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Key Points for Julia Palmer

  • She has dedicated her career to cleaning up the negative connotation of the word ‘networking’ by helping to educate business people on the importance of developing strategies to create and manage viable internal and external business relationships.
  • Julia’s expertise includes 15 years' of practice and research.

Topics for Julia Palmer

  • The Face-to-Face Revolution
    The value of aligning with the right people is vital to success! For anyone that manages both strategic and operational  relationships, so much of your effectiveness depends on others. This session is imperative to those that want to understand the impact of social capital, accelerate their visibility and harness their internal and external networks.
  • High End Networking
    Networking is an essential skill for goal achievement and career progression. This valuable session will step
    your through the three stages to achieving profitable business relationships and helps you to build a strong
    reputation, expand your business circle and seize business opportunities.
  • Networks that Work are your Keys to Success
    The quality of your business relationships is determined by the strategies you deploy to create and manage them. These are learnt skills and for most quite challenging. Explore the correlation of internal and external networks with building visibility, social capital and most critically map how you fit into your network matrix.
  • Invest in your Personal Advisory Group and Reap the Rewards
    Churchill famously said; “If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail”. Understand how an advisory board can fit into your network to position yourself ahead of the shift and ensure you know how to educate others to promote you
  • The Future of Face-to-Face Strategic Networking
    Ascertain whether you are using old, now or new world networking. While most people in business are focusing on who they know, this session will challenge you to re-think the dynamic of business relationships and think about who is promoting you! Be inspired to develop new networking strategies to keep you competitive in the future.
  • Charismatic at Cocktails
    There are many components to successful networking and most find them quite challenging. Learn essential
    networking advice and practical tips including etiquette do’s and don'ts to ensure you are well received
    in any networking opportunity, be it at a bbq or black tie gala dinner.

Testimonials for Julia Palmer

“Thank-you for your outstanding contribution to the International Talent Management Conference held at the Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace. Both your sessions were extremely well received and the full audience demonstrates the relevance of your expertise”
(2008) AITC Director, Etisalat

“Thank you so much for addressing our leading CEO's at the Premium Brands Group breakfast with a powerful relationship and network building message. Relationship building and management is daunting for a lot of people, even leaders of business, and our guests all commented on how insightful your comments were and how they got something very positive out of it. It is great to see a business like BConsulted out there helping make it easier to grow businesses!"  (2005) Director, Premium Brands Group

"Thank-you so much for your fantastic presentation to the UQSOPA last week – you knocked their socks off, which I knew you would do. Our members are still raving about you! Thanks again Julia – you did a great job. "
(2007) President, UQSOPA, Behavioral Sciences Division, University of Queensland

“I’ve had the pleasure of having Julia Palmer engage with my audiences a number of times over the last couple of years, presenting at high profile events which Sales Effectiveness Australasia has hosted. What can I say – except that she delivers, and the audience love what she delivers.  And I’ve got the feed-back sheets to prove it! Knowing how to network professionally is an essential tool for salespeople and sales managers in the 21st century – and there’s no-one better to learn from than Julia Palmer.”
(February 2010) Principal, Sales Effectiveness Australasia

"Thank-you again for your engaging presentation last night, you had the audience in the palm of your hand. We have never had such a positive response in terms of participation at any of our events before and believe this was due to your vibrant personality and ability to make everyone feel part of the presentation”
(2008) Deputy Director, Urban Development Institute of Australia