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Key Points for Nam Baldwin

  • Nam Baldwin was the Breathing and Performance Coach for 3 time 2019 Premiership Teams; AFL - Richmond Tigers, NRL - Sydney Roosters and NRL State of Origin - New South Wales.
  • Is the Breathing and Performance Coach for 7 time 2020 Olympic Athletes/Teams.
  • Is the Breath, Performance and Strength and Conditioning Coach for 7 time Surfing World Champion Stephanie Gilmore and was in the same position for 3 time Surfing World Champion Mick Fanning for 7 years before his retirement.
  • Is the Co-Founder of the internationally recognised, Breath Enhancement Training Program.
  • He can hold his breath for over 7 minutes.

Topics for Nam Baldwin

  • Finding calm amongst the chaos
    In life and business, every day has become performance based, our expectations of self and the deadlines we are asked to meet are greater than ever and scrutiny comes from all directions. Without clear well-being and performance practices in place, this constant pressure negatively disrupts and breaks down some of your most precious assets - your health and your inner voice of self worth, turning too many days in to an overwhelming experience and emotional struggle.

    Nam is well known for his ability in helping others to develop this calmness and to cope better in high pressure situations.

    In this visually powerful and engaging presentation, Nam shares inspiring stories from some of the worlds best performers and his own journey. 

    Learning outcomes
    • Adopting a daily practice that is the master key to unlocking greater performance and well-being.
    • How to generate a state of calm when it matters most and how the worlds highest performers use this practice.
    • How to create a mindset and use the self regulation tools that provide more mental ‘time and space’, helping you to minimise the self destructive thoughts and behaviours which consume your energy and keep you awake at night.

  • Virtual performance and well-being program
    Nam's Online Well-Being and Performance Coaching Program focuses on improving ones physical, mental and emotional well-being and therefore, being that people are the heart and the soul of a business, it has a hugely positive impact on overall business performance.

    • Breathing - The master key to health and performance
      • Breathing techniques
      • Heart rhythms
    • Routines - To maximise mental and physical wellbeing
      • Winning the morning
      • Your sleep and wind-down routine
    • Emotional regulation and resilience
    • Effective exercise for busy people
    • Nutrition for improved energy and performance
    • Discovering your A-Game

Testimonials for Nam Baldwin

I was instantly impressed with Nams passion and enthusiasm for bringing the best out of people and businesses without all the fuss and nonsense you sometimes otherwise get. Nam has now become an absolute essential part of my armour and support in every aspect of my personal development, health, success and life, and he’s also heavily involved in my business. My team could not be more positive and responsive to Nam and although we have tried other facilitators and coaches no one has ever connected with our team like Nam has.

Working with Nam over the years has been incredible. His enthusiasm to teach, learn and grow is second to none. He has an incredible talent to deliver his message that is easy to understand and practice. He helped me invigorate my second half of my career and capture my 3rd world Title and we had lots of fun on the way.
Mick Fanning
3 Time World Champion Surfer

Nam’s philosophies are clear and his teachings have introduced new tools which can be applied by an individual to regulate that fight or flight response and bring in a sense of calmness around the intensity. For members of our squad, Nam has introduced techniques which can be applied by a player in the high-pressure environment of a game, encouraging the individual to function with heightened clearness and calmness, without losing the intensity required to function at an optimum in our game.
Head Coach
Sydney Roosters

I was introduced to Nam through some excellent friends who are top athletes, they were working with him to improve their confidence in big waves with breathing techniques. As someone who was also low in confidence in heavier surf, I thought I’d give it a try. After being in Nam’s calm & wonderful presence and learning so much valuable knowledge in the pool training, I decided to move further into an overall fitness coach partnership. I realised early on that on top of the physical fitness training being epic, Nam’s ability to help me connect my thought patterns and energy into the right places during training helped when Im competing, the uncomfortable becomes exciting. I’ve learnt so much from Nam’s enthusiasm and openness to learning and I apply it to many areas of my life. I can truly thank him for helping me achieve many world titles and my tour success. The best part is that he always makes training fun!
Stephanie Gilmore
7 Time World Champion Surfer

For nearly 10 years Nam has worked with the various sales team that I have led. Each time, Nam and Devon have successfully delivered tailored sessions that met the challenges the team were facing. This isn’t a cookie cutter approach. Nam’s style is unique as his expertise can cover the many areas of what it takes to get an individual and team to reach their best.  He has always been well received because of his ability to leave team members with tangible action steps that not only positively impact work culture and performance but also their personal lives. Put simply there is no fluff!  If your looking for someone to help set the foundations of success that put an individual and team on the road to consistent peak performance then I can highly recommend Nam and Devon. You will be hard pressed to find a team more committed and passionate about helping you reach your goals.
Sales Director
Southern Cross Austereo

We work in a rewarding industry yet one that is filled  with  challenges, deadlines and pressure situations every day. We chose Nam as he shares our vision of excellence, and  our values of bringing dynamism and energy to what we do. Nam  brought  a three-dimensional holistic approach to team building and self-confidence in ADCO. He worked with groups of around 12 of us over three training periods. The impact has been profound on all those to attended and it also brought benefits to their wider  work spheres. The focus on transitions and awareness to release tension and set intention has really helped to support our performance with the everyday challenges we face, both at work and in life. Nam is an amazingly passionate guy and really cares about what he does. There are loads of options on  courses with  ideas around leadership and time management. However, Nam’s delivery supported through his study and experience, is the one which provided pure clarity in direction and  self-belief for every  team member of ADCO who was  able to participate in his course. We believe that Nam’s teaching has and will continue to enable our business to reach peak performance.
ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd

In life you meet certain people that have a massive positive impact on you, and Nam is that person. The first time you meet Nam you can’t help but notice that he beams boundless energy, which is highly contagious. Then when you get to know this man you realise fast just how genuine and generous he is. What you see is who he is and he wants nothing more than to maximise his life by learning and giving as much as he can each and every day. When you look for a mentor or coach you want someone that won’t just inspire and drive you to learn and improve, but to also hold you accountable with a care and integrity that is genuine. Nam gives 100% in everything he does and that demands that you do the same and really inspires you to take it to the next level. After many years of working with Nam he never stops bringing new and relevant philosophy, information and tools for whatever challenges you are dealing with. His experience with the best athletes, entrepreneurs and organisations in the world ensure you have the edge. From personal development to corporate team development Nam has been part of the growth of The Perfect Wave for the last 5 years and not only would I personally like to thank him for everything he has done for me, but I know my team have so much to thank him for as well.
The Perfect Wave (& Travel Group Global)