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Key Points for Jennifer Jefferies

  • Jennifer Jefferies' journey from corporate burnout to naturopathic expertise after a life-altering accident showcases resilience and determination.
  • Advocating the philosophy that health is paramount, Jennifer authored books and hosts podcasts to provide practical strategies for balancing physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
  • With over three decades of experience, Jennifer is a highly sought-after presenter, addressing corporations worldwide with her engaging and humorous approach to healthy living.
  • Beyond her health advocacy, Jennifer is a self-described psychedelic, peace-loving hippie, avid traveller, surfer, and gardener, driven by a passion to leave the world a better place.

Topics for Jennifer Jefferies

  • The 7 steps to sanity – Cracking the balance myth
    How work/life balance can help you achieve even greater productivity
    The 7 Steps to Sanity are for anyone that wants to have it all without losing their health, sense of humour or sanity along the way. Jennifer shows us how to achieve more success and happiness by learning how to manage ourselves, our time and our lives. With uncommon common sense Jennifer will show your team how they can incorporate simple lifestyle changes into their every day that will help them to feel better and achieve more than they ever thought possible.
    • How to motivate and manage yourself so that you can put in your best performance every day.
    • The new food pyramid and eating plan that will restore your energy, vitality and enthusiasm.
    • How to plug into limitless energy.
    • How to lighten up, reduce stress and enjoy your day.
    • How to rejuvenate your adrenal glands, balance your hormones and recharge your body systems.
    • How to release self-limiting thoughts that block our thinking and restrict our lives.
    • How to chill out and handle all that’s thrown at you.
  • Decompressing stress – How to break the stress loop to improve your mental health and flourish
    There is an Apathy and resistance in the workplace today. Mental health challenges are at an all-time high. The years 20/21 were altered long enough for people to create whole new ways of being
    Working from home, family and their health became priorities. That past unspoken pressure to respond immediately had disappeared, they were able to breathe again, and yet they also felt isolated and alone.
    I’ve always taught ways for our bodies to be able to adapt, and we adapted to that stressful time and it changed lifestyles.
    I was able to flourish when I adapted and worked from home. My surfing, my relationships, everything grew as I put that energy into the mastery of my life. There was now space for more. From co-creating a community of 2700+ local female surfers to meeting the woman of my dreams after longing to be in a committed loving relationship for years, it was all now possible
    Like us, Nature is constantly evolving, not stagnant.
    So what’s next?
    In this keynote I share the 5 keys to rewriting the story to adapt and flourish, support mental health, decrease company attrition and achieve work life balance without sacrificing lifestyle.
    I invite you to have me work with your team, so that they too can flourish amidst these times of uncertainty and transition.
  • Becoming rookie filmmakers in their 60s
    Imagine becoming a rookie filmmaker in your 60s…
    That’s exactly what The Present Day Wise Woman Jennifer Jefferies and her wife Dr Alice MacKinnon (PhD) did in 2023.
    They decided to disrupt the public narrative around what it means to age as a woman in today’s world and make a documentary about six women over 55 who surf on the Gold Coast. They chose to not only tell those women’s extraordinary surfing stories, but to use surfing as a metaphor about how to age bold, bright and vital.
    Jen and Alice had no previous filmmaking experience. Yet, their film called “Taking Off – Tales of older women who surf” was made in five months with the leanest of budgets, generous community collaboration and maximum media exposure.
    The way they “learned” how to make a documentary is a living example of how to live bold, bright and vital, just like the women surfers they filmed.
    This is a story about “why not”.
    In this keynote, Jen and Alice together tell their inspiring and entertaining story about becoming rookie filmmakers in their 60s. Their deep experiential learnings highlight what’s possible as we age. This keynote is for anyone wondering what their next steps are and how to grasp their dreams with vigour and determination.
    Jen and Alice are both successful entrepreneurs, podcasters, surfers and are also known as The Smart Sassy Seniors.

Testimonials for Jennifer Jefferies

We ‘Thank You’ for trekking to DC to meet with us and our managers, your session was extremely refreshing, well-grounded, and well-timed for all of us.
The World Bank, Washington DC, USA

I found her a breath of needed fresh air. She made a lot of sense.
CSR Starbucks Coffee Company, Seattle USA

Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough. Your ability to interact with the audience is amazing and it was wonderful to see everyone laughing and having a fantastic time.
Breakfast Convenor
Australian Institute of Office Professionals

Your personable approach to the topic made it enjoyable and stimulated interest with participants eager to ask questions. Your message was very sobering and timely for members working in a high stress meeting and events industry.
Branch Development Officer
Meeting and Events, Australia

Your session was lots of fun and definitely made an impact on all of the attendees.
Organisation Development Marketing
Caltex, Sydney

Jennifer’s no nonsense, straight forward approach to a healthy lifestyle is easy to grasp and she further captures her audience with her sense of humour and quick wit.
National OHS Coordinator
Minter Ellison, Melbourne

Jennifer is the perfect potion! A person that truly makes an impact and lasting impression. She is confident, fun, stimulating and engaging speaker.
Branch Manager
National Australia Bank