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Key Points for Joel Feren

  • Joel Feren has a decade of experience in the health and nutrition industry.
  • Joel’s fresh take on nutrition is a great way to empower audiences to prioritise their health (minus the wacky herbs, tonics and supplements) with a splash of humour and storytelling.
  • He is a go-to resource for the media and is a Dietitians Australia media spokesperson. He is a regular presenter on Channel 10’s My Market Kitchen.
  • Joel has a background in the biomedical sciences.
  • He works alongside the media and some of the biggest food brands in the industry and is helping to shape the current food landscape and nutrition conversation.
  • Joel is a nutrition consultant who has led major projects for a variety of FMCG companies.

Topics for Joel Feren

  • Men’s health – How to man-tain your health
    Men’s health encapsulates physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing; it’s not purely the absence of disease. It’s also clear that men face different health issues than women, and we also have different needs.
    Most men are less proactive about their health than women, and are less likely to visit their doctor to discuss their health or worries. The macho-man mentality may be at play here. However, subscribing to outdated views about masculinity is just not cutting it. Our lives depend on it.
    Men can profoundly change their health outcomes when they modify their dietary and lifestyle behaviours. Making better and more informed choices should be the order of the day.
    This presentation will be valuable for all male team members in your business. Yet, female co-workers may wish to join to gain tips on how they can encourage the men in their life to focus on their health and wellbeing.
    Audience members will:
    • Gain insights into the health and nutrition issues facing men.
    • Find culinary inspiration to make smarter food choices.
    • Get science-based advice on how to improve their health and wellbeing.
  • Good nutrition for the senior years
    Nutrition is important at all stages of our lives, but it is particularly critical in our senior years. Malnutrition is not just a Third World issue. Up to 40% of the elderly living in the community suffer from malnutrition or are at risk of malnutrition. Poor nutrition can lead to falls, fractures, low immunity and increased hospitalisations.
    Ensuring adequate nutrition so we can enjoy our senior years should be a high priority for an ageing population.
    This presentation will be valuable for anyone approaching retirement age or older. The nutrition goalposts shift in our older years, so this presentation will tackle the importance of nutrition to promote good bone health, cognitive health and physical wellbeing.
    Audience members will:
    • Gain insights into the nutrition issues facing an older population.
    • Get culinary inspiration and how to make better food choices to promote healthy ageing.
    • Get practical tips and tricks on how to eat to beat dementia.
  • Eat yourself happy – The link between food and mood
    The statistics on mental health issues among Australians are astonishing. But there's promising news - we may be able to eat our way to better mental health. New and exciting research is showing that our mental health can be strongly influenced by what we eat.
    Dietitians can play a pivotal role in treating people living with poor mental health, yet the importance of dietary interventions remains under-recognised. Prioritising measures to improve our mental health outcomes is critical, and the encouraging news is that we can do this one bite at a time.
    This presentation will be valuable for all team members in your business. Mental wellbeing is a key pillar of health. Yet, the nutrition landscape is flooded with misinformation. Achieving better health through good nutrition is neither complicated nor difficult. This evidence-based presentation will provide the necessary steps and information to empower attendees to make healthier food choices that can impact their overall mental health.
    Audience members will:
    • Learn which foods and dietary patterns can positively impact their mood.
    • Gain an understanding of the link between our gut and the brain, and how to strengthen this bond.
    • Gain recipe ideas and culinary inspiration to encourage better nutrition.
  • Fuelling workday performance
    Ensuring we are adequately nourished over the workday to avoid the 3pm slump is an all too common goal among workers. Sometimes the vending machine or office cookie jar can be more enticing than we’d like. But there is help on hand. Joel will provide his top nutrition tips to help fuel performance at work and offer practical strategies to better fulfil your nutritional needs and get you through the daily grind with flying colours.
    This presentation will be valuable for all team members in your business. It’s for anyone who wants to maximise his or her performance at work, and end the day with energy to spare.
    Audience members will:
    • Understand the role of nutrition on cognition and concentration.
    • Find culinary inspiration.
    • Learn new meal and snack ideas to help boost their performance at work.
  • Nutrition myth busting
