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Key Points for Mark Edmondson

  • Mark played for 11 years as an elite professional world club rugby league player.
  • He has represented England and Australia winning many games and trophies.
  • In 2008 Mark broke his back, shoulder and neck, testing his resilience to the extreme.
  • Time is the only thing that we are fighting against when it comes to achieving our life long dreams ambitions and goals. The question is what it is it going to take to get the things we want in life so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labor and live that fulfilled life we desire? It’s simply finding the knowledge - understanding the knowledge - and then taking constant passionate action until what we desire turns up.

Topics for Mark Edmondson

  • How to create individual success
  • How to create team harmony and cohesion
  • 7 steps to success at anything
  • Talking success
  • Living and acting out success
  • Break through fear
  • Create incredible self belief
  • Problem solving mastery
  • Goal setting
  • Leadership training
  • Understand yourself and others
  • The story of me and people I know and work for
  • In pursuit of excellence and the psychology of success

Testimonials for Mark Edmondson

Mark has the ability to inspire anyone, he has a great talent...
Head Coach
Gold Coast NRL Titans

Mark is a special guy his motivation and guidance is something I connected with immediately ..
Scott Prince
Brisbane Broncos and Australian Rugby League International

Without Mark I would of retired from the UFC ages ago, Mark helped me breakthrough my down days and fight back and head towards what I was destined to do, fight…
Benny Alloway
Australian UFC Fighter

I wish Mark came into my life when I started my boxing career instead of on my last fight when previously I had been knocked out by two opponents and was on a negative downward spiral. Mark helped to change my focus from what I didn’t want to what I did want and because of this simple instruction I won every round in my next fight and won the Australian Continental Cruiser Weight Title....I call him mega mind, thank you Mark.
Adam Lovelock
Australian Champion Boxer

Mark is simply a super coach, he is the best I have ever seen it’s a shame he lives in Australia because I would have him full time on my coaching team in a heart beat...
Alex Sanderson
Former England Rugby Union Player and Current Assistant Coach of English Rugby Union Champions Saracens

Two words Mark about your seminar today - BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!  BEST ONE I HAVE EVER ENJOYED!!!!! I followed every word you said. YOU ARE A STAR!
Business Excellence

I found Mark’s motivational seminar “Create the Body of your Dreams” very informative and have had several clients approach me letting me know how they have applied many points that were discussed in the seminar. I found Mark to be a really great speaker and he really makes the audience comfortable with his humor and broad knowledge and experience of health and fitness. I was able to understand and learn from my habits and set goals to have a healthier body and mind.
Bodimatters Fitness

Mark delivered a fantastic keynote speech “In the Pursuit of Success” at our November networking event and it was such a hit!  Mark was incredibly engaging and had our audience enraptured.  His poignant story was a journey of achievement, setbacks, triumph and personal growth incorporating humour throughout.  Many people at our event asked us when Mark would be returning for another round and raved about how much they got out of it. Thanks Mark for a fantastic presentation.
Business Owner