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Key Points for Mark Hodgson

  • Mark Hodgson is an Executive Coach, Author, Advisor and Keynote Speaker.
  • Since 2010, Mark Hodgson has successfully been helping executives, coaches and consultants to build confidence, gain clarity in their message and position themselves as influential thought leaders who people want to work with.
  • Mark Hodgson is the author of Time to Shine: Adapting who you are and what you know to succeed in the ideas economy.
  • Mark Hodgson has held senior leadership roles in the UK, Australasia, Central Europe and Russia.

Topics for Mark Hodgson

  • Build your professional brand
    Unlock your full potential. Showcase your thinking. Show up at your best.
    To succeed today we have to stand out. Being good at what we do no longer enough. We have to build our INFLUENCE. Whether we work for an organisation or yourself, it’s up to US to create the professional brand, thinking and content we need to attract business, customers and followers.
    Developing this new capability is super-important. Problem is, it doesn’t just happen. Helping people to build their CONFIDENCE and INFLUENCE is what Mark Hodgson does! In this keynote, he brings to life what we need to DO, BE and BUILD to succeed.
    In a fast-moving and challenging presentation Mark covers:
    • Building confidence.
    • Unlocking your full potential (and why HUMANITY is your biggest asset).
    • How to create the content you need to get ahead.
    • Why your mindset is as important as your ideas.
    • How to get started.
  • Moving your leadership dial
    We live in a post-pandemic ‘VUCA’ world - Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. If we are to succeed in meeting the challenges this poses, we need to step up the quality of leadership. It starts with us.
    In this hi-energy keynote, Mark Hodgson challenges us to understand why leadership has never been more important and what we need to do to lead first ourselves and then others to succeed.
    What you’ll learn:
    • Why leadership has never been more important in achieving personal and business success.
    • The new leadership skills we need to lead into the 2020s – Collaboration, Creativity, Agility and Resilience
    • That everything starts with Self-Leadership.
    • How to bring out our inner-strength as leaders.
    • Why humanity is our point of difference.
    • How we can build our influence to lead with confidence.
  • Second half hero
    Are you a frustrated, mid-career, mid-life executive looking for change? Are you worried you’re at a dead end, risk redundancy or simply fed up with going through the motions? Has the COVID-19 experience challenged you to question your life and work plan?
    If so, Mark’s signature keynote, ‘Second Half Hero’ could be the inspiration you are looking for.
    Mark Hodgson has been on his own post-corporate ‘Second Half Hero’ journey for 10 years. He’s learned much and helped many others to align Family, Finances, Wellbeing and Purpose to become happy and successful.
    Many people are unfulfilled and dissatisfied with themselves, their companies and their work. They know they want to and need to change, but don’t know how. In this deeply moving presentation, Mark helps them to understand what they want and set a process to achieve it. 

Testimonials for Mark Hodgson

It was a great experience to work with Mark Hodgson on the SYT programme. His energy and challenge set a remarkable pace – balanced by his determination to ensure that I re-constructed the complexity of my portfolio with absolute clarity. I would recommend him to anyone who has reached the stage where they know they have more to do – but struggle to articulate its true value.
Jacqui Scholes-Rhodes PhD, FCIPD
Systemic Team Coach, Inquiry Facilitator, Author

I met Mark Hodgson a couple of hours after giving a TEDx talk, one of the BIG events in my career to date. I remembering saying to him I was suffered from bravery burnout and he cheerfully said he'd be able to help with that. Mark mentored me through the Thought Leaders program, which was a complete game-changer in how I approach thinking about, packaging, and 'selling' my ideas, and beyond. He's got a great sense of humour and invaluable sounding board and I always look forward to sharing my successes and setbacks with him over coffee.
The Neuroscience Academy, Neuroscientist

Mark Hodgson has coached me directly and our leadership team for over 2 years. In that time, we have benefited hugely from growing as thought leaders within our sector and understanding better how to both navigate and communicate our changing environments. This has impacted our bottom line by helping to stand out from the crowd, attract new customers and grow revenue.
Managing Director
Job Ready

Mark Hodgson and I met through Thought Leadership Business School and we quickly established a mentor/mentee relationship. His guidance and generosity have been essential to my quick liftoff in starting a business from zero. The part of Mark I value most is he has a way of making you feel thoroughly supported - constant check ins, encouragement, challenging my limiting perspectives, and helping me celebrate my successes. I truly feel he's in this ship with me, and that's invaluable to me.
Dominick Quartuccio
Coach, Author, Speaker and Thought Leader

I have worked with Mark now for a number of years. He is a fantastic mentor. He challenges, inspires and does not hold back in providing his honest opinion to get to the results. When you work with Mark you know you are dealing with someone who has great values and integrity.
Managing Director
Arch Capital

Mark Hodgson mentored me as I began my thought leadership journey. He helped me to refine my message, focus on the value I could offer, position myself more effectively with my market, and write a book. During the year Mark mentored me, I increased my annual revenue by around $100,000, and, even more importantly I was able to start doing the kind of work I really wanted to do.

