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Key Points for Luke Mathers

  • Luke Mathers is internationally recognised expert in stress, embracing change and leadership.
  • Luke Mathers  was part of the original team that bought Specsavers to Australia and experienced first hand the joy of changing an industry. Specsavers went for zero to market leaders in a few short years. It was stressful, but gee it was fun.
  • As the author of three books, Stress Teflon, RESET and Curious Habits, Luke Mathers combines his natural flair for storytelling with neuroscience, ancient wisdom and practical tips to decrease overwhelm and find focus.
  • Luke Mathers has worked internationally with companies like, LJ Hooker, Specsavers, Body Science, BNI, National Mortgage Brokers, Parmalat, Oakley, Hallmark and government agencies. He is a qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor and is passionate about helping people thrive when life gets tough.
  • Luke Mathers has featured on the Today show, and publications like the Huffington post, New Idea, Herald sun, Men’s health and Thrive Global.
  • Luke Mathers is on a mission to transform stress into a force for good. Changing the way you look at life’s challenges is the secret sauce to upgrading performance and profit.

Topics for Luke Mathers

  • Becoming stress Teflon
    When stressed out, people waste energy worrying about the past and anxious about the future. Becoming Stress Teflon will increase profit and performance by keeping your teams focused, aligned and embracing the challenges in the moment. Embracing stress without it “sticking” is the key to sustained performance and work/life balance.
  • Leading stress-FREE teams
    The great resignation is changing how we look at our teams. People don't leave bad jobs; they leave stressed leaders. Stress flows downhill, and with 65% of departing employees going because of their immediate superior, it's time for leaders to get better at stress.
  • Burnt out? Let’s get curious about why
    Getting curious uncovers options to upgrade our outdated beliefs and systems to make work more efficient. Procrastination, perfectionism, micromanaging, rumination and using chocolate as a stress reliever are all curious habits. This talk will show you a stress-free way to design your systems to ensure performance at work and energy for the things you enjoy.
  • Work life balance: It’s all about energy
    Imagine you had energy for all the important things in your life? That’s balance!
    This talk will help your team discover the habits that help and the ones that don’t. You can’t get work life balance without self-awareness and this talk is like a room of mirrors.
  • School stress RESET
    Teenagers have never been more stressed than they are today. This talk will help teachers and teenagers to understand stress, and get in the right state to perform when exams come around. This is the upstream solution to build resilience in tomorrow’s leaders.

Testimonials for Luke Mathers

Luke Mathers was a late call up for our conference, with only 24 hours notice to prepare. In that short time frame, managed to have a briefing on our business and Luke then took on his own research to be ready. Delivered a high quality presentation on the day, and was able to relate to our business owners and their challenges in a clear and relevant way. Highly recommend.   
National Mortgage Brokers

Luke Mather's delivery was engaging and authentic; he was able to draw in personal examples that allowed for lots of aha moments. Thank you, Luke; I now have so many new tools after hearing your talk.
Business owner

My Team have a new way of looking at life's challenges and a different vocabulary for talking about stress. This talk is great for any business that needs to perform in pressure situations. Embracing stress is a game-changer for both employee well-being and business success.
Body Science

Leading a group of high-performance individuals with different needs and priorities can be stressful. The Stress RESET with Luke Mathers has given our team a new appreciation of each other's strengths and has taught us to embrace differences. Conflict is not as stressful, and our team has been able to "get comfortable with discomfort.
City of Gold Coast

Luke Mathers can simplify things and provide clarity and direction on the things that matter. I have taken an enormous amount from his presentations, coaching, leadership, and friendship in business and life. I would highly recommend Luke to anyone looking to improve how their teams deal with stress and change. He's the man!
RDK Sports

By showing teachers and kids how stress works and how to get into the right' state' to perform, Luke Mathers provides the tools needed to THRIVE in the pressure of exams and life.
Deputy Head Master
Gregory Terrace