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Key Points for Katrina Waugh

  • Founder and owner of Lingua Franca, the award-winning, boutique French language school, Katrina Waugh opens the worlds of others through language and travel, including by leading groups to the world’s most seductive French-speaking regions.
  • A polyglot and passionate advocate of the connections that language allows, Katrina Waugh traverses the road maps of culture through her explorations in English (native tongue), French (fluent), Italian (advanced), and Spanish (conversational).
  • As a Qantas international flight attendant Katrina Waugh realised that for all of our apparent differences, people the world over want the same things: love, respect and dignity.
  • Fore! It was during her time working in public relations for the Ladies European Tour that Katrina Waugh’s soft skills transformed into the diamonds she shares with her mentees today.
  • Humble and serial laureate: Katrina Waugh is a seven-time award nominee and winner including Telstra Qld Micro Business of the Year in 2016 and finalist Small and Succeeding category in 2019.
  • Entrepreneur, writer, philosopher, adventurer, guide, Katrina Waugh has opened doors to different worlds for many who would never have otherwise seen them.

Topics for Katrina Waugh

  • You are your own adventure
    How to create a life that is uniquely suited to you. 
  • Winning at small business
    You’ve got to love what you do because you’re in for a wild and exhilarating ride.
  • Learning French and living life
    The ingredients may differ but the method is the same. 
  • Leadership
    Creating a narrative you can truly live by is important. Helping others write theirs is truly enriching.
  • You are your own adventure (Workshop)
    How to create a life that is uniquely suited to you. 

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