Working with Mark Hodgson will give you a huge confidence boost, wise counsel, support, and an excellent and honest sounding board for your ideas. Mark has an exceptional ability to really "see" you and understand your strengths and what you are trying to achieve. I recommend him highly if you are looking to ramp up your thought leadership, coaching, training, or speaking practice.
Patricia Mcmillan
Storytelling for Transformation Leaders

Working with Mark Hodgson has been one of the best investments for my speaking business. His expertise of Thought Leadership helped me discover the depth and value of my intellectual property.
Eric Papp
Leadership Author and Speaker

With years of corporate experience, Mark Hodgson combines his business knowledge with an exquisite ability to mentor and care for people in their journey to success. Mark is a smart and down to the point consultant who can orient others in the right direction in a way that is positive and supportive.
Founder and CEO
About My Brain Institute

Working with Mark Hodgson through the Thought Leadership program has changed the way that I approach work entirely. It provided a framework to help me elevate my thinking and promote a more confident voice, positioning me as an authority to my clients and increasingly, in my industry as well. I now produce quality content more frequently and exert greater influence on my market. Mark's credentials are impressive, but the thing that struck me the most was his passion for the ideas and genuine enjoyment in what he does. This makes sessions productive and importantly, fun. Mark continues to work with us on a long-term basis, which is the measure of our belief in the value he offers our business.
Strategy Director
Job Ready

Meeting Mark Hodgson has had a big impact on my future business and its direction. Through the Thought Leaders programme, he has helped me focus on building a great practice. The process, really tough at times, has enabled me to be more productive, more marketable, more focussed and to work with many more clients than I thought I could. Unpacking my own IP means that I now have a very clear proposition that I can deliver in different ways to businesses that recognised that they need my help and they’re happy to pay my fees too.
Master Problem Solver & Creator
Fix It MasterClass Program

Mark Hodgson has an uncanny ability to present concepts with clarity and power. His words evoke an urgency for action and will resonate for those restless in spirit keen to move to the next level. His words have freshness and relevance to our times of opportunity. Work with him if you seek transformation of your present circumstances.
Psychologist and Head of Positive Education
Knox Grammar School

Mark Hodgson delivered a fantastic package in Thought Leadership to me. He was thoroughly professional and really connected with my situation, potential and aspirations. The course content was spot on and the delivery mode was both challenging and supportive.
Director and Principal Consultant 
Araldo Limited

Mark Hodgson has an infectious passion and belief in the Thought Leadership approach that brings energy and conviction to his teaching. I have seen a lot of different intellectual property over the years but the Thought Leadership curriculum is genuinely first class. I would most certainly recommend Mark and the his personal mentoring programme.
Rayner Learning and Development Ltd

I’ve been working with Mark Hodgson now for a few years and the results have been fantastic. Initially Mark introduced me to the Thought Leadership process and I was able to establish a way of looking at mining my intellectual property for a better commercial return. This has been highly successful and rewarding.

Mark also brings with him an infectious enthusiasm and patience that has created a great relationship for now and the future.
MAPS Psychologist and Founder
Making Good Men Great

Mark Hodgson’s approach is all about getting you to do the work: inspiring you and challenging you to find your answers. He doesn’t just teach; he collaborates. He knows the Thought Leaders material inside and out and is passionate in his delivery of it. What I liked best about Mark is that he walks his talk. He is building his own practice and was candid in his experience and progress with it thus far. You don’t find that kind of candor and empathy every day.
Director, Vice President Marketing

Mark Hodgson is brilliant collaborator who inspires you to think outside the box and translates ideas into outcomes. I thoroughly enjoyed the SYT experience. Being a regular attendee of programs of this nature, I was surprised to find how elevated the outcomes of this program were. The program is a great opportunity for you to build value not only in your current level of thinking, and to elevate this to a level that will truly be leveraged in many ways.
Employerbility Founder.
Employee Engagement and Performance Expert.

My mind was sparked from the get go on a webinar with Mark Hodgson. A key take away was making an active choice to become a change champion! The webinar provoked me to engage with Mark as my Leadership Coach and in two out of nine sessions I’ve crystallised my intent across interconnected areas of my holistic world of body, mind and heart/spirit.

Thought Leadership has awakened a renewed sense of creativity.  My imagination is fired up as I’m designing new models of inspired learning to meet the needs of learners.  In reading the tea leaves to understand what signals of change and challenge are operating in my world of education and how to find solutions to emergent problems/barriers. Importantly I’m connected within myself to a renewed sense of congruence that has increased my energy, enthusiasm and productivity as an educational leader.
Leader Community & Business Engagement
North Coast TAFE

Mark Hodgson has the gift of being able to engage and enthuse you during sessions, as well as making what could be complex, appear simple. The SYT teaching has radically changed my approach to identifying, collecting, organising and delivering information/concepts.
Head of Grammar
Pittwater House School