.

Topics for Paul Higgins

  • Beyond cool
    We go behind the cool to give you the principles that will affect your and your organisation so you walk away with frameworks to apply to future developments.
  • Why the interwebby thingamajig will change everything
    The changes the internet will continue to wreck upon are almost unimaginable. Come on a journey of what those changes might look like.
  • Why forecasting is for chimps and what do about it
    Paul will present ways of embracing uncertainty and integrating uncertainty into effective strategy.
  • Dinosaurs, foxes and hedgehogs: The future media landscapes
    This provocative presentation predicts a major extinction event in the media, and what landscape might look like.
  • The future of medicine
    We are moving into an area where the use of artificial intelligence in medicine will be the fastest technology adoption in human history. Come find out why.
  • The future of work
    Will humans be pushed to one side by technology or are the luddites wrong again? What jobs will your children and grandchildren be focused on?
  • The rise of new social enterprise
    New models of social enterprise businesses are being developed that will outcompete commercial businesses in several sectors of the economy. Will it affect you?
  • Leadership in the 21st century
    Leaders in the 21st century will have to understand networks and ways of collaborating if they want to be effective at getting things done.

Testimonials for Paul Higgins

We at Our Community have been running conferences of thought leadership for over 1000 people for sixteen years and the presentation by Paul Higgins was mesmerising.  His command of the topic and audience was inspiring, visionary, and practical. Paul stared into the future while also being grounded in takeaways for every person in the audience.  Paul Higgins is not just highly recommended, he is a must see and must experience speaker.
Group Managing Director
Our Community

Paul Higgins recent presentation at Mindshop’s annual Australasian / New Zealand advisor conference entitled: ‘Bringing the future into your advisory practice’ was excellent on many fronts. Paul’s ability to simplify the complexity out of the topics he covered and his practical insights on future trends resonated very well with our attendees. Paul also managed to tailor the messages he delivered to our target audience and to the overall conference theme which ensured a strong start to our conference. Thank you again for a great presentation.”
Managing Director

Paul brought a higher level of thought to participants, lifting thinking from the usual annual cycle to challenge us on how we were responding to opportunities that already existed. It brought context to what we see as the important things now. You could see people sit up as they thought about what we do and what we can do. He didn’t provide the answers, but empowered people to begin thinking of the questions our organisation needs to be asking ourselves
Life Education Trust New Zealand

Paul is a great speaker, he manages the audience very smoothly and has a fantastic sense of humour. He has and shows a lot of confidence and knows the strength of his theme very well, making of himself a wise and charming storyteller. 5 stars  

The interest that your keynote address created in our co-op was remarkable. All of our members, old and young, innovative and conventional, were all engaged and interested in your talk. I am still hearing really good things from your address weeks later.
Yolla Co-op

Paul presented on the future of healthcare referencing big data, artificial intelligence and robotics with relevance to the medical imaging and therapeutic disciplines of our profession. This is a big departure from the usual industry experts and Paul was extremely well received by our delegates with his entertaining and thought provoking keynote address. Paul was a pleasure to deal with and has continued to engage with our delegates post conference using our conference twitter hashtag, absolutely outstanding!
NZIMRT-AIR Conference(Australian and New Zealand Radiographers)

Kryptocurrency, thick value and their relevance in the Dental Industry... This guy is a legend.
Tweet by @surfdiveash
Australian Dental Industry Association Conference

It was a great opportunity to have Paul present to the people in our organisation many new ideas and alternative perspectives about how we view the future. Paul left us with much to think about - a great way to challenge our thinking and refashion paradigms when considering our strategic direction.
General Manager
Port Stephens Council

The attendees were blown away by the presentation and some perhaps even numbed (as expected). However after getting back to their farms it has been playing on their minds and are ‘drones’ are now featuring in their conversations. We have stimulated their thinking, which is exactly what we after. This is excellent feedback as far I am concerned…So again well done and many thanks Paul, you did a great job!
Uptake Manager beef + lamb New Zealand

Holds the SMF in palm of hand with wondrous innovation. Beaut!
Being inspired about future and potential innovations. Where do you see the future of Y?
I have picked up so many ideas from your presentations at the YMCA 
Gives us a great idea: the child care business centre 
I can almost hear people's minds thinking of ideas as Paul speaks. Ideas bursting into life.
Responses on Twitter during presentations at YMCA Victoria Senior Managers Forum