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Key Points for Jules Allen

  • Jules Allen has appeared on Australian Story and The Project, and major magazines New Idea, the online Women’s Weekly and The Collective.
  • Along with Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness, Jules crusades for adoption reform.
  • Masterchef contestant 2013 and a vocal campaigner on the key role food plays in functioning families.
  • Gifts in Shitty Wrapping Paper - TEDx Melbourne 2016.

Topics for Jules Allen

  • Overcoming anxiety - For life!
    Much of what we are taught regarding anxiety, encourages us to manage the symptoms. Given the astounding increased in rates of anxiety in Australia, it would appear this model is flawed.

    Jules has worked for 25 years with young people and adults in crisis. It would be fair say that nearly all of them have suffered with some degree of anxiety. Furthermore she was crippled by severe anxiety, herself, in her teens and twenties. Drawing on these lived experiences and her own capacity to overcome anxiety she has put together a series of strategies that are invaluable.

    With the arrival of Covid-19 twelve months ago, anxiety has been recognised as the main symptom experienced in response to this pandemic. As it drags on, heightened levels of anxiety are becoming exacerbated, ingrained and more complex.

    The solution, however, does not change. Her toolkit, backed by Neuro- science research, has been tried and tested on many. For those who are willing to do the work, it is full proof. The other advantage is that, in eliminating anxiety, you consequently raise your resilience. Imagine knowing that, regardless of what the universe throws at you, anxiety will no longer be your default position. A liberating thought, to say the least!

  • Gifts in shitty wrapping paper - How to turn adversity into ambition
    If there’s a topic Jules knows inside out, it’s this one. Through overcoming her own personal challenges, she now lives by the mantra that our biggest challenges in life are our greatest gifts.

    We don’t always have a say over what it is that we experience in life. How do we take all of our experiences, good or bad, and turn them in to our greatest asset?

    Resilience keeps you alive where as overcoming adversity, armed with the right tool kit, provides you with an opportunity to thrive. It’s not what happens to us in life that defines us. It’s what we chose to do with it.

    In this presentation Jules leaves her audience absolutely spellbound as she delicately intertwines her personal trials with a tried and tested theory for, not just overcoming your ordeal, but striving as a result of it. She inspires even the most troubled person and restores a sound belief in their sense of purpose.

  • Teens - Don't take it personally
    Teens don’t behave the way they do to affect us. They behave the way they do because of what is going on for them! Their behaviour, whether we like it or not, is the clearest insight we have in to what is going on for them. Their words can, at times, be confusing and misleading but their actions never lie.

    It’s not about us, it’s about what’s going on for them. Always! Connection is the absolute key to keeping your child safe and raising a well balanced teenager. This is easier said than done when they seem to be pushing you away. It’s really a matter of separating out the behaviour from the child; not always easy.

Testimonials for Jules Allen

Jules was the highlight of the day for the Resi workers. What she spoke about really resonated with them.
Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare

You could hear a pin drop – for the entire time of Jule’s presentation. Students, staff and parents alike were deeply connected to her and the content of her presentation. Many have also commented that Jules immediately established a personal connection to the students from our school. She was very “human and real with them” her link was authentic.
Phoenix P-12 Community School

Jules Allen was a captivating guest speaker for our recent “Life is a Roller Coaster” event. Jules connected with the audiences on their level, which ranged from students Yr. 8-12 to adults, which made them open to actually accepting and retaining her message. Jules used the power of life experiences to illustrate her points which the audience respected the fact that she wasn’t perfect. Jules was very down to earth and took the time to answer questions and then after each presentation circulate with the audience.
Cleve & District Mental Health & Wellbeing Group

Jules was spot on with her talk and the way she related to the audience. It was a very powerful time and deeply impacted much of the audience.
Halogen Foundation