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Nicolette Rubinsztein

Key Points

  • Nicolette Rubinsztein is a well respected, high integrity business leader: Non-Executive Director of 5 leading finance companies, President of the Actuaries Institute in 2019, former General Manager at Commonwealth Bank.
  • Widely quoted in the media – including superannuation, retirement, gender diversity, leadership, women in STEM, career mums, risk management, Royal Commission, regulatory change.
  • Author of Not Guilty, a guide for career mums, which draws on her experiences working flexibly in senior roles.
  • Thought leader – Nicolette has authored or co-authored papers on retirement and gender diversity.
  • Popular interviewee and presenter. She has been interviewed for a number of Podcasts, including Women with Clout (Jane Caro and Catherine Fox), The Chief Maker, Talking Business (Qantas – Alan Kohler), Leadership Matters (Boyden Executive). She has presented at CEDA, ASFA conferences and numerous actuaries conferences.


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