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Key Points for Lynda Moore

  • Lynda Moore is the author of Conversations with Money – A Love Story. How we build a relationship with money from the day we are born.
  • She is New Zealand’s only certified Money Mentor/coach trained by Prof David Krueger.
  • Lynda's qualifications are a B.Comm (Accounting)and 40 years’ experience as an accountant, and a Grad Dip (Arts) majoring in Psychology.
  • Lynda's media appearances include National TV and radio, guest speaker on podcasts, and regular columnist speaking on money psychology and mindset.

Topics for Lynda Moore

  • Conversations with money – A love story
    • My personal journey with money.
    • Where does our relationship with money come from?
    • How can we build a healthy relationship with money?
  • Conversations with money – How do you talk to your children
    Three key points about talking to children about money
    • Be age appropriate when talking about and giving children money.
    • Never lie to your children about money.
    • The answer you give whenever your child asks about money.
  • Conversations with money – How to get ahead and have a life
    • We are all working harder to earn more money, but we don’t have the time to enjoy it.
    • Instead, we accumulate more ‘stuff’ and wonder why we aren’t any happier or where we want to be financially.
    • If you want to make changes and get off the hedonic treadmill you need to understand and apply this equation.
    • Beliefs drive behaviours which drive results.
  • Conversations with money – Financial anxiety
    • What is financial anxiety?
    • How it affects our lives.
    • What we can do to reduce it.
    • What we can do to reduce it.
  • The twelve M & M’s of money
    • The twelve golden rules to find financial freedom.
    • Hone your money management skills.
    • Fire up your Money Mindset.

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