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Key Points for Mike & Jane Pelusey

  • Jane and Michael Pelusey have been published writers and photographers for 30 years.
  • Michael has run mindfulness workshops for corporate and public clients and runs a monthly mindfulness photography walking group.
  • Jane Pelusey was a health professional and uses mindfulness photography in her stress management tool-belt as a stress management consultant.

Topics for Mike & Jane Pelusey

  • Mindfulness photography workshop
    Mindfulness Photography is the art of slowing down and clearing the mind through taking photos. It is about being in the present moment, where creativity and mindfulness go hand in hand to perceive something anew.
    You’ll learn how capturing our story in a single or series of shots … freezing time and, revealing how we see things, can provide simple shifts in understanding our world view, our emotions, and our thoughts, which can profoundly and positively affect our day, or even our entire life.
    This highly valuable stress management skill can be used at home, at work during breaks, and after-hours to de-stress, connect to self, community and family, and you might just become a fantastic photographer too!!
    Principles discussed include:
    • Expanded awareness (opening your eyes and mind to a broader vision).
    • Connection (allowing in what naturally resonates with you or catches your eye).
    • Focus (discovering and exploring details by risking taking shots or action).
    • Perception (reflecting on or sharing what you’ve captured or understood).
      • Outdoors
        Immersed in the surrounding environment, Mike & Jane interact with each photographer as an individual; assisting, discussing and supporting their mindfulness-photography journey.
      • Indoors
        Debrief includes:
        • Share and compare images.
        • Safely explore how people feel and what they’ve discovered.
        • What they can do next with their new-found skills in photography and life.
        • How they can share and compare their photos as a ‘common-interest’ community through a multi-site photographic exhibition.
        • How they can share with colleagues, friends and family through setting up ‘Gratitude in Pictures’ albums on their phones.

Testimonials for Mike & Jane Pelusey

I’m going on a trip soon, so when the opportunity to attend Mike and Jane’s mindfulness photography workshop, I thought why not, I can pick up some tips for taking good photos on holiday. Well what can I say, I was blown away! With Mike’s amazing photography and Jane’s know-how with tips and tricks on my phone, they make a formidable pair. I experienced such an emotional connection with Mike’s photos; and the explanation and visuals on how to create amazing photos from panoramic views, to fine detail, and night photography, all on my phone makes me very confident that I’m going to capture some beautiful photos, and also to slow down and enjoy the experience. Setting up the favourite’s folder was the icing on the cake. If you get the chance to attend one of their workshops, you will not be disappointed. It was one of the best workshops I’ve attended. Thanks Mike and Jane for sharing your journey and amazing talent and knowledge with me.
Packsaddle Village

Mike Pelusey is an excellent speaker. He covered innumerable topics to bring yourself into mindfulness while photographing your surrounds and included wonderful tips for centering oneself and taking super photos. I shall remember them. Thanks a lot. I learned so much about photography but much more about life. Thank you.
City of Joondalup