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Key Points for Jerome Joseph

  • Jerome Joseph is ranked number 2 in the world as a Global Brand Guru in 2020 and the only Asian based in Asia in the list.
  • Has 23 years of experience, worked with over 1000 brands, including many Fortune 500 companies, in 34 countries.
  • Is the bestselling author of 8 books on branding, including Turn Me On for Personal Branding, The Brand Playbook, and Internal Branding: Growing Your Brand from Within.
  • Brings his experience as a former CEO of a publicly listed brand consulting firm sharing practical advice to his keynotes.
  • Is a dynamic speaker, online and onsite with his energetic approach to audience engagement. His content is backed by exhaustive research and practical advice to his keynotes and workshops.
  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) which is held by the top 12% of Speakers as well as a Global Speaking Fellow a recognition for speakers with Global Experience.

Topics for Jerome Joseph

  • Internal branding: Growing your brand from within/ brand champion mindset
    This program focuses on helping organisations create Brand champions and how organisations can instil a branded culture that is aligned to their brand and people as well as creating brand champions.
  • Turn me on: Strategies to build your personal brand
    Learn how to stand out, make a difference, be memorable and deliver a world class brand through our proprietary 5D framework of Personal Branding strategies.
  • Branded customer experience: Staging customer extra ordinary branded experiences
    Create a brand driven Customer Experience (CX) that turns your customers into raving fans.
  • The brand playbook: Game changing strategies and ideas to win in the marketplace
    Learn strategies to Win in the marketplace and establish a winning culture, a winning plan and a winning campaign.
  • Your Brand Legacy: Creating a brand that you are remembered for
    Motivational Keynote to enable leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals to be inspired in creating a brand legacy that is everlasting.
  • Once upon a brand: The power of brand storytelling
    This program covers the importance of crafting a Brand story that is compelling and authentic, as well as, leveraging the power of personal connection through stories to create lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Experience branding: Establish deep audience connection through our brand experience framework
    Learn how to utilise consumer insights and our proprietary brand experience framework to create a deep and lasting connection between your brand and your audiences.
  • Branding 5.0: New media, new conversations, new experiences
    In the age of Disruption, learn how to conceptualise cutting-edge ideas that can help you engage your customers better and deliver a branded experience.

Testimonials for Jerome Joseph

Jerome is a natural born brand advocator, combine that with his quick wit and real life experience, he’s able to deliver powerful insights that are relevant and pragmatic to implement.
Industry Teams Global Communications

Jerome Joseph is nothing short of brilliant. He has the unique combination of intellectual insight and the platform personality of the highest calibre.
Collapse of Distinction: Stand Out and Move Up While Your Competition Fails

Jerome is amongst one of THE most passionate individuals I have met on branding. We worked with him to build our brand from within, which he did successfully. He infected us with his energy, enthusiasm, and expertise. Highly recommended.
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Senaat, Abu Dhabi, UAE

I have seen Jerome consult and speak on Branding and I am big fan. He is deeply insightful and very strategic when it comes to branding and speaks with passion when communicating his message. With the Brand Playbook, you get an amazing book from a World-Class Brand Guru that will support you and your organization on your Brand Journey.
Executive Director
Financial Services

As a veteran brand marketer, I know how important it is for executives to personify their brand characteristics to raise their game. Strong Branding anchors a company’s position and is critical to its story. Brand Guru, Jerome Joseph has written a powerful Brand Playbook that will inspire you to gain an advantage in your marketplace and raise your Brand game!.
Director, Marketing Excellence (Asia)
Zuellig Pharma Holdings Pte Ltd

Jerome is a true joy to work with, his passion in Branding is exceedingly contagious. Insightful and candid, Jerome brings with him a wealth of experience, injecting fresh perspectives by integrating branding into business strategy and success. This book is a must-read for business leaders, marketers and HR professionals seeking to build truly iconic global brands.
General Manager
Aventis School of Management, Singapore

Whether it is by business owners or marketing executives, there is a need to get your brand done well. Having worked with Jerome over the years, I know he does branding extremely well. The Brand Playbook is a tremendous guide for anyone who is leading and managing their brand. It is filled with Jerome’s actionable and powerful ideas to get you moving ahead of your competition.
Chief Executive Officer
Charisma Academy

Having been in Human Resources & LND for more than 25 years, I see the crucial need for organisations and employees to invest and build their corporate brand and personal brand respectively. Having worked with Jerome Joseph, I know first-hand how good he is when it comes to impacting and transforming corporate and personal brands through speaking, consulting and thought leadership. He is able to drive this impact for every session that he has conducted with us so very well, and we do see amazing.
Global Learning and Development
Dell Technologies