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Mark Carter

Key Points

  • Mark’s recent TEDx talk Paws & effect: How teddy bears increase value perception is an exceptionally relevant theme for the experience economy.
  • Author of Add Value: Discover Your Values, Find Your Worth, Gain Fulfillment in Your Personal and Professional Life
    Why truly knowing what we value—and why—is the real basis of success
    He’s held senior and strategic leadership development roles globally.
  • He has experience in over 40 countries, which translates to inclusivity with audiences, harmonising culture and encouraging discretionary effort and action.
  • Spent 2 decades as a learning and development professional, building learning frameworks for blue chip billion-dollar companies and SME's.
  • One decade of experience working hands on in human behaviour in leadership roles across Europe with unique experiences from Contiki and Travcorp. These stories are often at the heart of his unique keynotes.
  • He is an authority on peak performance, productivity, leadership, talent development, sales, culture, resilience, behavioural science and business and ethics.
  • An accomplished development professional with multiple accreditations and practical hands on experience establishing learning and development frameworks for small and medium sized enterprises, through to blue chip billion-dollar organisations.
  • In 2016, Mark published his first book Ignite Your Potential, a 7-year passion project focusing on untangling behavioural science into 22 tools for personal development and peak performance.
  • Founder of the My Curation Learning Management System, Mark is a recurrent contributor to publications and media including a bi monthly blog for Travel Bulletin and guest on 2HD radio.

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