Ask about Mike Walsh
Key Points
  • Best selling author of Futuretainment and The Algorithmic Leader ...How to be smart when machines are smarter than you.
  • Futurist and leading authority on the intersection of emerging technologies, consumer behaviour and fast growth markets
  • His advisory work and keynote presentations provide unique insights into the growing influence of new markets on breakthrough innovation and business transformation.
  • Futuretainment
    Yesterday The World Changed, Now It’s Your Turn
    • The most disruptive trends specifically researched for your industry and products and promotions that will engage the next generation of consumers
    • Consumer innovations from fast growth emerging markets and global best practices in mobile applications and platforms

  • Flex
    Business Re-Imagined
    • The new digital platforms and enterprise tools and new models of innovation suitable for the current market. How consumerization, enterprise mobility and the Cloud will change the way your teams collaborate and act on information
    • Relevant case studies of the ‘winners circle’ of companies who have survived disruptive change and a roadmap for your company's future and identify the capabilities you will need to take it there

  • World Next
    Your Roadmap To The Global Future
    • How the Web of tomorrow will be different, new markets, consumers and technology trends that will be essential for the global growth of your business
    • Case studies of international companies, the winners and losers in the digital world and the disruptive innovation models of your emerging market competitors

Your presentation on convergent technologies gave us a great perspective on the emerging trends that will present FOXTEL will many opportunities - and also some clear threats. Thank you again for contributing to FOXTEL's success!
Chief Financial Officer

Your expert presentation on technological innovation was an ideal contribution to the opening session for what proved to be a valuable two day meeting, and your insights were helpful in our deliberations on future strategies for the ABC.
Managing Director

Not only did Mike kick off our conference with relevant, thought provoking content, but his dynamic delivery had our attendees engaged and thinking about the future of digital media.
Marketing & Content Director

If the future is already here then it’s certain that Mike manages somehow to insert himself into one of those little pockets of the future, have a look around, and then come back and let the rest of us know what our world will soon be like! It’s been a pleasure debating the future of media with a real visionary.
Director of Strategy

Your talk was so well received! Many people (including myself and my team) thought you were the best speaker of the whole conference. You can be absolutely certain that if we ever need an insightful, clever, entertaining and informative discussion on the future of television we will give you another call.
Head of On Air
XYZ Music Channels

Everyone at Triple J was very interested and inspired by your was brilliant to have the team being able to hear some of your insights!
Head of National Networks

Fascinating! You should also write books on presenting technology topics to non-technology people. It’s a skill very few technologists have.
Walt Disney Studios

Mike was a pleasure to work with. His presentation was perfectly pitched reflecting his research prior to the event to tailor his presentation to our audience and he also took the time to meet with some of them prior to the presentation. We would highly recommend Mike to anyone interested and would love to work with him again.
Roche Products Pty Limited

I would highly recommend Mike Walsh to any company who wants to get a clearer understanding of not what might be, but what is very likely to be.
Fujifilm Australia

Mike is highly inquisitive and original, not only in his thinking but also in his presentation, taking complex issues and turning them into simple and digestible themes. Mike is very valuable at helping challenge whatever your conventional wisdom is, and in setting out a clear set of views on how things might shape in months and years to come. I recommend him highly.