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Key Points for Nigel Collin

  • Nigel Collin is a dynamic, interactive and practical speaker, author and facilitator with a genuine passion for creativity and in-depth knowledge who will engage and inspire your people and make a real difference to your business.
  • Nigel understands that the real challenge facing businesses with creativity is in knowing how to lead creative people and innovative thinkers, how to tap into their talents, harness their genius, and direct it towards viable commercial results through leadership, culture, and process to increase the value of your business, become more adaptable, outpace competition, drive innovation and boost your bottom line.
  • A speaker, workshop facilitator, MC and corporate humourist for over ten years, Nigel trained as an actor and has the ability to not just present, but to entertain and engage the audience.
  • Tourism NT and Department of Trade, Business and Innovation have commissioned Nigel to head into the Northern Territory to discover and share stories of Ingenious Australian businesses and people.

Topics for Nigel Collin

  • The Game of Inches
    What if business growth and innovation don’t have to happen with a big breakout idea but can unfold by making small consistent  changes? This keynote focuses on an achievable process for everyday innovation based on research from over 80 top entrepreneurs, business leaders and owners. ‘The Game of Inches’ is a blueprint for using small consistent improvements to create big and lasting results for your business.
    • Understand the value of ‘the game of inches’ in business growth and success.
    • Work through four key actions successful organisations take.
    • Give participants an achievable process for everyday innovation and growth.
  • Igniting Innovation
    What if innovation was an everyday occurrence on every level of your organisation? The challenge for many organisations is their people don’t think their ideas are of any value and they don't have a process in place to consistently drive innovation and ignite viable ideas.
    • Gain a pragmatic and accessible process to consistently create innovative ideas.
    • Explore the blocks to being innovative on a daily basis and what to do about them.
    • Discover what great leaders do to bring viable ideas to life within an organisation.
  • The Mindset of Change
    This session is for leaders wanting to inspire and enable their teams to achieve a mindset for adopting and exploiting change. Drawn on research from business psychology, neuro-science and interviews with business leaders it offers pragmatic ideas to adopt of mindset of change.
    • Understand that change is a game of inches and not a one-off event.
    • Explore why having a 'growth mindset' is vital for you, your team and your organisation.
    • Learn a framework of actions and behaviours essential to build a mindset of change.
  • Creating Ownership
    When people take ownership of a task, a project or goal they will do extraordinary things to make it happen. You can’t force people to take ownership you must help them find it and then find ways to lead and direct it. Great leaders don’t tell people how to do something, they set a direction, draw the best out of their people and give them permission to take ownership.
    • Understand why having a growth mindset is vital for creating ownership.
    • Know how to draw the best from your people by aligning their purpose with your organisations.

Testimonials for Nigel Collin

Brilliant speaker and one that really relates to industry.
Master Builders Australia

Nigel was extremely well received by our conference delegates.  He is an excellent speaker and related his topic to our people very effectively.
Small Business Development Conference

What can I say about Nigel, he has worked with Nando’s for years and is not considered a contractor, but is a Nandoca and part of the Nando’s family. Every year we do things differently and Nigel is always there to provide help and guidance.

Nigel’s insights into creativity and his assertions that everyone has the ability to be creative and innovative were eye opening. Nigel’s experiences combined with his knowledge were an absolute hit with our attendees, with each and every attendee walking away with a fresh approach to idea generation. I would highly recommend Nigel to anyone looking to expand their creativity and capacity to generate original and practical ideas.
IMB Building Society

Just what we needed to keep that cocktail hour moving along.

We’ve never had a Tuesday lunch with such laughing and merriment.
Red Cross

Sutherland Shire Council

We loved you.
Institute of Hospital Catering

Excellent. Nigel is extremely professional and acts as a real ambassador for the brand. The client was trilled with his enthusiasm.
Fudge Group

Nigel was terrific. Great impersonations...made the event even better with his comedy before each session. Good value.
Venue Managers Association

Nigel learnt the content of the presentation and understood the business within a short period of time. Nigel was professional yet humourous and made sure that our conference was lively and not monotonous.
Interprise Financial Solutions

What can I say - both of your sessions were ABSOLUTE HITS at our Sales Conference! In fact, in the five years that I've been running our Sales Conference, your feedback and scores have been the highest we have EVER SEEN!!
Macquarie Telecom

Never has the need to differentiate been more important in this competitive marketplace. We received great feedback from the participants who found the course gave them a range of great ideas that they can apply to their own organisation.
PRIA (Public Relations Institute of Australia)

Not just entertaining but useful - great ideas you can use immediately.
Empire Force Events Inc. New York USA

I imagine you're quite accustomed to your session being a popular favourite amongst conference or workshop participants, but in addition to it being popular it was also extremely valuable for our daily leadership work…your creative thinking tips and tools have been widely tested already amongst the group.
Mater Health Service

I received great feedback about your session. Scored 4 & 5 out of 5.

Firstly, thank you again for this morning, it was surely by far one of the best workshops I have been to in some years.
AXA Australia

Nigel, what can I say, you always deliver and always have fun doing it.

Nigel is always very professional, very flexible and very helpful and supportive.
Red Rooster

I could spend hours with this man, ideas just spout from him. A lovely communicator, funny and oh so smart. Meet him and learn.
Business Visits and Events Partnership

The opening session couldn't have been better.

I was invigorated and energised by our discussion and it reaffirmed for me my personal view on the important of developing creativity in our young people.
Minister for Education and Training
Minister of Arts, Queensland Government

I imagine you're quite accustomed to your session being a popular favourite amongst conference or workshop participants, but in addition to it being popular it was also extremely valuable for our daily leadership work.
Mater Health Service