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Key Points for Ky Furneaux

  • When a car accident left Ky Furneaux with limited mobility at age 19, she took what could have been a debilitating setback and turned it into a true Hollywood story.
  • Ky Furneaux, now a trained stunt woman, was awarded the Taurus Stunt Award (the Oscars of the stunt industry) in 2012 for Best Female Stunt Performer in the world.
  • She was chosen as one of the Who’s Who of Australian Women for three years in a row for her persona as a strong, positive female role model.
  • She is the author of A Girl’s Own Survival Guide (titled The Superwoman’s Survival Guide in the U.S).
  • She has been stunt-double for major stars such as Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway and Sharon Stone and had jobs on movies including X-Men 3, Hancock, Elektra, Agents of Shield and The Avengers.
  • Ky Furneaux has produced and starred in her own short series Outback Lockdown that aired on 7 Mate, NITV, Outdoor Asia Channel, Netflix UK and Discovery North and South America.  She has starred in 5 different episodes of extreme survival shows for the Discovery Channel and is considered one of the top on-camera survivalists in the world.
  • Ky is the author of "Survive", "When the Grid Fails" and "Fire" making me the most published survival author ever and also the first female to write a comprehensive survival guide.
  • Ky is the Outdoor Ambassador for NSW and ACT and that my role is to encourage people to experience the positive mental and physical health benefits that can occur from getting outside.

Topics for Ky Furneaux

  • Achieving your Goals
    Ky Furneaux spent her early childhood in a small outback town and went on to become one the top stuntwomen in the world. She employed simple strategies that enabled her to make her big dreams a reality. She shares these strategies in a memorable way that helps people create the change they want in their lives.
  • Surviving and Thriving in Adversarial Environments
    Drawing on her years as a survival expert, Ky noticed that all the attitudes she learnt to keep her alive in extreme outdoor situations were also ones that allowed her to navigate unexpected situations with ease in her day-to-day life. Simple strategies like “STOP, LOOK and LISTEN” have prevented her from rushing into making decisions that could have been detrimental to her career. Using outdoor and stunt examples allows the information to be absorbed in a way that distinguishes it from a more formal presentation. 
  • Not Letting Setbacks Define your Future
    Ky Furneaux discusses how to use setbacks to your advantage. Failures shouldn’t be seen as an endpoint, rather the beginning point to try something new. It’s this attitude that helps maintain a positive working environment in times of change.
  • Not Letting Other People Set your Limits
    After constantly being offered reasons why she wouldn’t succeed in her goal to become a stuntwoman, Ky exceeded all expectations in 2012 and won an award for being the Best Stuntwoman in the World. She talks about the importance of letting your own knowledge and belief in yourself be the guide to what you can achieve.
  • Resilience, adaptability and strategies to implement change

Testimonials for Ky Furneaux

Ky Furneaux’s presentation was well planned, well delivered and well received by attendees. The presentation was well tied in with an awesome power point presentation. We have received record numbers of returned surveys from attendees regarding this event.
Logan City Council

The storyline, content and videos were absolutely amazing - and from an audience perspective, Ky Furneaux is definitely a breath of fresh air with an exciting topic
Events and Project Manager
Third Party Relationship Channels

Ky Furneaux entertains, educates and motivates you too the point of wanting to be the best you can be. The best speaker by far I have seen in the last 10 years. Amazing journey and presentation
Martin Vidakovic

Ky Furneaux is one of life's fighters and survivors- I love her spirit and determination to live her life to the max!
Bear Grylls
Man vs Wild

After watching Ky Furneaux on Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid, she quickly became an inspiration because of her calm, level-headed and rational demeanor. The SuperWoman's Survivial Guide is an extension of her first hand knowledge with captivating Hollywood stories, gently guiding even the most metropolitan women, like me!
Candace Cameron Bure

This book not only appeals to the woman who wants to empower herself and be able to cope with some of the things life throw at them, but it is also great reading for us guys too…
Michael Connolly
Online Blogger

I am very proud to say that Ky Furneaux was my stunt double on 2 projects and I trusted her then and I trust her words in this book. Thank god she leaked some of her knowledge for women like me!
Jill Wagner
Actress & Host of Wipeout