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Key Points for Laurel Papworth

  • Laurel Papworth's presentations are a mix of emergent technology, deeper questions on ethics philosophy and spirituality as well as case studies and key takeaways regarding AI, virtual and augmented reality, the Metaverse and Web3 campaigns.
  • Laurel has consulted globally including with Singapore Government and Middle East Broadcasting, and in Australia, with UNHCR, Westpac, Sony, local, State and Federal Government including Parliament House, Canberra.
  • She manages massive virtual world & gaming and online communities including millions of Fans on Facebook and forums for reality TV shows such as Junior Masterchef, Idol & Big Brother.
  • Laurel taught social media for 12 years (since 2005) at the University of Sydney and she has been managing virtual world communities since 1989 and augmented reality since 2011. Laurel Papworth was named by Forbes magazine in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally, and
    Marketing Magazine named her "Head of Industry, Social Media”.

Topics for Laurel Papworth

  • How do we progress from social media and Web2 to Metaverse and Web3?
    What should your Organisation be doing TODAY to prepare for TOMORROW in the Metaverse? and What exactly is web3, ChatGPT and the Metaverse? How will artificial intelligence change your industry and what free and paid tools artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT, OpenAI, Dall-e, Midjourney, Jasper and more, can help you in your job/business?
  • Implement marketing and sales campaigns in a direct virtual world
    How will your stakeholders (customers, clients, constituents, businesses) implement marketing and sales campaigns in a direct virtual world channels that are now 3D? Gucci, Adidas, NFL, The Australian Open and more are in the Metaverse. What can we learn from case studies of virtual and augmented reality from across Tourism, Hospitality, Fitness, Education and of course your specific sector.
  • Crafting a future that helps not hinders humanity
    With the coming technological age, the Future demands we consider how frame ethical and spiritual discussions around “other intelligences” as they come to dominate our world and understand the implication artificial intelligence and D.A.O (DAO) to employment and HR, creativity and the economy. Are we crafting a future that helps or hinders humanity?

Testimonials for Laurel Papworth

Very useful as the students are kept to a small number enabling practical interaction. Allows me to learn practical skills and skills to deal with vendors/ developers to add distribution social media widgets.
Laurel is a great teacher and I’ve learned a great deal from her. Definitely the best I’ve ever had – good job!
The workshop was very informative and I personally enjoyed the sharing/ knowledge I gained in these three days.
TUN, Dept of Health
Ministry of Defence, Singapore

Feedback received from 6 students.
Trainers presentation skill – 4 gave 5/5, 2 gave 4/5
Trainers knowledge of course – 6 gave 5/5
Communication skill – 6 gave 5/5
Tonality and clarity of trainer – 4 gave 5/5, 2 gave 4/5
How useful is this training to you? – 4 gave 5/5, 2 gave 4/5
Feedback provided by students at TUN International gave Laurel the highest possible ranking for knowledge of the course and communication skill. Nearly all the students also gave Laurel five out of five for presentation skill, clarity and usefulness of the subject.
Evaluation from students
TUN International Singapore

Defence Force Recruiting has traditionally eschewed social media, due to its perceived risks and special resourcing requirements. Laurel has helped our organisation to understand the ‘opportunity cost’ of not being involved in social media and the danger of excluding ourselves from the online conversation, particularly given the fact that our target market is the 17-25 year old age group. Laurel’s workshop has gone a long way to convincing our management team of the prospective benefits of social media. We will now proceed with more certainty into the brave new world of online communities.
Digital Project Manager Business Services Team
Defence Force Recruiting

Laurel opened our eyes to the full potential of Facebook. She delivered in a way that was easy to understand and kept our attention.
Online Communications Officer
Albury City Council

I just wanted to get in touch to pass on my thanks to Laurel for today’s talk. It was fantastic, and we’ve already received wonderful feedback.
Adult Programs, Libraries
City Of Sydney

I am writing to thank you for presenting to the Department as part of the Talking Heads program. Evaluation feedback showed your presentation was very well received by staff. Comments on your presentation included “Best Talking Heads I have been to”, Excellent! Very informative and interesting”. “Best Talking Heads I have been to. She needs to come regularly.” “Engaging, funny and interesting”.
“Brilliant and thought provoking.” Your contribution to the Talking Heads series is greatly appreciated by the Department.
Secretary, Department of Broadband
Communications and the Digital Economy