    The nutrition space has never been more confusing. The spread of misinformation by celebrities, social media influencers and other ‘gurus’ who have no qualifications in nutrition, is rife.
    It is a well-evidenced fact that there are a number of ways to eat well. These include plant-based diets, fasting, reduced carb, high protein... the list goes on.
    Joel will sort fact from fiction with this informative presentation and answer all your vexing nutrition questions. The audience will have the opportunity to focus on the areas that interest them the most during this interactive keynote. Joel will set the record straight on some of the common misconceptions that lead to so much confusion about food and nutrition.
    This presentation will be valuable for anyone who is confused about what to eat. The nutrition landscape is swamped with misinformation. Common questions include: ‘Will carbs make me fat, or should I include more fat?’; ‘Is coconut oil better than olive oil?’; and ‘Should I skip breakfast?’ Joel can finally set the nutrition record straight during this audience-led and interactive session.
    Audience members will:
    • Have all their pressing nutrition questions answered.
    • Learn to stop fearing foods and nutrients based on the latest science-based advice.
    • Feel empowered and gain actionable tips to improve their nutrition.
  • Fall in love with food again – Be a more mindful and intuitive eater
    Reconnect with food and rediscover the joy of eating. We have never been so inundated with unhelpful and conflicting nutrition messages. Yet, research confirms that diets inevitably fail. That’s what keeps the diet industry afloat and diet culture able to thrive. But what if there was a different way? Gain insights into how to leave dieting behind, ease hard and fast food and nutrition rules, and rediscover the joy of eating wholesome food, because food is so much more than a source of nutrition. It sparks memories, fuels conversation, connects us to our culture, and transports us to
    the other side of the world, one mouthful at a time.
    This presentation will be valuable for anyone who wants to improve his or her relationship with food and rediscover the joy that eating can bring. History tells us that diets fail. So this presentation is for anyone wanting to get off the diet merry-go-round and to find a more sustainable and health-promoting solution.
    Audience members will:
    • Rediscover the joy of eating.
    • Learn mindfulness strategies to be more aware of their body’s hunger and fullness cues.
    • Feel empowered to make more nutritious food choices.
  • How to nourish a healthy gut
    There are 100 trillion reasons to respect your guts. That’s the number of bacteria that live in our digestive system. Out of kilter gut bacterial populations (microbiotas) have been linked to obesity, autoimmune disorders, asthma, allergies and diabetes. What we eat and drink can profoundly affect the microbes within us. The old adage that we are what we eat seems to hit home.
    There is also emerging evidence highlighting how our gut microbes affect our brain function. Definite links have been found between depression, anxiety and mood disorders and an imbalanced gut microbiota. So, nourishing our guts may help us to improve both our physical and emotional wellbeing.
    This presentation will be valuable for anyone interested in cutting edge science and nutrition. Gut health is emerging as an important area of discovery and research.
    Attendees will be taken on a journey of all things gut-related and how best to adopt a healthy diet that truly loves your guts.
    Audience members will:
    • Gain insights into the latest in the area of gut health.
    • Learn which foods to include more of in their diet that promote good gut health.
    • Get practical tips and tricks on how to best nourish a healthy gut.

Testimonials for Joel Feren

Joel joined us for a panel discussion, and he was warm, engaging and incredibly knowledgeable! He delivered content in a way that was clear and easy to understand, and we hope to work with him again in the future!
Recruitment and Wellbeing

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joel on the PukaUp podcast as well as on-line wellbeing webinars. Joel’s engaging and relaxed personality allows him to be able to deliver his wealth of knowledge and expertise to any audience in a practical, relatable and easy to understand manner. Joel’s ability to understand his audience, their needs and potential outcomes and then deliver tailored content, information and education is a skill I admire greatly. I admire his ability to work with any group in a respectful, insightful and meaningful way.

I've known Joel for a number of years and have always been inspired by his work as a dietitian. I admire his ability to effectively communicate nutrition, food and health messages to a range of audiences, and feel he is a leader in this field. I asked Joel to be a part of an online teaching module for dietetic students, where he shared his experiences, insights and guidance for future dietitians. He was engaging, informative and inspirational, and I really appreciated his participation. I look forward to working with Joel again in the future - and always enjoy getting my dinner inspirations from his delicious recipes.
Nutted Out Nutrition
Monash Nutrition