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Key Points for Laura Piccardi

  • Laura Piccardi is an expert in stress management, mindset coaching and business satire.
  • Is an executive coach, NLP practitioner, entrepreneur, author and comedian.
  • Uses humour and observational comedy about business life and life as a professional woman, to engage her audiences at a deeper level and empower them to make a change while being entertained.
  • Has appeared on The Today Show, Channel 9 and Sky News, and has been featured by multiple media outlets, including AFR, The Sydney Morning Herald, and The Huffington Post.
  • Bestselling book Unfaked – the story of a female executive who hits burnout and must learn how to change the way she thinks and behaves, so she can get her health and life back, and achieve real success.

Topics for Laura Piccardi

  • The fire that freed me 
    Laura's incredible journey from success to rock bottom (the peak of which was when her business burned down) and back again.
  • Let’s talk about stress, baby 
    Laura discusses the physical impacts of stress on our bodies, how it’s making us more unhealthy and unhappy than ever, and how to manage and overcome it at its source – the brain.
  • The busyness epidemic
    These days we judge our success on how busy we are. Laura discusses how busyness is affecting our physical and mental health, and impacting our lives. She teaches the audience how to leverage the way their brain works, so they can overcome this epidemic and create a new definition of success.
  • Uncomfortableness isn’t permanent
    No-one truly likes change, however it’s necessary if you want to move forward in business and life. Laura addresses the importance of change, and how to manage and overcome the inevitable uncomfortableness that comes with it, so you can move forward with momentum.
  • Let’s talk about it
    Communication goes way beyond what simply comes out of our mouths. Laura teaches the audience how to build rapport and solid relationships at a deeper level, enabling them to form more meaningful connections and create win/win scenarios in every interaction.
  • It’s not them it’s you
    Fear of failure is all too common. In a bid to prevent it we try to control the uncontrollable, leaving us feeling tired, de-motivated and overwhelmed. Laura teaches her audiences how to take full control of everything that happens to them, so they can achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently to enjoy life more.

Testimonials for Laura Piccardi

Laura is an inspiring presenter who offers practical tips for managing stress in our hectic lives. Laura was able to explain the impact of stress on our body in a non complicated manner so that’s its comprehensible. I appreciated her frankness in telling us about her journey to how she has arrived at her ‘Uppy’ place. I have taken away some strategies to implement in my daily routine to allow me to live a healthier life. Thanks Laura.
Perpetual Ltd.

Laura was a guest speaker at my workplace this week for International Women's Day, what a fantastic presentation. I was particularly impressed with Laura's presentation style as well as her sharing her own personal journey. The content resonated with me on so many levels, the way stress impacts you is so clear when you take the time to reflect. Importantly the talk included practical tips to help manage this day to day, I am already using a number of these and I am super impressed with the impact I am seeing already.

What a powerful and universal message Laura has to share! Laura spoke to the global GroundProbe team on International Women's Day this year - a multicultural team, but Laura's universal message resonated across the oceans. Her experience with stress and the impacts on our emotional, physical, and mental well-being has never been more relatable than today. Thank you Laura, for spending your time with the GroundProbe team, sharing your impactful message with sincerity, humour, and some science. You were engaging and inclusive, and many present connected with what you shared. Thank you for starting this conversation at GroundProbe!
Head of HR

After speaking with Laura, AACS immediately knew that Laura would be able to connect with our members. Her delivery of complex topics in simple words made it very easy to understand & relatable. Laura’s ability to communicate strategies to her audience with real life examples was brilliant. It can be difficult for a virtual presenter to engage their audience, but not for Laura. Engaging, entertaining, fun & easy to understand. Would highly recommend.
Australian Association of Convenience Stores

Yesterday we hosted a fantastic, invigorating International Women’s Day event with the vibrant and engaging Laura Piccardi. The virtual event was so well received across attendees from multiple departments - and we’re continuing to receive feedback like: “Laura was fantastic” “I really enjoyed her down to earth approach” “She was engaging and empowering” Laura provided informative and entertaining insights into how our thoughts can so easily shape our realities and empowered attendees to #choosetochallenge those thoughts, so that we can live our best ‘Uppy’ lives. Do yourself a favour and check her out, I highly recommend it!
QLD Government