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Key Points for John Maclean

  • John Maclean is a wheelchair athlete who has swam the English Channel, competed in the Hawaiian Ironman triathlon and participated in the Olympics.
  • In 1988 the gifted natural athlete was 22 years old and near to achieving his dream of becoming a professional sportsman when, out training, he was hit by a truck. He awoke from a coma as a paraplegic.
  • John's presentations are as inspiring as they are sobering and impact on many levels.
  • His messages on goal setting, overcoming adversity, team work and achieving success inspire audiences of all ages and from all fields.

Topics for John Maclean

  • Transformation
  • Self-belief
  • Leadership
  • Engagement
  • Persistence
  • Teamwork
  • Goal setting
  • Balance

Testimonials for John Maclean

This is the 2nd time I’ve seen and heard John’s story. Amazing to see the progress he’s made and his attitude to life is infectious. It’s quite incredible that he had stayed so positive despite the extreme cards he’s been dealt. Clearly that positive, ‘can do’ attitude counts for a lot and it’s a lesson to us all on how to keep going in the face of an incredibly challenging situation. On both occasions I’ve seen him speak, he’s had the whole room in the palm of his hand and left everyone feeling very uplifted. He was also a pleasure to deal with on the lead up to the event, nothing was a problem for him. If you’re looking for a strong motivational speaker who tells a personal story that we can all relate to, John is your man. I look forward to seeing how the next part of his journey unfolds.
Keith Buckley
Managing Director (Australia and New Zealand) at McAfee, part of Intel Security

I cannot recommend John highly enough for any conference or motivational appearance. He would be the best speaker I have ever heard (and I have heard dozens). Not only is his international standard story inspirational it also has practical messages that can translate into any business. He makes you proud to be an Australian. You would be mad to look past John for any conference or event.
Janine Allis
Founder of Boost Juice Bars

John possesses two traits that set him apart from all others; his humbleness and his determination. I have never met a person with such a strong will and as soft a heart as John. John has presented his life story for hundreds of colleagues at Pfizer in the US and in Australia. Without exception, there has never been a dry eye in the audience after John has spoken. His modesty and determination leave an everlasting impression to all who have the pleasure of hearing his story. Once you meet John or hear his life story, you will have a different outlook on life.
Marc Robinson
Former President of Pfizer US

John Maclean's story is an inspiring testament to how tragedy and adversity can lead to triumph and personal growth. To look into his eyes and hear him speak is to know that anything is possible. The language of sports may be universal, but John's journey speaks to all of us in a voice that's personal, passionate and full of fire.
Tom Fox
Former SVP, Gatorade Sports Marketing and current Principal, Wasserman Media Group

A very limited number of people have entered the Ironman Triathlon Hall of Fame. As president of the company, I had the final decision to allow someone to enter...John was my pick and also the committee's unanimous pick to enter the Hall, not just for his performance on the race course but for his inspirational story and how he communicated it to others. John opened doors for challenged athletes to race and be a significant part of the triathlon community. I use John's book and story in many of my speeches and I gift copies of his book to people that need inspiration and motivation. It is like magic when they read it.
Lew Friedland
Former President of the World Triathlon Corporation  (Ironman Triathlon)

John Maclean is truly an inspiration; one of the world’s living legends. His message is universal and profound “No matter what happens in life, never ever ever give up” As determination and persistence is a defining leadership quality, John Maclean was asked to speak at a recent eBay “Speakers Series” in San Jose. Usually our speakers are from the “Valley” and professing the latest findings from the internet and web 3.0. John had a different message and a profound lasting impact on our people. The message was clear, the bigger the challenge the bigger the opportunity. John’s story is inspirational - from accident, to Ironman, to the English Channel and beyond. We are continually being asked when John will be back to tell the tale of his latest challenge.
David Knight
VP Internal Communications, eBay Inc. San Jose, CA, USA

John Maclean has been closely involved with Express Data over the past 8 years as a motivational speaker, mentor, management coach and values adviser for the leadership team. Express Data distributes technology solutions for some of the worlds leading brands such as Microsoft, Cisco and IBM with our differentiation coming from the experience that our customers receive when dealing with the team at Express Data. At every level we need our people to be strongly engaged and most importantly to be receptive and open to learning and personal development. John Maclean has an incredible ability to communicate at every level about the potential that lies within each of us and to help people to believe in their strengths and to take the initiative in consciously participating and contributing to the culture and performance of Express Data. As a Hewitt Best Employer we know that employee engagement is a journey and that whilst having strong minds on your team is important, I believe that getting buy in "from the heart" is vital. John will touch both the hearts and minds of everyone who hears his story and will create an opportunity to tap into the strength of a team that believes both in themselves and in the outcomes that they are committed to achieving.
Ross Cochrane
CEO, Express Data