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Key Points for John Buchanan

  • John Buchanan is regarded as one of the most successful international sports coaches in history.
  • Translates the deep insights of peak performance on the sports field into winning behaviours and actions in the business arena.
  • Is a Peak Performance Coach with over 30 years of experience in helping teams, businesses and organisations find their winning model for sustaining them through good and bad times.
  • Was head coach of one of the greatest teams in sports history, the Australian Cricket team from 1999-2007.
  • Clients include Telstra, HSBC (India), Mahindra BT, Idemitsu, Vale, Technology One.
  • The FA, the ECB, Kolkata Knight Riders (IPL), NRL, Queensland Reds, Athletics Australia have all utilised John’s coaching and
  • Author of three books including bestseller If Better is Possible.



Topics for John Buchanan

  • Winning teams – what sets them apart from the rest?
    The ABs talk about the ‘the last man out cleans the sheds’. In Good to Great, Jim Collins talks about great teams have a culture of freedom and responsibility but within a defined framework. Simon Sinek views strong leadership as vital element to teams being successful. Military, business and political leaders that head successful organisations see shared values, accountability, teamwork and a ‘never say die’ attitude as trademarks in their teams.
    John draws from each of these cases and insights to winning or peak performance teams, and adds his wealth of experience in leading peak performance to the teams he has coached and businesses with which he has consulted.
    Key Takeaways include:
    • How to inspire through vision and related peak performance strategy.
    • Leadership culture – what does it really mean.
    • Developing a Learning environment including growth mindset for your people.
    • Selecting and developing the right people to chase the vision.
    • Understand what Success looks like, how to measure and celebrate it.
  • Set yourself up for success
    Each of us face our challenges every day. Some we meet and defeat. Others seem to be impossible. It is often said, the true measure of someone is not how many times you have been knocked down, but that you keep getting back up to go again.
    So how do you become resilient? How do you have a mindset that is half-full rather than half-empty? How do you believe in yourself when others doubt your abilities and capabilities?
    It is all about reflecting upon your successes – no matter how small.
    John has had the opportunity to look at very successful people in sport and business at close range. He is also a father and grandfather which provides him further insights into what it takes to be mentally tough to deal with what life serves you.
    Not only will you be energised by this talk, but you will also walk away with immediate applications like:
    • Understanding the athlete’s mindset and how it can work for you.
    • Being your own best coach.
    • Dealing with obstacles, hurdles, the unplanned.
  • Leaders dream and DO!
    John has been fortunate to have been around many wonderful leaders, corporately, in sport, in education and in society. He has also been fortunate to be in positions of leadership himself – to walk similar paths to those whom have inspired him.
    John has also been very fortunate with a good education and a wonderful family to support him.
    But like all leaders, his career and career dreams have rarely gone to plan.
    There have been many surprises, pitfalls and events outside his control that have conspired against him. Yet the journey he has taken has enriched his life and understanding of what leadership and leading is.
    While being entertained by the presentation, the audience will also be learning about:
    • Clearly defining how you lead, your leadership and coaching philosophy.
    • People management in keeping morale high, dealing with the big egos and mavericks.
    • How to lead for peak performance and remain on top.

Testimonials for John Buchanan

Thank you for a thought provoking forum. Having the chance to reflect on different leadership models and experiences will undoubtedly help us to ensure the All Blacks have a winning leadership formula.
All Blacks Coach

The quality of his material and the professionalism of his delivery resulted in delegates rating John as our best ever closing speaker.
Robert Bevan Best Practise

 I have seen many speakers over the years and this was one of the best leadership sessions l have ever seen. So much great content, such interesting stories and a real take home value for all of us that manage teams.
General Manager

The guest speaker was the best we have had.
A State Government Agency

Getting such a high profile person (who has been very successful) was a coup.
Queensland Rail

Guest speaker was excellent and topical.

John was absolutely fantastic in responding to our brief and creating a key note speech and presentation that was relevant, entertaining and insightful.