Thank you for running such a successful workshop yesterday. The tourism operators in the Snowy Mountains were ripe for social media information and based on yesterday’s workshop really soaked everything right up. Your presentation style and content was superb and really focused on teaching the ‘how-to’s’ with the added bonus of why, creating a workshop with a good balance of tactical information and theory. Many Snowy Mountains operators are very good business people with savvy marketing but there was a gap in their social media knowledge, however after yesterday’s workshop I believe they have the knowledge and confidence to seriously integrate social media marketing into their overall marketing strategy. All of the Snowy Mountains tourism operators were very satisfied with the overall workshop and information. Some even asked if we could get you back again next year!
Project Officer
Tourism Snowy Mountains

A total of two hundred and twenty three people attended the event and one hundred and fifty four of those submitted an evaluation form. Of those 154 (attendees): 92% indicated they would implement what they had learnt in their business. 98% rated the presenter’s delivery of the workshop as good to
Workshops to business
Dept of State and Regional Development

Thanks so much for your fabulous social media training yesterday at the National Mental Health Commission, everyone commented on how great you were! We all learnt a lot yesterday, it was very inspiring and insightful and will help focus our thoughts to creating an impactful social media strategy that helps us achieve our goals.
KD National Mental Health Commission

Thanks again for all your work with us, you have a rare combination of attention to detail, creativity, great analysis and a passion for communication. We have lots to follow up on from what you have shared with us. It’s been really great. I wish you well and hope we will have opportunity to connect again.

We want to thank you for the Social Media Training you have provided for Cancer Wellness Support. Bronwen, Lauren and I were absolutely delighted with your training, level of expertise and your way of communicating social media concepts in an easy and understandable manner. You obviously did your homework before starting with us, as your understanding of our organisation and the space in which we operate was evident in the way you made concepts and procedures relevant to us. We also appreciated you going above and beyond the call with the additional resources you have provided to us. Thank you again, and please know that we would be happy to recommend you to any potential organisations looking for first class, effective training in social media concepts, procedures and tools.
Cancel Wellness Support

I just wanted to say thank you for the training you provided to me and other staff. We learned a great deal from your day with us. Excitingly, we hit 10K followers over World Mental Health Day on Twitter and Facebook (likes)!
Mental Health Australia

Inspiring!” “So much to think about!” “ A big picture view of what’s going on in communication, education and the internet!” Those are just a few of the comments participants shared with us after attending Laurel Papworth’s keynote presentation at the recent education network Australia (edna) mini-conference held at Macquarie University. Laurel’s depth of knowledge is obvious and her down to earth, approachable style encouraged participants to ask questions and share their concerns. If you need a presenter to get your organisation (or sector)thinking about how to harness the power of online networks and how to choose the right tools for the job – you need Laurel Papworth.

I want to thank Laurel for an insightful, stimulating, absorbing, thought-provoking and very entertaining full day on the entire social media landscape. The session was highly relevant for digital specialists, traditional marketers and PR professionals alike. It was full of very current information and lots of new material in a space that is often talked about but not often fully understood. I would happily recommend Laurel and look forward to working with her in the future.
Head of Digital
Blackmores Ltd

Laurel delivered an informative and thought provoking session to a packed house, and was rated in the top 5 speakers for the overall Congress.
Senior Manager – Australian Business Consulting & Solutions
Australian Business Chambers Congress

The creation of Twitter lists and combination with Klout was something I knew of, but had not seen demonstrated so elegantly. The section on dealing with negative comments was very expertly handled. Laurel handled the “nay sayers” with deft tact, and they came away convinced social media was something we should be doing, and that it had a lot of potential. Overall, a very practical and strategic workshop for our managers – a welcome shot in the arm for us all at REIWA. I promptly wrote up my 8 pages of notes and sent them around the executive team. We WILL be applying this, I can promise you that.
Real Estate Institute of Western Australia

Many thanks for delivering such a great workshop for our team at Pacific Hydro! It was very inspiring and the team took away a lot of ideas that we now intend to develop further to become more active in the social space.
Group Communications & Marketing Manager
Pacific Hydro

As one of Australia’s preeminent thinkers in social media and virtual worlds, Laurel deconstructs the buzz words and brings social concepts to a mass audience through engagement and demonstration.
Inquisitr and ex-TechCrunch

