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Key Points for Natalie Turner

  • Natalie Turner's bestseller, Yes, You Can Innovate was selected as Business Book of the Month in Singapore and the UK and won Bronze Award at The Golden Door, the first Award Ceremony for non-fiction authors. It has been translated into Chinese and Arabic.
  • She has appeared on Blomberg TV, Channel News Asia talking about her book and her brand Women who Lead, an executive coaching service for corporate and entrepreneurial women.
  • The Six ‘I’s® of Innovation has been used at organisations including; The Singapore Government, The Civil Service College, Singapore Airlines, CISCO Systems, Danone, GSK and other corporates as well as a variety of Universities including The National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and DUKE NUS.
  • Created a Certified Practitioner Network of Six ‘I’s® Professionals around the world to help organisations embed innovative ways of working as a core capability.
  • Has been quoted in newspapers and magazines including The Sunday Times (UK) and The British Airways in Flight Magazine and written for periodicals including Management Today and HR Future.
  • Was the innovation columnist for the TODAY Paper in Singapore for 18 months.

Topics for Natalie Turner

  • The innovator’s PURPOSE
    How can innovator’s influence the flow of history in this pivotal moment? We are trapped in a moment, caught between the power and ability to destroy our planet and our inability to leave it en masse (Stephen Hawing). Our actions matter. What we believe affects what we create. As leaders, we inspire people to change, to act differently, to reach more people through technology. This gives us the power to shape the future in unprecedented ways.
  • The mindsets of innovators: The importance of personal leadership and organisational transformation in the digital age
    As the digital landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, dismantling and disrupting the way that we do business, how can we ensure that we harness the diverse skills of our workforce to create impactful innovation?
  • The human side of innovation
    Innovation – our ability to create value and impact out of new ideas – is the survival skill of our time, but how do we do it?
  • The mindsets of an innovator
    • Six key strategies for harnessing the skills of innovation in the age of digital transformation.
    • A clear step-by-step guide to bring ideas to life which they can use back at work.
    • Enthusiasm for how to innovate, in day to day work and innovation activities or projects.
    • Inspiration about innovation strengths through self-reflection on the six mindsets of an innovator.
  • The six ‘I’s® of innovation
    How to harness diversity and build a culture that accelerates the deployment of new ideas.
  • Innovation in management – The next frontier
    As the digital landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, dismantling and disrupting the way that we do business, how can we ensure that our leadership and organisational thinking evolves at the same rate? Explore the new frontier of competitive advantage, innovation in management itself, and its importance in being able to create, develop and exploit new ideas.

Testimonials for Natalie Turner

Natalie is a dazzling speaker. She can inject vitality into a workshop, getting people to move around and engage. She can also electrify an audience during a keynote speech, raising them to their feet. I have seen people have epiphanies in her workshops, suddenly realising that they too can innovate.
Director Marketing & Communications

Natalie facilitates identification of true personal power through deep reflection. She is a true Innovator with the ability see far ahead and drive change by connecting people to purpose.
Director Corporate & Government Affairs

As the Master of Ceremonies for the Asia Professional Speaker's Convention 2019, I had the pleasure of watching 30 Global Speakers present over two days. Natalie was one of the stand-out presenters to our ballroom of 280 international attendees. Her passion, warmth and uplifting talk delighted the audience and gave them value around the topic of the 'purpose' in these times of dramatic change. I highly recommend her for your event.
Glenn van Zutphen
Executive Communication & Radio Host

Natalie's ideas on innovation are new and refreshing. Her extensive knowledge and experience related to the process and people aspects of innovation will bring value to any company that she assists. An excellent communicator and business leader, Natalie is able to present her concepts in a very succinct manner.
NEC Consulting

Natalie has coached and trained my management team on a lot of areas related to innovation. She has a broad and deep know how and experience in a lot of areas around innovation management.
Manager Architect Team

Natalie has a passion for innovation and this is reflected in the way she delivers her services. She is reliable, creative and always brings lots of energy to every project. She has designed and delivered some of the best workshops I have attended. Natalie worked on a number of projects for me, including helping the organisation to understand and refine its innovation culture and capability.
Strategist & Change