We appreciate both the time you spent in preparing for the session and the presentation itself, which was extremely well received by our members. Some of the comments that we received from the members included the following:
• Invigorating, informative, engaging.
• The best and most thought provoking presentation for many months. Slightly scary though.
• Introduced to new concepts and directions re Social Media.
• The presentation was very educative.
• This topic is highly relevant as we all work to copy with and understand rapid change. Understanding this is a challenge. Great discussion.
The members rated your presentation 9.5 for the Topic and 9.5 for the Speaker – which is just a fantastic result. Many thanks for according The CEO Institute your valuable time, thank you again for your support.
Member Services
The CEO Institute

Laurel has provided the team with some fantastic advice and training that has changed the way we communicate in the online environment.
Head of Marketing
Screen Australia

Five minutes into a session with Laurel and you can see just how connected our digital generations have become. Multi-tasking & connected in a miriad of ways, it’s no wonder marketers are struggling with the web 2.0 revolution and its deconstruction of traditional marketing theory. Luckily we have Laurel to put meaning to it all and guide us through the darkness.
Head of Digital Marketing
Ticketek Pty Ltd (PBL media)

Laurel Papworth is Australia’s thought leader on communities, social media and collaborative computing.
Futurist and Panellist

At INFORUM group’s Social Media Workshop mid-August, Laurel once again demonstrated her depth of knowledge in all areas of social media and why she was named one of Forbes Magazines Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally. After the first workshop which provided an overview, this time Laurel went through in detail a 9-step Social Media Strategy, and the value of Pinterest and Google Plus and the feedback has been great. For many of us the workings of social media continue to challenge but Laurel reassures and educates and makes it all perfectly understandable!
Inforum Group

Laurel Papworth supported media140 Perth by hosting two workshops as part a three day digital festival. Her approach, presentation style and industry knowledge were a perfect fit for our event. Laurel delivered two very well received practical workshops designed to help get small business’s up and running in social media. media140 would certainly work with Laurel again on future projects.

We all understand the importance of metrics and ROI but Laurel can communicate them and their analysis in such a way that brings the numbers alive to tell their story rather than remain locked away in a spreadsheet. Her impressive knowledge of social business ensures always a relevant case study to inspire best practice.

Sydney AHRI Masterclass – I was amazed and enthralled by Laurel’s presentation – she has given me a lot to think about in terms of how we use social media to open our candidate pipelines and connect to the talent we are seeking – Great style of presenter, a guru in her topic and connects with her audience – Very insightful, full of very interesting facts, very useful and inspiring to get on to social media – Laurel’s presentation provided easy to understand strategies and ideas around social media for someone like me who is not necessarily the most tech-savvy person in business! Melbourne AHRI Masterclass – Forbes are – quite literally – on the money. Laurel is fantastic and knows the way the world is going – Laurel opened my eyes to a world of Social Media I didn’t know existed…. And I thought I was pretty savvy about this topic! – Loved the exercise to bring social media to life, in real time in the session! – What a fantastic presentation- It was great to see a presentation on Social Media that was beyond Facebook and twitter. A truly engaging presenter – Laurel’s presentation and examples were a great introduction to Social Media for me. She also gave me a lot of think about before introducing our Social Media program to our organisation. Again, it is about targeting the correct audience and using your network to obtain affective results.
Consultant – Development and Research
Australian Human Resources Institute

Some of the feedback from the AHRI HR Technology Conference – “Laurel is a highly engaging speaker and the content was interesting relevant and useful.” “Terrific session and presenter, I wish it could have been longer!” “Great session!”
Consultant – Development and Research
Australian Human Resources Institute

I am writing to thank you for your personal contribution as a speaker as part of the AHRI HR Technology Conference. We appreciate your involvement in this event and the manner in which you developed and delivered your session as we believe it strongly enhanced the professionalism of the event.
Chairman, National President
Australian Human Resources Institute

Australia is lucky to have such an experienced individual who has decades of experience of the ‘human network’ on its shores.
Director Laboratory for Advanced Media Production
AFTRS, Sydney

Once again, thank you for your contribution to another very successful Pharmacy Management Conference. The Organising Committee was extremely pleased with the positive responses they received from delegates on the content of the program.
Pharmacy Conference Secretariat
ACCLAIM Special Events and Meeting Management

The feedback was very positive and Laurel was a wonderful presenter and communicator. It never felt overwhelming and I believe everyone felt a part of the conversation – no easy task! I’m certain that everyone who left the room at the end of the day could explain social media to a colleague and how to use it more effectively. I would have no hesitation in recommending Laurel. It was a great day.
Online & Social Media Coordinator